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BACK HOME: QB Robert Griffin III & His Fiancée Becky Head Back To Baylor University


Washington Redskins QB and one of the NFL's biggest stars, Robert Griffin III, made a trip back to his college home of Baylor University with his college sweetheart fiancée Rebecca Liddicoat.  Check out RG3 and Becky chillin' back in Texas inside...

Well isn't that...precious.  22-year-old NFL's star rookie RG3 made a trip back to Waco, TX, where he first established his football stardom, to cheer on his former team the Baylor Bears as they took on Texas Tech last Saturday.  He was spotted chillin' with Becky and catching up with some of his former teammates who had just beat the Tech Raiders in overtime to now become Bowl-eligible:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

No wedding date is set (at least not publicly) for RG3 and Becky, but his team just beat the NY Giants last night.


As for the couple's (pictured above at this year's ESPY Awards) proposal story, here's what his mom told the Washington Times:

"As they were walking in, [Robert] started singing the song. I had set up candles – battery-operated candles; I didn’t want to burn the building down – right here in the middle. Her mom and her dad and her two sisters and my family – my husband and [RG3’s] two sisters – were all standing in a circle with a candle in our hand.

"He walked her to the circle. She couldn’t see. We had it dark in here. When they got close to the BU [midfield logo], we all hit our candles and it came on. She was like, ‘What is this?’ And he got on one knee.

"The funny thing about it is he came in the building and he said, ‘Rebecca, wait a minute. I’ve got to use the bathroom.’ And my husband was in the bathroom with the ring. He gave him the ring, and it was a fun time."

"It wasn’t initially supposed to be in here," Mrs. Griffin said. "He showed me a tree that they used to go sit under and talk, but it stormed that night. He was like, ‘Mom, you’ve got to come up with a backup plan for me.’ And you know that military kicked in. We always have to have a backup plan.

"I happened to be driving past here, and I saw that the facility lights were on. The whole time I was driving around going, ‘God, please give me a plan.’ I came in here and they were showing recruits the facility.

"The coach told me, he said, ‘Mrs. Griffin, what’s going on?’ I said, ‘I think I need to use the facility,’ but I couldn’t tell him what it was for. I said, ‘I need to use the facility for a few minutes. Is that OK?’ He said, ‘Well, as long as you finish by the time we get back in here.’ I ran around him like a little chicken with my head cut off, putting everything together."

"He was like, ‘Mom, Mom, we’re coming!’ My husband was like, ‘Honey, they’re on their way.’ But it all worked out. We got in here. He sung the song. He got on his knees. We all were crying. She was crying.

We wish Becky, Robert & his struggle braids well...




HE BEAAT!! Black girls only

HE BEAAT!! Black girls only get mad if the traitor looks good..in this case not so much boo boo

U black????

U black????
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He looks a hot mess and so

He looks a hot mess and so does she. A match made in heaven.
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Loool...They make the oddest

Loool...They make the oddest looking couple. Not bc he's black and she's white. Because he's oogly and she's cute. Lol. Homegirl just hit the jackpot! Word around DC is he bought her a bentley before he even proposed-you know, to seal the deal. This chick know what she doing. Can't be mad at her. She getting money. I mean come one ladies, if this dude didn't have money, would any of you be dealing with him? Nope...He better not cheat. He will never see that money again.
Supermodel01's picture

LOOK at this COON!

LOOK at this COON!
BEEMA's picture

Dont mean to sound corny but

Dont mean to sound corny but it looks like they found love. Who knows. But what i do know is love is a tough thing to find nowadays. And even tougher to maintain......regardless of race.
sianna1's picture

Successful, intelligent,

Successful, intelligent, educated, attractive Black men ( NOT YOU "letsfakeit") usually marry Black women with similar qualities, so I really don't know what all the fuss is about with who this guy is marrying.
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You mean Successful,

You mean Successful, intelligent, educated, attractive Black men usually marry WOMEN with similar qualities!!The fuss is because black women don't like to see black men happy period!!! NOT ALL BUT MOST DON'T WANT SEE US HAPPY. Black women want us to be thugs, comedians, and suckers for them. FUCK THAT WE HAVE OPTIONS AND WE DON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH YOU BLACK WOMEN.
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What did the comedians do to

What did the comedians do to you?? Why you gotta attack the Kevin Hart's of the game??
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If you clam your ass down for

If you clam your ass down for a minute, you might find/marry a good sista' too one day!! VERY clearly some Black girl/woman hurt you deep but damn, get over it, we've ALL been hurt. Just move on without all the righteous indignation towards Black women!
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Have you seen the black

Have you seen the black community lately??? HELL NAW I AINT GONE CLAIM DOWN!!!!
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Do you realize that it's the

Do you realize that it's the BLACK MAN'S responsibility to lead in HIS community? The solution to the Black communities problem is in YOUR mirror, bruh!!
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For the 2 of you...The word

For the 2 of you...The word is spelled CALM......you all may now proceed...lol
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Ah hell, we got the blog

Ah hell, we got the blog spell checker, LOL!!
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I know that star, im so all

I know that star, im so all over the place tonite..... that i typed CLAIM instead of calm. And i tried to edit it, but it was too late.
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Welll we in america, black

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Would you like some cheese

Would you like some cheese with that "whine", LOL?? Man up and take back your rightful place as head of the black family back!! There are enough Black male Attorneys around for you to fight for rights!!! Or maybe they're too busy focusing on getting paid instead??
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Would u like some "chesse

Would u like some "chesse with that whine"....Love it!
star's picture

Those 2 have been together

Those 2 have been together since HIGH SCHOOL so kudos! I WOULD hate on his preference but sistas probably wasn't checkin for him back in high school, the man graduated 7th in his class, GOTTA LOVE THAT!
tori's picture

DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!!!!! Damn

DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!!!!! Damn Becky's!
JewelryLover's picture

Awwwwwwww.....that's so

Awwwwwwww.....that's so sweet. I don't care that he's with a Becky. I just LOVE THIS MAN. So intelligent, articulate and excellent sportsman.
Ethel Mertz's picture

ugh!! why do we focus on

ugh!! why do we focus on irrelevant issues instead of applauding him and moving on...geesh whether he is with a white woman or a black woman, as long as he is happy and she loves him for him and not his income, then hell thats all that matters, big ups to him and his fiance
_speak's picture

THATS MY QB!! *sorry Giants*

THATS MY QB!! *sorry Giants* :'(
BooLuv's picture

:( :( :(

:( :( :(
litebrite's picture

Congrats to this brotha and

Congrats to this brotha and the success he has gained over the years. But you know what i find funny is how every one of the athletes that are with white women GET MARRIED BEFORE HAVING CHILDREN. Yet the black women don't even be married and have atleast 2 kids just to have a financial hold on these successful brothas, BUT WHITE WOMEN WANT US FOR MONEY??? hahahaha. I mean i said this before bw and bm relationships is like oil and water just aint gone work out. But BECKY is a woman that's been with this brotha since he was in college doing the damn thing. And you know back when black women was probably calling this brotha lame, too smart, etc. You know if you aint no thug ass comedian negro black women don't like you UNLESS YOU MAKING MONEY SO THAT THEY CAN USE YOU. But looking at these comments just make me laugh AND IT SHOWS THAT WHITE WOMEN ARE MORE ON OUR SIDE THAN BLACK WOMEN. AND IT'S ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY BLACK WOMEN HAVE ALWAYS WORKED WITH RACIST WHITE MEN AGAINST THEY OWN PEOPLE. And white women and black men worked together so black people can thrive in their community. And black women even fucked that up, i heard a great brotha say "Black women are "sponsored terrorist" in the black community and i have to agreee wholeheartedly with that statement.
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That's funny, my relationship

That's funny, my relationship with a Black man is going fine! And YES, I'M A BLACK WOMAN!!!! And I'm STRONGLY on the side of Black men, just not pathetic Black men like YOU!!!
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You know what's funny, out of

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Actually BOY, I AM

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lol iight sista i got you.

lol iight sista i got you. Good you married sista MYBAD DAMN lol
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Though you claimed to have

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Ight sistah souljah!!!You

Ight sistah souljah!!!You calling a black man the samething a racist white man would call me, but you black women do love racist white men so go figure!!!Im going to leave this alone, but before i do i want you to answer this for me??? Who is the first transmitter of culture???
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You Need to just STFU!! Im

You Need to just STFU!! Im too tired to lecture that ass on why blacks are in the condition they are in today, But ILL BE BACK AT THAT ASS SOON, Ive been reading these posts on this site for a while now and recently decided to join, Ive been waiting to give you a good ass kicking

(peeps inside post, checking

(peeps inside post, checking to see if Letsgetit has landed)lol.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

they are probably still

they are probably still posting under their other screen name....smh. another one that we need to donate to charity.
shuga's picture

True! smh......

True! smh......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


Grown Man Ish's picture

same black women knocking him

same black women knocking him for his draids, his face, calling him a hyena etc would be the same one who wouldn't date him because he's too dark BUT NOW that he's got a white woman on his arm, y'all have a problem? *smdh
Marek's Wifey's picture

Nobody is mad wtf are you

Nobody is mad wtf are you talking about? All the comments are about him being not so cute...You stupid bm always want bw to get mad when yall date these 'beckies' literally...nobody checkin for yall.....google animal sex watch nothing but white women pop up...If these are the type of people bm worship then good riddance

Right, wouldn't even look at

Right, wouldn't even look at that brotha. Because he's "too black" and got "nappy hair". Yet black women will call us self hating for having a white woman?? hahaha. I mean i've heard some racist shit in my life from white people, but when it comes down to just straight up hate and neglect just because you're black I HAVE TO SAY BLACK WOMEN TAKES THE CAKE WHEN IT COMES TO RACISM TOWARDS BLACK PEOPLE. Calling this brotha ugly, hyena , stupid, etc. AND MIND YOU NO BLACK WOMEN WOULD GIVE THIS BROTHA A CHANCE BEING THAT HE'S A ARTICULATE BLACK BROTHA. He have to be a thug, with a dysfunctional lifestyle or an well established athlete for black women to mess with him. AND PEOPLE WONDER WHY THE BLACK COMMUNITY IS SOO FUCKED UP , BECAUSEEEEEEEE WEEE COME FROM WOMENNN LIKE THATTTTTT
LetsGetIt's picture

lol.....hell no we dont have

lol.....hell no we dont have a problem. we donated his ass to charity and Becky can keep that one. we already got Barack Obama and Morris Chestnut anyways!! lol!! aint nobody checkin for Magilla Gorilla ol gooney goo goo ass. he cant even sit between my legs to get his scalp greased with the Sulfur 8 that he so desperately needs.....lol!! Bye Robert Griffin c'est la vie, sionara, ahreevaderchee and all that jazz. (and yes i do realize most of that is spelled wrong but i aint googlin shit!)
shuga's picture


PinkRose's picture

Judging by RGIII's many

Judging by RGIII's many interviews, this young man seems to be incredibly smart, well grounded, thoughtful, and humble. I think his parents did a really good job raising him. He has a poise, both on and off the field that is incredibly admirable. I wish him, and his intended Becky, all the best and as a Skins fan, I hope RGIII will be with us for a long time.
The Real Thing's picture

uuuuuuugh so mad my giants

uuuuuuugh so mad my giants lost to this fool last night....by one friggen point
litebrite's picture

In that second picture he

In that second picture he looks like he's trying to get that baby to realize how much of a good nigger he is.
Sincerely WF's picture

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