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NO LIKEY: Marvin Gaye's Son Wants Lenny Kravitz To WALK AWAY From Biopic Role


Marvin Gaye III, the son of the late singer, wants Lenny Kravtiz to walk away from a planned biopic saying the producers and directors of the film are all wrong from the project. Get more info inside....

As with the Nina Simone biopic, the family of late singer Marvin Gaye is not on board with a planned biopic, but that hasn't stopped producers from moving forward and hiring Lenny Kravtiz.  This would be a high profile acting role for Lenny, who attended an East Room reception at the White House before making an appearance at the Kennedy Center Honors last night.   But now, Marvin Gaye III is speaking out with hopes that his childhood friend & old schoolmate, Lenny, will honor the legacy of his father and withdraw from the flick. Marvin told TMZ, 

"The producers and directors of this film are very wrong and shameful ... [They're] trying to do a film about a low period in his life. They don't even know the whole story." 

Apparently, the movie will focus on the 80's--a time of heavy drug use and right before Marvin was shot and killed by his own father.

Marvin hopes to speak to Lenny because he doesn't understand why he would do this movie--seeing that he and Marvin Jr. are still friends. "I would hope [Lenny] doesn't have any idea that we are against this film being done."

We'll let you know if Lenny changes his mind.  Highly doubtful....


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tom100's picture

I've been said Lenny

I've been said Lenny shouldn't do the film becuz the BRITISH BASTARDS only wanted to focus on the negative times in Marvin's life! The ONLY biop film I'm lookin forward to in 2013 is André 3000 playin Jimi Hendrix!
tori's picture

Of course the producer and

Of course the producer and director want to focus on the low point in Marvin's life leading up to his murder. That's the part that's interesting! The family should do it's own film/project on Marvin's life. I don't feel any kind of way thus far about Lenny Kravitz in the role. I think we too often get hung up on physical characteristics as indicative on who's appropriate for a role instead of acting depth, range, skill. I'm sure Kravitz could handle this one.
The Real Thing's picture

MG III out of rehab again???

MG III out of rehab again???
RO's picture

I think Lenny would be more

I think Lenny would be more suited for the portrayal as Jimi Hendrix, but not Marvin Gaye.
Jernero94's picture

is it Marvin Jr. or Marvin

is it Marvin Jr. or Marvin the III? because those would be two different people....lol....i swear Tasha be posting off them Mollies while juggling.
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I just happened to watch a

I just happened to watch a documentary about him this past weekend and news outlets reported at the time that his father killed him after Marvin allegedly provoked him to to do so and gave him the gun that he had been keeping by his side in his bedroom for weeks prior to his death. He and his father had a very tumultuous/abusive relationship and according to some reports they were both mentally ill. I think this is why some recall his murder as a suicide, but at the end of the day his father did pull the trigger.
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hooklookping's picture

Well, if the story line is

Well, if the story line is about Marvin Gaye killing himself, he has all the reasons to be concerned. Marvin did not kill himself. You need to post a retraction to all of the Marvin Gaye fans. Pissed.

indeed. you see they changed

indeed. you see they changed that mess real quick! smh at this site sometimes, makes me wonder if they even edit/fact check their stories before they post them...
Candace's picture

ummmm... i thought Marvin

ummmm... i thought Marvin Gaye was shot and killed by his father?
Candace's picture

I was just about to post

I was just about to post that. His father did kill him, he didn't kill himself.
Miss T's picture

It sounds like Gaye's son is

It sounds like Gaye's son is more concerned with the content of the movie, not the actor. He's only upset with Kravitz because they're friends. In these cases I appreciate the input of the families but certain things-artistically, should be handled by producers, casting directors, etc. I for one LOVE Lenny Kravitz & am curious to see him in this role.

I want him to walk away also.

I want him to walk away also. I just think that they could find someone who emobodies the looks of Marvin Gaye as well as a person who is a great actor....I would like to see: Anthony Mackie or Jesse Martin. Or someone else....I'm just not feeling Lenny in this role. As far as the movie highlighting a bad part of his life, I don't think that's horrible....I mean it is a true period in his life.
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