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Alicia Keys Raises $1.3 Mill At BLACK BALL--Oprah, Swizz Beatz, Mom Teresa & More CELEBRATE


Alicia Keys hosted her annual Black Ball last night at the Apollo Theater.  And despite it being moved from its original date due to Hurricane Sandy, the A-listers still came out to celebrate and help raise over $1.3 mill for Alicia's Keep A Child Alive charity.


Pics and deets inside...



Rocking a velour eggplant gown for her big night, Alicia Keys hosted her big 2012 Black Ball in Harlem last night, which was emceed by Whoopi Goldberg.  And looked fab while doing so.  The event raised serious cash for her Keep A Child Alive foundation, and she made it a family affair with her mom, Teresa Augello, her hubby, Swizz Beatz, and both of their brothers.



Ms. Teresa must be super proud of her "Girl On Fire" daughter.


Alicia tweeted a pic of her and her hubby saying her "best friend" made the night perfect.



Photobucket  Photobucket

Alicia posed it up with chef Padma Lakshmi and Beninese singer Angelique Kidjo.


Alicia tweeted that it was an honor to be honoring Oprah Winfrey at her even for all the charity work she does.  And as 58-year-old O took the stage, she praised Alicia's do-gooder side:

“You try to keep a child alive and I try to educate them as best as I can...When I look at Africans girls I see myself.  I continue to work for them to have the same opportunities that I have."


Mrs. keys also hit he stage to perform with Bonnie Rait and Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes.

Photobucket  Photobucket

Alicia's brother Cole and Swizzy's bro Andre Leon King rocked tees from the Keep A Child Alive foundation.



And gorgeous model Chanel Iman was there in a stunning gold & silver gown.  Fab.




Some of these posts are

Some of these posts are laughable! People are still talking that homewrecking nonsense when its the worst kept secret in the industry that Swizz had left the house and been hitting off several chicks before Alicia Keys....I guess when Mashonda got embarrassed it was time to blame it on somebody (be in denial) and some of yall are riding right along with the BS....lol!!!
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All these people talking

All these people talking about "what wrong with homewrecking, they grown, stealing other people man is ok, it happens all the damn time, Don't judge her" o.O Let that ish happen to you while you preggos and see how that make you feel!! Nothing wrong with ending a relationship but DO IT THE RIGHT WAY!!! Swizz acted like a SNAKE and so did Alicia!!! End the relationship, then do the f*ck you want!!! Let that ish happen to you and see if you'll say "what wrong with my man creeping on me while we still together" GET YA LIFE!! Good Job A.Keys =) GREAT CAUSE!! Your Songs did GREAT!!! You look Gorge, but homewrecker will forever be in my mind everytime i look at her O.O IN THAT ORDER!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

Ugh I hate to say it but no

Ugh I hate to say it but no matter how much good A. Keys does, she will FOREVER be labeled a HOMEWRECKING WHORE! Her mom coulda wore a hat!
tori's picture

No matter how you feel about

No matter how you feel about her, she is still out there doing something for a GREAT CAUSE! If it makes some of you feel better her album bumped Rih's album as the new #1 but she sold way less than Rih did in the 1st week Rih did over 200,000 or 300,000 it's first week Alicia only sold 150,000-175,000 it's first week which is low for her. AK must have lost a few loyal fews because of the cheating scandal because she usually sell 400,000 in her first wk of sales. What ever the reason is we should stop judging and let God judge her not us!
Shay's picture

Mrs Beatz is simply

Mrs Beatz is simply gorgeous!! HIgh5@LBA1. Im so sick of these homewrecker screaming, no man having, couldnt keep a man if they had 1 hypocrites.
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tom100's picture

Wait....is Alicia's mom

Wait....is Alicia's mom sick???
PurpleRain85's picture

Alicia has the strangest

Alicia has the strangest shortest arms I've ever seen on a supposedly normal woman.(lol)...her Mom is annoying
star's picture

All of you women talking

All of you women talking about man stealing. A woman cannot steal a man. If he wants to leave you, he will. Just like you cannot MAKE a man stay. Makes all of you sound PATHETIC! "She stole him from Mashonda" Foolishness!
LBA1's picture

Why can't a woman steal a

Why can't a woman steal a married man?! You sound foolish. If Alicia knew that man was married and she's attending Mashonda's kids birthday parties knowing the whole time she is fucking a married man, THATS FOUL! Point blank. I'm sure she tempted him and rocked the boat enough until she pushed through whatever cracks existed in their marriage. harlot.
BEEMA's picture

Chanel looks Gorge, and

Chanel looks Gorge, and everytime I look at Alicia Keys I think of homewrecker/Mashonda. Swizz hairline tho 0.o
sexybrownpyt's picture

Something is off about Chanel

Something is off about Chanel Iman. The look in her eyes is not healthy. Too much partying or what? Ole girl needs to rest or something.

I peeped that too. I was

I peeped that too. I was looking at her wondering how many men done ran through her?..if that's the case..smh
BEEMA's picture

If they have a Man stealing

If they have a Man stealing ball JLO would be the matron of honor since she stole Marc Anthony from Dayanara Torres and her children!
Zanya's picture

I wish someone(s) would steal

I wish someone(s) would steal number 7, and or number 12 from YBF Guest Comments Section! … Ha! ... It must be a secret code to someone!
rebellious soul's picture

Season Greetings, Everyone! …

Season Greetings, Everyone! … Alicia looks fabulous, and she has her Mother’s eyes! … Iman looks lovely as usual.
rebellious soul's picture

Alicia can dress up and go to

Alicia can dress up and go to the elite events but she will always be famous for being a mistress to Bird Beats.
TeaNicole's picture

Curiosity kills: But did

Curiosity kills: But did momma keys shave bald, or does she have Cancer? if she does I am so sorry my condolences.
Mieshalove's picture

More power to A. Keys for

More power to A. Keys for what she is doing with her organization. One Love!
IslandGyal's picture

Alicia needs to call this the

Alicia needs to call this the STEAL A MAN BALL! homewrecker!
BEEMA's picture

Dayum! Men leave women EVERY

Dayum! Men leave women EVERY DAY. He wasn't your husband and he had affairs and children with other women. You really need to get over it!! You must be Mashonda. You should be looking at your OWN man while you're on her talking about homewreckers. Somebody could be wrecking YOUR home. Pain in the ass.
LBA1's picture

Shut the Front Door!!!!!

Shut the Front Door!!!!! lmao! Dayuum!
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