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Trina HOSTS Listening Session For "Back To Business" MIXTAPE With French Montana & DJ Khaled


Trina hosted a listening session in Miami for her latest music project and invited DJ Khaled and French Montana over for some feedback.  See the pics inside...


A slit-heavy leggings wearing Trina hosted a listening session for her new "Back To Business" mixtape at Circle House in Miami, FL.


Trina, who will hit the small screen as a co-host on "Tiny Tonight" on December 9, will drop the mixtape towards the end of the year.

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The Hennessey was flowing as folks like DJ Khaled checked out Trina's latest work.


R&B singer Jeremiah posed it up with the Miami rapstress and French Montana.


Norega also came out to support his homie.  Can't even lie.  We still love us some Trina...ratchet outfits and all.  Work.


Photos via ExclusiveAccess




anyone talking about Trina's

anyone talking about Trina's thighs have chicken legs and should know that everyone is not built the same...that outfit however...gets a no maam, no no....

Her legs have always been

Her legs have always been humongous. That picture with her looking over the shoulder, she looks so ragged, like she been spending too much time in that position.
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Trina STOP! You've been doing

Trina STOP! You've been doing this since 98'. You never could compete with likes of Kim and Foxy during that time and sure as hell can't compete with Nikki who I hate now. Go away!
KENNEDY78's picture

I'm gon need for Trina to

I'm gon need for Trina to pass on the ALL YOU EAT BUFFETS at Rick Ross house EVERY Sunday cuz her STOMACH startin to stick out "more than her BOOTY DO!"
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where the hell did French

where the hell did French Montana come from? And why is he always wearing shades anytime he's in the public eye? IJK - xxxmote.com

Trina's legs are some

Trina's legs are some haaaaamhooocks H.A.M.hocks for real.
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those tights makes her leg

those tights makes her leg look really big...thunder thighs...she need to hit the Gym and RUN!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

ive been trina pop up on

ive been trina pop up on lala's show when i watched a few times...and she seems really sweet! i dont like her as a rapper at all though.
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Speak for yourself Natasha.

Speak for yourself Natasha. Some of us are SO over Trina & her antics, SMH...she ain't looked right/sane since Lil Wayne IMO...

Lol, I've been tired of Trina

Lol, I've been tired of Trina the rapper since her second cd. Trina if you gotta keep saying you the baddest then you ain't the baddest. I like Trina the person not the rapper. If she is bringing some new flavor and not rapping about the same shit, I'll give the mixtape a try.

Her legs look so diabetic!

Her legs look so diabetic!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

How the hell does a diabetic

How the hell does a diabetic leg look.....LOL......Anyway u slice it's just a NO for this chick!
star's picture

LOL........ Like Trina's.

LOL........ Like Trina's.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


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