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SPOTTED: Russell Simmons STROLLS THE BEACH With Girlfriend Hana Nitsche...AND Nicky Hilton


Russell Simmons was spotted in Miami for Art Basel where he checked out some artwork...and showed off a few pieces of "arm candy" too.  You know, his usual. See pics of Russell with his girlfriend Hana Nitsche as well as Nicky Hilton inside.....



Russell Simmons and his model girlfriend Hana Nitsche were seen at the LACOSTE + CAMPANAS Celebration during Art Basel Miami Beach at Soho Beach House last night.

But earlier in the day.....


Russell and Hana (in a gold bikini and sheer kaftan) were seen walking along the beach as the couple is in town for the 11th edition of Art Basel.  


Hana is also in town to promote several nude pieces of artwork she did with photographer and artist Raphael Mazzucco. She spoke about the experience to Global Grind (of course) saying, 'In one of the coldest places in the world, I had some of the deepest meditations. It was a remarkable experience to shoot these photographs and I am excited that they will be shared with the world.'


But before his stroll with model-of-the-minute Hana....



Russell was also seen parlaying with socialite Nicky Hilton.


Russell and Nicky, who've been friends for years, seemed to be catching up on what's going on with each other.  Dude loves him a model socialite chick doesn't he?



Photos via Getty Images/FameFlynet/Pichichi Splash




These chicks are ALL

These chicks are ALL beards!.....LOL
star's picture

This is gross... I can't

This is gross... I can't stand to see old men with women half their age. EWW I hate when I run errands and these old men start to call on me thinking they have a chance...eww I don't have daddy issues thank you!!! I don't care how much $$$ the old man have, I'll stick to guys around my own age!
sexybrownpyt's picture

I'm not sure whats more

I'm not sure whats more PATHETIC, that fact that Russy pays 4 pu$$y or that the women he's with feel that their pu$$y can be bought smh!
tori's picture

Another example of how money

Another example of how money talks. This dirty old man wouldnt be able to pull these young females without it, & the funny thing is he's even uglier in person.
Realist's picture

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tom100's picture

I wish Father Time wud sit

I wish Father Time wud sit his ole Bullwinkle lookin arse down somewhere..,Im sick of him flaunting these skirts around, as if folks really believe that nonsense!! Smhlol...
Like Really's picture

I like that sexy little dress

I like that sexy little dress his girl is wearing. I also like her craftan.....Nicky looks even uglier with that blond hair
star's picture

Ugh.. His HIDDEN

Ugh.. His HIDDEN HOMOSEXUALITY couldn't be more GLARINGLY obvious. SMH
Sincerely WF's picture

Old dutty fart holding hands

Old dutty fart holding hands with her like he believes she's there for him and not his money.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Russell's chick wears more

Russell's chick wears more clothing on the beach than she does on the red carpet.
The Real Thing's picture

This looks like the same

This looks like the same woman who was with lil Wanye last year. LOL!
Zanya's picture

He is just so ughhhh...in a

He is just so ughhhh...in a very perverted kind of way.
MrsCPA's picture

Get them Russ! Get all the

Get them Russ! Get all the pussy money can buy!
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hooklookping's picture

ppl use the words girlfriend

ppl use the words girlfriend and boyfriend too much. these are grown enjoying life and each other, having a good time. if adults want to get married then thats what they do, otherwise they are SINGLE and carefree. married is married and everything else is single.
shuga's picture

Oh Uncle Russ (SMH) ~ still

Oh Uncle Russ (SMH) ~ still slaying them with your old a$$. Money still buys LOTS of pu$$y.
GetUrLife's picture

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