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SHE GOT CAKES: Happy 22nd Birthday Teyana Taylor


G.O.O.D. music artist Teyana Taylor celebrates her 22nd birthday today. Check out some of her best looks inside....

Hip Hop "It" girl Teyana Taylor turns 22-years-old today.  Since many folks first met Teyana on MTV's "My Super Sweet Sixteen," she's blossomed into an inustry darling.  She knows all the right people, goes to all the right parties and seem to make all the right moves to generate "buzz." 

So whether she releases a hit album or not, Teyana's already "winning" with her fans.  And we're sure she'll keep us watching/

Celebrate with Teyana Taylor in the gallery......




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hooklookping's picture

I'm happy to see a young

I'm happy to see a young beautiful childless black woman. Happy bday Teyana! She is such a cutie.
KENNEDY78's picture

umm shes clearly the first

umm shes clearly the first lady of G.O.O.D music, she's on the album cruel summer, and also sang the hook on kanye's dark fantasy... what are yall talking about? lol just because you may not know someone doesnt mean they arent doing things....
taela's picture

Thank you.

Thank you.
Sincerely WF's picture

I think she is too

I think she is too adorable...whatever it is she does..LOL!

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tom101's picture

Do you people commenting even

Do you people commenting even KNOW what an IT-girl is? Cause if you did, you'd know that this chick is a TOTAL it-girl. IT-girls are KNOWN for doing NOTHING but: socializing, getting their photos taken and basically having SOMETHING that sets them apart from the blurry mess of all the "what's already out there". This chick has branded herself without even dropping a single real track, and she's STAYED on the scene since a stupid little appearance on a reality show--DAMN NEAR 10 YEARS AGO. SINCE then, she's constantly photographed in AMAZING editorials, always on the red-carpet, and her name is always in bold (Chick has her own sneaker dropping for godsakes.) I RAAAAREELLLY use this word but.. the reason you guys are HATING is because she is always TALKED about and SEEN about.. but ur not exactly sure why... THAT IS AN IT GIRL! Happy Birthday Teyana! Gorgeous eclectic soul!
Sincerely WF's picture

CO~SIGN..I like her swag..she

CO~SIGN..I like her swag..she has really come into her own fashion wise!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture


BOO BOO YOU NEED TO BE ASKING YOURSELF DO YOU KNOW WHAT AN IT GIRL IS! lmao. An it girl needs to have mass appeal for starters...this chick is AN UNKNOWN outside of black circles. A socialite? I wouldn't call her that by a longshot. TO be a socialite you need to have family members who are movers and shakers. Angela Simmons is a socialite...heir to the run DMC and Russell Simmons family. Paris Hilton is a socialite...heir to the Hilton billion dollar chain. This chick here is a miscellaneous name that pops up here and there because of some NBA player that fuqed her or because she was at a D list party. Rihanna, is an "IT" girl. Does this girl even have over 10,000 followers on twitter? When was the last time she was on vogue? When was the last time she was on the Billboard Charts? How much is she worth? Exactly ZILCH! GIRL BYE!
BEEMA's picture

Out of all the talentless

Out of all the talentless chicks out here this is the one I can't stand the most.. Cassie may be talentless but at least she has looks and a rich boyfriend. But this chick here is UGLY inside and out from what I have seen.
BEEMA's picture

lol ya'll are funny ^^ there.

lol ya'll are funny ^^ there. But at least you guys are telling the truth
Mieshalove's picture

You can't be serious. Teyana

You can't be serious. Teyana is no "It Girl". No one is buzzing about Teyana. I know it her birthday but let's not over praise.


*whispers*......shhh...I think she's reading into her future.
MrsCPA's picture

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