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OUT OF CONTROL: Katt Williams PIMP SLAPS Target Store Employee, SPEEDS Away In A SHOPPING CART


Comedian Katt Williams is seriously spiraling out of control and has continued his attacks on random people. See video of him pimp slapping a Target employee inside...

Though it's very sad to watch (thought somewhat comical) Katt Williams recently slapped a Target employee and then used a motorized shopping cart as his getaway vehicle!

Katt's numerous breakdowns (which are often caught on video), have included a high speed chase (on a three-wheeler), club fights, slapping an assistant, and bombing on stage.  

The latest incident happened after he sped away from police officers who were chasing he 3-wheeler last Sunday.  He drove to a nearby Target where he apparently got into an argument with an employee.  He later slapped the employee and the cops were called.  Then, Katt was seen "driving" away from the register in one of Target's own motorized shopping cart. 

This scene would play out hilariously on-screen....but this is real life.  Katt is seriously going to hurt himself or someone else unless he's stopped. He's our Lindsay Lohan.

First, Katt slaps the employee....


Then.....he rides off in the getaway cart....


Hot ass mess.  The case is under review by the Yolo County DA's office.




lol!!! wait but why are his

lol!!! wait but why are his meltdowns so dam hilarious tho?? this gotta be part of his routine and everybody involved is part of the act. Katt is a dam mess!
shuga's picture

This idiot is walking around

This idiot is walking around with a noose around his neck among the oher foolishness he is doing? Really Kat?
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I'm gon need for vh1 to give

I'm gon need for vh1 to give "Mr. IT's PIMIN', PIMPIN!" a reality show ASAP, cuz this fool is doin the most, and I wanna see it first hand!
tori's picture

I have something TERRIBLE to

I have something TERRIBLE to say. I don't know why but EVERYTHING Katt does, bad or good, is simply HILAROUS to me. Pimp slap? Getaway Cart? HiLARIOUS!

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lawd! what the hell is going

lawd! what the hell is going on with katt. where are his friends? family? staff???! if i recall correctly, katt had several kids he was taking care of. how are they fairing with daddy out here going crazy????! bless his heart and Lord restore his mind! the man has lost it!
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Chris Brown is still out of

Chris Brown is still out of control going off on non factors and getting into situations involving the police, court, law suits. Yes he should pay attention to what happens when you act without thinking. I am not talking about the Rhianna situation at all. He still acting a complete butthole on twitter.
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He really needs help. All of

He really needs help. All of these outburst are cries for help.

Gett'em Katt! Bump what these

Gett'em Katt! Bump what these haters got to say....keep doing you! I love this kinda mess here. The weed man done slipped him some ooh wee, he'll be alright after he get use too it.

I can TOTALLY see him doing

I can TOTALLY see him doing something like this as the characters in the movies' he plays, but not in real life LOL!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

life imitating art for sure!

life imitating art for sure! this is a mess!
ooooimTELLIN's picture


Like Really's picture

Let his azz go down in

Let his azz go down in flames. He's a fuccin mess.
sianna1's picture

(Blank Stare) ▀-▀

(Blank Stare) ▀-▀
GetUrLife's picture

I don't find anything funny

I don't find anything funny about this. I never found Katt Williams funny--he always struck me as a glorified crackhead. Who hits a Target employee? Katt needs a good a$$ whippin' & a stint in jail--or rehab to get himself straight.

"Yes 911...Um Kat Williams

"Yes 911...Um Kat Williams just slapped me"
Classic87's picture

I'm calling full-blown

I'm calling full-blown shenanigans on that. No one would let that midget just ride away on a scooter like that. smh..............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

He has single handed ruined

He has single handed ruined his career. Pay attention Chris Brown.
TeaNicole's picture

And what, exactly does Chris

And what, exactly does Chris have to pay attention to? He bounced back from his situation.
Classic87's picture

Agreed! I am so sick of ppl

Agreed! I am so sick of ppl harping on CB's ONE incident! Yet old a$$ Charlie Sheen abuses drugs, beats ALL of his wives & made millions on a TV show that mocked his lifestyle. SMH...

Agreed diva!

Agreed diva!
Classic87's picture

CB is black; CS is white.

CB is black; CS is white. That's why CS and all the rest of em get away with murder in Hollywood. In fact, their "indiscretions" make them even more popular. We live in a sick world.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Thank you. I have not seen

Thank you. I have not seen one singer or writer go off on Charlie Sheen or any abuser yet CB has become the king abuser of all abusers. I'm tired of the CB bashing and we still don't know what went on in that car all we saw was the after. I have never found Katt Williams funny either, his comedic acts like Kevin Hart seem too overdone. They became mainstream stars, but there are alot more funny comedians than them.

Well one thing we do know

Well one thing we do know about the CB/R incident is that no pictures of a bruised up and battered CB were show, but we sure as hell saw a bruised up and battered Rihanna. People used the, "We don't know what happened" excuse all the time to justify (I'm not saying you are justifying Rihanna's beat down), people's wrongdoing. There have been other outbursts from CB since that 2009 incident, so maybe that's why people keep going in on him. The moral of the story is that everyone should just keep their hands to themselves.
Sunflower Jones's picture

No...moral of the story is no

No...moral of the story is no one knows what the hell is going on behind the scenes, and should mind their business...even if you ARE speaking your own opinion.
Classic87's picture

I agree..but it has been

I agree..but it has been other celebs as well who have done things just as bad or worse then CB..and people have moved on or not brought their name up in every gossip post story..like come on its getting real old..but you make some great points! Pictures speak louder then words..and that picuter of Rihannas bruised face..will hunt his career for ever because people just want to see the same thing happen again so they can say I told you so..just sad! But I wish CB and Katt Williams all the best during their trials & tribulations! We all have them!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

Has anybody ever entertained

Has anybody ever entertained the notion that these celebrities who "act out" may not be "acting" at all. Maybe CB, BB, KW are simply being who they really are. Maybe they're born eff ups doing eff up shyt! Money can be a lot of things, but not a personality, that's something you're born with.


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