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ATL rapper Diamond recently rocked a smoking photoshoot where she burns through some of the negativity spewed her way. See the photos inside...


Former Crime Mob rapper Diamond recently posed for a few flicks in Atlanta where she "burns" through many of the negative comments that have been attached to her during her career....including "Homewrecker."  Apparently that was a reference to the drama amongst her, Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon back when Scrappy & Diamond were a couple.

And according to Uptown Magazine,  Soulja Boy and the rapstress are new additions to the "LAHH ATL" second season cast--even though Diamond denied being a cast member of the first season.  So apparently we will get to hear her side of the story in the whole Lil' Scrappy/Erica drama. 


Also, Ms. 32 Flavors recently signed on to become the face of Secret Kisses Lipstick where she'll put her good looks to use pushing the company's colors.  She said, “I love make-up, every kind of make-up especially lipstick and lip gloss. Secret Kisses is a brand that I have used for some time so to be a part of the Secret Kisses family is an honor.”

Well isn't that special.

Photos via Anquinette hill




*sighs* Diamond, Diamond,

*sighs* Diamond, Diamond, Diamond.....
Jernero94's picture

Stank ~ that jacket looks

Stank ~ that jacket looks flammable.
GetUrLife's picture

how did S.R.'s Morning Glory

how did S.R.'s Morning Glory submissions end up over here?? ;-P
shuga's picture

Diamond's pics look like

Diamond's pics look like them cheap (& infamous in the A) Derek Blanks ALTER EGO SHOOTS minus the alter ego. I can't take that fake booty ho seriously!
tori's picture

It shudda, cudda, wudda been

It shudda, cudda, wudda been a mo believable shoot if she was photographed in the TRASH, exactly where her azz belongs!! Ugh!!
Like Really's picture

LMAO @ in the trash, exactly

LMAO @ in the trash, exactly where her azz belongs!!!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

A photoshoot for what?

A photoshoot for what? Anyway, she let Scrappy's mama chase her away from season 1 of LHHATL not realizing how wildly popular the show would be. Now she wants a piece of the action. I can't see anyone stealing the spotlight from Steebie and Joseline, but the Diamond/Scrappy/Erica combo with a little Soulja Boy sprinkeled on top ought to be interesting.
Bird's picture

Diamond is a pretty girl but

Diamond is a pretty girl but the photo shoot looks poor, like someone took paper from the printer and wrote a bunch of words on them, and stuck them on a wall. This looks like a "STRUGGLE" photo shoot. No imagination or creativity what so ever is going on here.
Shay's picture

Welp, you said everything I

Welp, you said everything I was thinking. So thank you.
LaFord's picture

I dont really know who she is

I dont really know who she is but I dont think seeing her on LHH is going to be a good way to find out. People's images are always worse after appearing on reality tv. they even managed to make Miss America look crazy. smh.
shuga's picture

Naaaaaaah, Kenya did that

Naaaaaaah, Kenya did that just fine on her own. Bravo didn't have anything to do with her craziness.

LMAO! That's Miss USA. Don't

LMAO! That's Miss USA. Don't make Kenya slap you.
Bird's picture


C2C's picture

lol...ooops my bad. thanks

lol...ooops my bad. thanks for the correction cuz i sure didnt feel like googling it.
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hooklookping's picture

This is the best I've ever

This is the best I've ever seen her look. Still don't know any of her raps though...


MsMidwest's picture

Love the shoes.

Love the shoes.
star's picture

Now I got 32 flavors of that

Now I got 32 flavors of that bootylicious bubblegum Raspberry,grape,cherry,come and get this honey bun
Blessed020509's picture

umh no its not working at

umh no its not working at all...n that 2nd pic looks like they chopped off her leg n photo shopped it back on!!!
ldh34l's picture


WHO IS THIS BYTCH?!?! cdfu..These Z list people need to have a seat..Career?..what career? Last time I checked she didn't even have 1 solo album under her belt.
BEEMA's picture

Bark Bark Chicken

Bark Bark Chicken Chicken--Chicken Heads!! _-Project Pat
TrueThinker's picture

So sick of these lame ducks

So sick of these lame ducks and their lame azz photoshoots :( I almost coulda sworn this was some Derek Blanks bullshizz. You get three seats madam!!
TrueThinker's picture

she is most def looking real

she is most def looking real good....wow GETYOLYFE.COM

I think the photoshoot is

I think the photoshoot is corny and I think that she looks corny.
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