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COURTSIDE CHILLIN': Kanye & Kim, Diddy, & Lil Wayne Hit Up the Heat VS. Knicks Game In Miami


Last night, Miami was poppin' with fab Art Basel festivities, along with the big Miami Heat vs. New York Knics rivalry game at the American Airlines Arena.  Check out Kanye West and his chick Kim K., Weezy & Diddy kickin' it courtside inside...




Since she's there shooting her "Kourtney & Kim Take Miami" reality show, Kanye jetted to the MIA to take his girl to the Heat vs. Knicks game last night.  They were spotted under the goal courtside watching Dwyane, Bron Bron & the rest of the Heat take on JR Smith, Jason Kidd & the Knicks.




The twosome paid their respects during the National Anthem before running into Diddy, who was also courtside.


And of course, Kim was there with her rich friend Loren & JR Ridinger.


Photobucket Photobucket

Sports fan Weezy hit up the game and chatted up Diddy & sports analyst Stephen A. Smith.


And even though Knicks stars Carmelo (stitched up finger) and Amar'e Stoudemire (knee injury) didn't play, Melo chatted up his besties LeBron & D-Wade after his team beat the Heat, 112-92.


After the game:

Photobucket Photobucket

Kanye, with his sweater tied around his waist, hit up the the celebration of Dom Perignon Luminous Rose at Wall at the W Hotel...with who he hopes will be his sister-in-law soon, Kourtney Kardashian and her baby's daddy Scott Disick.

Fun times all around.

Pics: Getty/Twitter




Kim and Kanye are a cute

Kim and Kanye are a cute couple.
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tom100's picture

Ugh Like Really..whats up

Ugh Like Really..whats up with Kanyetta and those Zoolander poses though,..and who said Whores compliment rappers...Bahaa! Good thing Diddy didnt bend any further, I swear he wudda bust like Hulk in that tight azz warm up! Smhlol...
Like Really's picture

*sigh* why do you guys

*sigh* why do you guys CONTINUE to bite at letsgetit's bait???? just ignore him he's not a real person...just an internet troll who probably works for the site...and who looks like kourtney has a lot of baby weight and kim looks a lot better with her weave. also i think stephen a smith should just go bald do u see that hairline??? still my dude....
litebrite's picture

It's all SH!TS & GIGGLES

It's all SH!TS & GIGGLES until Kris DUMBfries see 'Yé & Kim sittin courtside at a Brooklyn Net's game smh! Is Kourtney preggo..AGAIN??
tori's picture

As much as I dislike that

As much as I dislike that Homo in the closet Scott, he does look good with the new facial hair.
star's picture

lol Kim is not a "bad" chick.

lol Kim is not a "bad" chick. She's a poor impersonation of Kris Kardashian. Better Keep that Kardashian out the sun lest you have a plate of melted plastic. Kourtney on the other hand, has never looked more beautiful.
Sincerely WF's picture

I'm tired of these two and

I'm tired of these two and their staged relationship. Anywho...... Kourtney's boyfriend looks like the type who uses the word n-gg--r frequently.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Yea he do look like one of

Yea he do look like one of those southern rich crakkkas.lollll He already told a waiter "he's just a worker" like he's beneath him and put a 100 dollar bill in his mouth hahaha like goddamn these crakkas are ruthless
LetsGetIt's picture

Judging from his look and his

Judging from his look and his actions you just described, it definately screams crakka. lol
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Scott is FARR from a

Scott is FARR from a "southern crackkka" he's a NEW YORK JEW with money and no respect! He is my fave on the show, who else gets goes aroun callin themselves a "Lord" and referring to others as "PEASANTS?"..dudes HILAROUS!
tori's picture

I'm ALMOST certain Scott uses

I'm ALMOST certain Scott uses the N-word ATLEAST 100times a day talkin to his Jewish cohorts! But him & LITTLE BROTHER Khole are the REALEST on the show!
tori's picture

I totally agree. He's in the

I totally agree. He's in the right company because, Kim and her sisters used to use it before they realized that their biggest support comes from some misled Black folks. Go figure....
Zetagirl's picture

Kanye is looking uglier and

Kanye is looking uglier and uglier lately, he's never been cute but his nose keeps getting wider and bigger and his drop jaw is looking like a great white shark's mouth. I never noticed how big and long his head is and that greasy oily face. What happened to him? At least he use to have swag now that's gone too. I'm no Kim Lover or hater her and her mom keep the dough rolling in but how will Ye ever be taken serious w/ someone that made a nasty dirty sex tape? How can Ye not see that as long as she's on his arms his stock keeps going down. He is risking being around people like Jay and Bey just to be around low people like Kim and her relatives. Ye is going down in hella flames!
Shay's picture

alrighty than

alrighty than
IslandGyal's picture

Say what the fuck yall want

Say what the fuck yall want but Kanye got him a bad chick on the side

a dummy like you would say

a dummy like you would say that..forget that she made a sex tape to get famous and is full of silicone and implants....
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Stephan A Smith looks down at

Stephan A Smith looks down at Lil Wayne. LOL

These two wet socks are so

These two wet socks are so lame. Kanye is losing his swagger running with this loose vagina.
Keys's picture



Eve is 3 months pregnant by

Eve is 3 months pregnant by her boyfriend! And he already has 5 CHILDREN! dUMB BYTCH
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lmao Oh word!!!!! I keep

lmao Oh word!!!!! I keep telling people when black women have a man with money , they try to get pregnant by them to have a financial leash on him, because they know they not going to be anything pass a "Girl Friend" Aka "Fuck Buddy" so they use their babies to get what they want. But black men be getting with these black women knowing they got 4 to 5 kids and never ask that black woman HEY WHERE ARE THESE KIDS FATHER!!! Sometimes black men are suckers for black women, and in the end they get useddddddd just so she can go back to another nigga that's just like her baby daddy.
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Wow, some black chick must

Wow, some black chick must have really broken your heart, because your hate for black women is out of this world. You keep describing hoodrats as if they represent all black women on the face of this earth. Facts is, all hoodrats are the same, regardless of ethnicity. You my friend have a lot of growing up to do... Maybe travelling would broaden your horizon
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I've been all over the united

I've been all over the united states black women are the same EVERYWHERE!!!Rather they from the hood or not. Remember statistics show 75% of black women in the united states have children out of wedlock THAT AINT JUST HOODRATS.
LetsGetIt's picture

The world is so much bigger

The world is so much bigger than the US...being well travelled means leaving your country dear. Also, among college educated women, only 10% of them have children out of wedlock...again, it seems that you only encounter a certain type of black woman. Born and raised in Montreal Canada, having met people from diverse background, travelling in the US, Canada and many countries in Europe, I have learned that we are all a product of our environment...it really has little to do with the color of your skin. The trends will change as more and more black people get out of poverty.
Krazy-Boo's picture

I find it completely amusing

I find it completely amusing that this fellow acknowledges some Black women having choldren out of wedlock but will not acknowledge the sorry baby daddies that are the sperm donor to these children. Lucky Eve(if you're going to go the route of child out of wedlock)...I bet this man takes care of all his children regardless. Young fellow, do as this brilliant young woman suggests...travel more. learn, then adapt accordingly. Peace and blessings.
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Yea that's what black women

Yea that's what black women LIKE and PRODUCE. SPERM DONORS!!!! These negros out here came from women that loved no good men AND THE CYCLE CONTINUES , YOU THINK IM GONE POINT OUT BLACK MEN, WHEN THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM IS BLACK WOMEN???? FUCK NOOOO!!! But this is way i love arranged marriages because black women can't choose the right mate for shit. They loveee silly negros .
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Like attracts like..so if you

Like attracts like..so if you keep atracting women who ain't $h!t..maybe your d!ck ain't sh!t. Step your money up and get you an education (i.e. BA degree, Master's degree) and maybe you can land a black woman who is a doctor or a lawyer.
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the black women that are

the black women that are lawyers love bullshit men as well. Check out the black chick that went to Harvard and had her thuggish ass boyfriend selling drugs on campus helping him out. Or just look at how many black lawyers date nothing but lacking ass men who are convicted felons. BLACK WOMEN IN GENERAL LOVE BULLSHIT MEN. They complain about it not being any good men, but wont DAREEEEEEEEEEEE DATE A MAN WITHIN THEIR FIELD because he has something going, and he aint gone put up with the bullshit.THEY KNOW THIS!!
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This is probably a white man

This is probably a white man that comes on the black sites just to trash black people. HELLO! WE SEE YOU!
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B!TCH how dare you call

B!TCH how dare you call ANYONE White?? Look at your B.S. avatar tramp..WE SEE WHO YOU WANT TO BE!
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well sista, im on cam

well sista, im on cam ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THE TIME!!!!! If you want to see letsgetit, i cam be on tinychat, anything u name im on it
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Im a black engineer married

Im a black engineer married to a black marketing director. Im surrounded by educated black women involved with educated black men. You obviously know nothing of our world.
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