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Alicia Keys Is RED HOT For January 2013 ESSENCE Cover


She's got a chart topping album with Girl On Fire...and now the January 2013 cover of ESSENCE magazine.  Check out Alicia Keys' red hot look inside...

Looking fresh faced and fiery, Alicia Keys rocked a red peplum strapless to pop on the new cover.

In the issue, Alicia revealed, “It’s okay if I can’t do every single thing. I finally understand that it doesn’t make me a lesser artist or human being…”

Alicia also talks to the mag about spiritual makeovers—and how she learned to say 'No' in order to create a more balanced approach to her world.

The wife & mommy—who lives in SoHo with her husband, producer Swizz Beatz, and their 2-year-old son, Egypt—dished on being unprepared for Hurricane Sandy.  And after scrounging through the cupboards, scrambling to find something to eat that didn’t require cooking, she shares: “…After the third or fourth tuna fish sandwich, and after we learned we’d be without power for a week, I called my mother, who lives Uptown. She was okay and hadn’t lost any power, so we ended up going to her house. We were pretty lucky...”

Ha.  The January issue hits stands on December 7th.




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hooklookping's picture

Wow, thought that was Paula

Wow, thought that was Paula Patton for a second.
Featherlight's picture

Everytime I see this bytch I

Everytime I see this bytch I think LIAR and Homewrecker. She needs to have a stadium full of seats!
BEEMA's picture

Alicia...... You knew the

Alicia...... You knew the storm was coming and you had more than enough money for food and or to evacuate. Cut the bullshit!!!"scrounging through the cupboards" Who says that? She is as phony as a Beyonce!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

SMH at Alicia pretending to

SMH at Alicia pretending to be concerned about have a place to stay with electricity after Hurricane Sandy. She's trying to be "relatable" I guess, but we all know full well she has a ton of dough and when the lights went out she could have easily rolled into the Waldorf Astoria or some other fancy hotel in the blink of an eye. She needs to stop condesending to normal people by acting like she NEEDED to stay with her moms.
The Real Thing's picture

her hair is so boring like

her hair is so boring like this. aint a dam thing red hot about it. I guess its supposed to make us think of wholesome/mother/wife but I absolutely hate it. I miss the edgy Alicia with zig zag cornrows but people change and have to do what their team instructs them to so.....
shuga's picture

Yes her hair style is very

Yes her hair style is very Boring and Suburban...I do like her with that red dress tho.
star's picture

Who cares?¿ ~ ESSENCE® please

Who cares?¿ ~ ESSENCE® please Stop rotating the same old people. Put somebody fresh | new ~ how about going back to putting Models on the damn cover!¡!
GetUrLife's picture

Are you happy now that you

Are you happy now that you are boinking another woman's ugly husband. So sick of these woman getting shine for being home wreckers and having low self esteem. He will cheat on you just like he did poor Mashonda. What goes around always comes down on someone's head.
TeaNicole's picture

Beautiful and talented

Beautiful and talented
Taj's picture

OH NOW she wants to learn how

OH NOW she wants to learn how to say "NO"...shoulda learned that and said it when Swizz Beatz married (even if separated) a$$ put the moves on you. You, Gabrielle and Claire Dane will forever stay get the crooked glance from me even if I admire you for your works as artists. You get no respect from me for what appears to be your trifling ways. As beautiful, rich and talented as you all are, you shouldn't have had to stoop so low to get a man and I don't care what his situation was at the time. Get your own man free and clear!
Marek's Wifey's picture

So sick of you bitches

So sick of you bitches moaning about Swizz Beatz and her relationship. Are you Mashonda's sister, mother, are you Mashonda? Get over it! This was not the first woman who lost her husband. Shit happens. I'll bet you aint so squeaky clean to be shitting on other folks. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHEN THEIR RELATIONSHIP STARTED UNLESS YOU WERE IN THE BED WITH THEM! I'm sure one of your friends or someone in your family has taken (not that it's possible to do so) a man from another woman. You need to let it go!! You'd think it was YOUR man.
LBA1's picture

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