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Cassie & Diddy CUDDLE UP At Miami's Art Basel


Cassie and Diddy have been toting around Miami for Art Basel.  Check out the twosome getting boo'd up while taking in the art shows...


Cassie & Diddy were spotted chillin' around Miami this week and driving to and from art shows.


We're sure Diddy copped his employee/boo some pieces for herself:

Photobucket Photobucket

Yeah, we see the big diamond ring again.  Diddy tweeted the pic saying, "Fuck what other people think." Clearly.


Cassie is one of GQ's Sexiest Women of 2012.  We can see why...


Pics: Pheed.com/Twitter





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Two words......Age Limit

Two words......Age Limit (COUGHING)

Diddy KNOWS this chick will

Diddy KNOWS this chick will get PREGGO and cost him Millions...but he still does it anyway...smh.........
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I'm so tired of that old man

I'm so tired of that old man and little girl. I'm also tired of Diddy running to Miami events like a college student. Miami is for college kids and people that can't afford real exotic vacations. Played out.
JJFad's picture



Are you mad because you can't

Are you mad because you can't just jump on a plane and go? Why is there an age limit to travel and have fun? Life is too short to sit home in a rocking chair and watch your life go by. It's not like he's at night clubs; he went to a few art galleries. I travel a lot myself and will jump on a plane in a minute from CT to visit my best friend in ATL. What's wrong with that?
Happy Lady's picture

Are you serious? Since you

Are you serious? Since you don't know me, you don't realize that I have lived in Miami, Harlem, Santa Monica, Orlando, Charlotte and currently Atlanta. I have also traveled to South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil, Italy, Jamaica and The Cayman Islands-- that does not include the 32 US states I have been to. See, I don't make statements for no reason. I am a REAL traveler so unlike maybe you, I am not impressed by Miami, especially since I use to live there and I have traveled to REAL places. So next time you decide to jump into a conversation to toss an insult think.... you have no idea who you're talking to.
JJFad's picture

Honey, I read your comment

Honey, I read your comment and instantly though short money trying to stretch long. I too am well traveled, and I am sure the other poster is as well. Because you don't enjoy Miami doesn't mean others can not. You sound more like a nomad than a traveller sweetie! Try becoming cultured rather than the typical Atlanta broke show girl! A waste of time and post!
marylou's picture

I hate to tell you but my

I hate to tell you but my career has afforded me the opportunity business and financially to travel and live in some great places. I see you Miami lovers are in here die hard to defend it. Ha! You know you can step your travel up past Miami, right? So you trying to insult as a co-signer when you know nothing about me is useless and really high school. Call it nomadic, but I call it well-traveled and well-rounded. I'm thankful to God I have been given this opportunity that many will never have. Btw, I earned all of it the right way. I have the bank account and education to prove it. So continue to sit on here and create petty insults while I travel or be a nomad, as you call it. I'll send you a postcard. Enjoy Miami though! :)
JJFad's picture

Chile please why you

Chile please why you responding to those lil kids? They idea of going anywhere is watching reality tv and urban blog surfing. Hell yea they offended that you called out their only go to spot MIA cause thats all they have for Memorial Day weekend with the other hood rats. Like my nana said a hit dog will holla. Thats why they came in snapping cuz you stepped on their toes.
Keys's picture

LOL ~ you ain't lie.

LOL ~ you ain't lie.
GetUrLife's picture

I'm sick of them too! And I

I'm sick of them too! And I completely agree with Miami being played out.. Like DAMN celebs need to find a new vacation spot!!
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Yep Art Basel is the place to

Yep Art Basel is the place to be this week!
star's picture

2 Talentless bafoons....I

2 Talentless bafoons....I know Cassie MUST HATE Rihanna...Rihanna does Cassie's style better than she does and actually has a career, fans, Billboard #1's and her independence...Cassie needs Diddy to breathe
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