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COUPLEDOM: Beyonce & Jay-Z Chill At Art Basel + Zoe Saldana & Her Boo Bradley Cooper CELEBRATE His New Movie


Beyonce and Jay-Z jetted down to Miami to chill at some Art Basel events on Saturday.  Check out their pics inside, plus Zoe Saldana supporting her man Bradley Cooper at a party for his big movie...

The Carters made their way to sunny Miami, taking a break from the dreary & cold NYC, to hit up the International Contemporary Art Fair--Art Basel Miami Beach. 

The fly twosome was spotted at The Standard Hotel at artists JoseParla & JR's Havana, Cuba Project screening & show.



Bey rocked a cute and colorful long sleeved dress with her hair in a big blonds bun with bangs.  Check out video of them walking through the event below:

Tonight, Jay and his D'Usse cognac are hosting a launch party for the liqur at LIV nightclub. That ought to be interesting...

And over in Hollywood:


Zoe Saldana was beaming with pride for her hot boyfriend Bradley Cooper.  The two hit up a special event for his acclaimed new movie Silver Linings Playbook, hosted by Lexus and Purity Vodka at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old rocked a cute polka dot and sheer dress for the occasion:

  Photobucket  Photobucket

Nice.  They posed it up with the film's director, David O. Russell.  We're kinda living Bradley and Zoe together.  Let's see how long this Hollywood relationship lasts...




Zoe and Bradley were both

Zoe and Bradley were both high as a kite.
The Real Thing's picture

I always thought Zoe was a

I always thought Zoe was a man she is not pretty at all.
Twila's picture

you are a hater!

you are a hater!
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Zoe does looking STRANGE

Zoe does looking STRANGE (what's up with that), but Bradley..that's the business...white guys are so good to us black women...so good...I surely hope he's not Gay..what a waste...

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Zoe & Bradley look like they

Zoe & Bradley look like they just had sum CRAZY HOT CAR SEXon their way to the event! HOT! The Carters look...interesting! Glad Robert DeNiro wasn't there!
tori's picture

Yeah I see that "Crazy Hot

Yeah I see that "Crazy Hot Car Sex".....yep lol
star's picture

Beyonce looking beautiful as

Beyonce looking beautiful as ever!!!!!!!!!

Zoe looks a lil worn out in

Zoe looks a lil worn out in the face..The tea is that Bradley is gay and ZOe can't find a man so their PR people put them together. And if I was at that event and Beyonce walked by I probably would have lost my mind
BEEMA's picture

(squinting eyes) You just

(squinting eyes) You just stated a couple of days ago that you were not a Beyonce fan, but now you're saying that if you were at the same event as her, you probably would've lost your mind if she walked by you. Whatever....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Thats bcuz this wanna be PR

Thats bcuz this wanna be PR BISH is confused..all them DAM accounts..she shud be FIRED immediately! LOL boi I tell Ya...I wonder how much that pay, to eat JIMMY JOHN's everyday for DINNER!! smhlol...
Like Really's picture

LOL.... I'm almost certain

LOL.... I'm almost certain she has at least 3 accounts on here. Crazy ass heffa. lol...
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Man, when Bey finds a

Man, when Bey finds a hairstyle she likes it stays the same for years before she switches it up again….
Peace Silas's picture

Ugh..Bey has know clue how to

Ugh..Bey has know clue how to wear a dam bun..Next! Yea Okay Zoe..Good Luck with that!! Baha.. Smhlol!
Like Really's picture


Sit down CLOWN! WE KNOW WHO SHE IS- BUT WHO ARE YOU?! lmao #miscellaneouspaparrazzi
BEEMA's picture

I'm that BiSH yo bald head

I'm that BiSH yo bald head azz cud Neva be! Only thing CTFU is u interactin on 3 different accounts as 3 different people..,yea ya Pyscho Bish cut that shit out..u cud NEVER be a social butterfly!! Ijs it is what it is and unlike u, at least I have enough hair to rock a gotz dam bun!! Smdhlol...*back to sippin my wine...
Like Really's picture

@Like Really Thank you for

@Like Really Thank you for letting loose on that Pyscho Troll Bish! From the racist comments to @Tori to you, this Troll needed to be exposed! At least 3 or 4 different accounts Pyscho Sybil needs medical treatment.ASAP! Smh.
Shay's picture

How do you wear a bun????? I

How do you wear a bun????? I would really like to know! Since you are a BUN EXPERT!!!!!!!
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MsMidwest's picture

Julius needs to sit his

Julius needs to sit his flashlight cop ass down somewhere, going through there flashing lights in people faces. Somebody should've reached over and slapped his ass.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

LMAO..I agree wth u gone do

LMAO..I agree wth u gone do wit that, if she did get bopped in the head?! Smhlol...
Like Really's picture

Zoe and Bey look stunning,

Zoe and Bey look stunning, love their outfits.
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