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MOVIE FAB: Will and Jaden Smith' TEAM UP AGAIN In "After Earth" TRAILER


Will and Jaden Smith have re-teamed as father/son characters in the new futuristic thriller After Earth. Watch the preview inside....


Will and Jaden Smith (who first played father and son in Pursuit of Happyness) have teamed up again for the upcoming thriller After Earth. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, After Earth takes place on "Earth," but more than 1000 years into the future.

Will and his youngest son play Cypher and Kitai Raige, soldiers who have crash landed on the abandoned planet and must figure out a way to survival. Here's the catch: everything left on "Earth" has evolved to kill humans.

And with Will's "Cypher" character injured, Jaden's "Kitai" must step up to the plate as a soldier and find their rescue beacon. The film will also explore father/son dynamics and Kitai's need to be validated by his father.

The film hits theaters June 2013.


Watch the trailer here:


Will you be watching?




Will still doing his thang!

Will still doing his thang!
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Ugh.. I want to like this but

Ugh.. I want to like this but M. Night Shyamalan hasn't had a decent hit since Sixth Sense. I'm still mad at him for effing up Avatar: The Last Airbender.. and that Devil movie was kind of dumb too. Let's hope Will Smith will save this movie.
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I look forward to seeing it.

I look forward to seeing it. But why Jaiden gotta be a soldier at 13 doe?
Bird's picture

Yes definitely will be

Yes definitely will be watching this, loved Jayden in karate kid and him and his father in pursuit of happiness.
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good for you..who cares?!

good for you..who cares?!
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Somebody had an extra dose of

Somebody had an extra dose of “feeling themselves” today. Beema you needlessly are reckless.
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MAN HOW MANY END OF THE WORLD MOVIES IS THIS MAN GOING TO DO!! Can he do any other genres? Suspense, drama, comedy, romance? Give me a break.
BEEMA's picture

...Can you actually research

...Can you actually research before you make asinine comments? Did you miss Hitch, Pursuit of Happyness which was in the post itself, Seven Pounds, Ali, Six Degrees of Separation, and the slew of comedies he has done.. the MIB Triology, the Bad Boys duo, Hancock........ or are you just upset about your own life today? I'm going to assume it's just the latter.
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That's nice but I won't be

That's nice but I won't be watching.
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june 2012??! c'mon

june 2012??! c'mon ybf.....it's 2013.....anyway the movie looks dope
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you hype.

you hype.
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