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NEW MUSIC: Fantasia READIES Rock & Soul Album For March 2013 + Raheem Devaughn COVERS Chris Brown's "Please Don't Judge Me"


With ten years under her belt, Fantasia is ready to take her music in a new direction.  Find out about her upcoming project inside and hear Raheem Devaughn cover Chris Brown's "Please Don't Judge Me."


Hip Hollywood caught up with Fantasia recently on the STA 2012 red carpet where the singer revealed that after ten years in the music business, she feel's that now is the time to go in a different direction. She said, "I'm doing something different called rock soul."  While listening her music influences like Elton John, Aerosmith and Billie Holiday, she said she doesn't want to feel boxed in with only R&B.

But don't expect her rock music to push her too far away from her roots.  She added, "I'm a soul singer. I sing what I go through."  She says the new music should arrive in March 2013, but she doesn't want to rush it.

And since she still seems to be "involved" with her married baby's father Antwaun Cook, she'll have a lot of emotional situations to sing about.

Watch Fantasia's interview here:



Neo soul singer Raheem Devaughn is back on the scene with a remake of Chris Brown's "Please Don't Judge Me" track.  Raheem is using the single to create some buzz for his 2013 viral series "I AM LEGEND," which will launch soon.  Listen to the track below.....




Fantasia, trying to crossover

Fantasia, trying to crossover because there is no money in R@B and rap anymore. You have to be able to appeal to the masses because the masses don't find the whack shit in R@B and hip hop hot anymore. This bitch isn't Beyonce', so she better get used to singing for churches and lying about how much she loves God.
The ZuluKing's picture

fantasia is rock im so happy

fantasia is rock im so happy shes finally doing it

YESSSSSS Fanny! I can't

YESSSSSS Fanny! I can't wait.. Loved her Back To Me album
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i love fantasia she is a

i love fantasia she is a vocal beast she deserves to be a crossover artist tasia was born to be a star that right tasia step outside the box one of the greatest voice of the generation and you look amazing with the weight loss and your kids are just beautilful haters have a seat 2013 is tasia year kiss tasia ass haters and if you don't like her please make no comments

Cut the bullshit Fantasia,

Cut the bullshit Fantasia, you're trying to crossover thinking it's gonna make you more successful. These white people don't wanna see you. Anywho....... Did anybody else laugh at the way she said thank you lord? lol.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Bahawaaaaa...yea that Thank

Bahawaaaaa...yea that Thank ya was hilarious! I agree she's totally clueless to the fact, the formula used to produce the first album (*AI)..was her crossover appeal!! Smhlol..
Like Really's picture

Why does he sound like

Why does he sound like Maxwell.... lol
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