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Chris Brown Posts Pic With A Semi-Nude Rihanna & Re-Joins Twitter, Rih Launches NUDE Fragrance


Chris Brown returned to Twitter this weekend after the chick he was beefing with, Jenny Johnson, issued a non-apology.  But he still kept his Instagram followers intrigued with a pic he posted of himself and Rihanna (from when she had short hair about a month ago) smoking out...partially nude.


Pics inside, plus Rih Rih at her NUDE fragrance launch in Cali....

Chris posted this pic of himself and Rihanna (which may or may not be photoshopped) smoking out...and Rihanna covered in nothing but a camo blanket.  And either that's white lace underwear or some scribble paint Breezy decided to edit out her lady parts with.  He said:

What would music today sound like if these kids didn't exist?

We have a few thoughts...

Meanwhile, Rih posted a pic of her new gold plated choker saying:

He told me "You better not give it away."

We's assume it was another gift from Breezy had we not learned her stylist for her fragrance launch event, Nini Nguyen, actually picked it ou for her.   It's a vintage piece from Christian Lacroix.


And she wore it to her NUDE by Rihanna fragrance launch in Century City, CA yesterday, paired with a white lace dress designed by Nini Nguyen and black Tom Ford pumps:




She snapped pics with her fans of course.


And let everyone test out the fragrance she's selling at the Macy's Westfield Century City.


Pics: Twitter/Getty



I'm l8 on this ~ but that 1st

I'm l8 on this ~ but that 1st photo looks like a black eye on our left ~ her right. └. . . . Is that Queen Latifah in the green or Mary J Blige in drag ~ I'm confused.
GetUrLife's picture

Bag gal RiRi. Love that lace

Bag gal RiRi. Love that lace look. M ymom had a dress like that. Took a picture in a field of flowers... it sounds corny but the photo is gorgeous and so is Rih.
Sincerely WF's picture

to be young.......thats a

to be young.......thats a fatigue coat, not a blanket. cute choker too. she cleans up nice!!
shuga's picture

Are you kidding Rhianna.

Are you kidding Rhianna.
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Those 2 are a

Those 2 are a MESS...countdown to the next BEATDOWN pics in 5..4..3..2..! I hope Rhitard keeps that choker away from HEAVY HANDS!
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Let's just be totally honest;

Let's just be totally honest; that fisrt pic is all kinds of the wrong sh!t in the right place for a very eff'd up evening. SMH They haven't learned anything, I can't help but feel it is just not going to end well. *shrugs* The fragrance launch photos she looks beautiful except for that HUGE DOG CHAIN-choker around her neck. WTF is that? She looks "off her leash.” =P'
Peace Silas's picture

I like that Choker....Looks

I like that Choker....Looks like she's enjoying the dick too...lol
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these two are so phucking

these two are so phucking dysfunctional. u cant help but watch though...they probably belong together!
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Chris rejoins Twitter?

Chris rejoins Twitter? NOOOOO. Say it ain't so. I never saw that coming. He and Rihanna thrive on drama.
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Whew! She sure knows how to

Whew! She sure knows how to look innocent and "sweet" when she needs to. I love it. Dress by Nini Nguyen (who also styled her). And the CB picture is obviously the work of Photoshop.

Cute look for fragrance

Cute look for fragrance launch
DivineBeauty's picture

Totally agree and that CHOKER

Totally agree and that CHOKER is so DOPE!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

Such attention seekers and

Such attention seekers and don't nobody give a damn about your slave choker.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

And your a YBF attention

And your a YBF attention seeking WHORE!So what's the difference??? She getting PAID you ain't getting SHIT but Arthritis in your Fingers LAMOOOO...Don't throw stones when you live in a GLASS house!Hahahaha
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It's you're not your and I

It's you're not your and I don't seek attention, I call it like I see it, now go sit down somewhere you celebrity loving nitwit!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I call it like I see it to

I call it like I see it to sweetie and just like I told my teacher(FUCK YOUR ENGLISH LESSON)hahaha!
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You go all up and through YBF

You go all up and through YBF replying to people who don't give 2 shits about what you have to say. Nobody replies to your initial comment, so you reply to others hoping for a response and that's pretty attention seeking to me along with pathetic and sad. By me responding to you, I hoped it filled that void that's inside of you. LOL........You silly little girl you!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I'm only doing what your

I'm only doing what your doing sweetie saying shit NOBODY gives 2 FKS about..ain't that what you DO???? LOL and you said the key words when I comment I don't say shit that will get people to reply to me..Im not seeking ATTENTION..but you on the other hand MS.THANG..LISARAYE or whatever name you are going by today..come on here under 10 different names talking bullshit on every post..EVERYDAY! LAMOOOO..your so HOOKED on this gossip site that you will have a KATT WILLIAMS meltdown if this site shuts down HAHAHA..get you a LIFE boo boo! I'm trying to save you sweetie..DONT SHOOT THE MESSENGER!!!!!!;-)
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You know you care about what

You know you care about what I say, and everytime you reply to me (which is becoming often and creepy), I have to take some kleenex and wipe your tears off of my screen, because I said something you didn't like about your favorite celeb. You need emotional therapy my friend.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Don't let the message get

Don't let the message get lost by concerning yourself with spelling.


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THANK YOU!!!!That's all she

THANK YOU!!!!That's all she can come with because she knows I'm RIGHT!!!!!! LOL
MsMidwest's picture

Actually, you were right with

Actually, you were right with using "your" idk why that person thinks its "you're" because that means, you are. But anyway its just a silly blogging site & I agree with what you said about the necklace being cute.
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Ummm no! Ms. Thang was

Ummm no! Ms. Thang was correct, it was YOU'RE!
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I am so SORRY for incorrectly

I am so SORRY for incorrectly using your instead of you're! Are you happy now Ms.Thang?????? I see you came back as tori niceeeeee (In fabulous voice) LMAOOOOO
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