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Evelyn Parties It Up With The "Basketball Wives" For Her Birthday & PETA UNVEIL


Evelyn Lozada is still celebrating her big PETA campaign unveil.  And last night, at the Supper Club in L.A., Evelyn kept the party going with her "Basketball Wives" co-stars.  Pics and deets inside...

After unveiling her "I'd Rather Go Naked" campaign earlier this week with PETA, Evelyn's been partying it up, especially since the unveil coincided with her 37th birthday.

The fab chick had some fun with her co-stars Shaunie O'Neal and newbie Tasha Marbury at the party--which had topless women being lowered from ceilings who were bringing drinks to the crowd.


She rocked a black lace jumpsuit by Jason Sky, and flaunted her curves with a peplum attachment around the waist.


But chick proved she could have rolled without it.


By the way, thanks to her folks at RoadStarr, author/fitness blogger Ev pulled up to her party in a Rolls Royce Ghost.  And of course, she tweeted a pic of the nice ride.

Photographer: Von Jackson




Honestly I am going to need

Honestly I am going to need Shaunie to stick with short hair from here on out. This long hair washes out her looks.
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hooklookping's picture

Is Evelyn pregnant?....damn

Is Evelyn pregnant?....damn lol
star's picture

this dancehall outfit with

this dancehall outfit with the shoes is just hilarious. Ev usually looks nice but this beauty supply store catsuit makes her look like she just gave birth yesterday. very fantasia-ish
shuga's picture

LoL...Po' tink tried so hard

LoL...Po' tink tried so hard n' Failed miserably.., styled just like the RAT she truly is!! Smhlol...
Like Really's picture

WoW @ some of these

WoW @ some of these comments...bcuz Evilyn still ain't sh!t!! Smhlol..
Like Really's picture

Wow @ some of these comments.

Wow @ some of these comments. I think Evelyn does look nice and regardless of her age, she can wear what she wants to wear. HEll, if I look that good when I'm in my late 30s, early 40s and I have the body to match, I WOULD WEAR THAT AS WELL!!! And I would not not have a problem with my mother or someone older than me wearing an outfit like that or something that is "normally worn by younger women. I hate it when the younger generation thinks that just because you are a certain age means that you cannot wear it!! Mariah Carey, Evelyn, Gabrielle Union, and whoever else is in their 40's can wear what they want to wear and please spare me the speech about they would NEVER wear something so reveiling!!! I am simply making my point. WTF!!. And I like Shaunie better with short hair! It's becoming of her. And Evelyn does look better with darker hair. And the scar from the "headbutting" is gone!!! Plenty of Vaseline or coco butter can do wonders when applied properly!!!!! LOL

That outfit look like

That outfit look like something she should wear during Halloween or for her significant other. She should of wore a more suitable outfit for her age. We all know how great her body is but wait until Halloween to wear that. Dressed like a hooker from the side of the road!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

Evelyn looks like she just

Evelyn looks like she just finished her shift at King of Diamonds. That lace catsuit is no bueno Mama. And I wonder how much dick she had to suck to get that Rolls Royce. On the plus side, that catsuit lace would hide any...stains.
DesignDiva's picture

This is a woman with a

This is a woman with a FITNESS blog? Too funny. She looks like she put the little leather tutu on to hide the bulge.
Sincerely WF's picture

They look like dark blood

They look like dark blood sucking vampires
Peace Silas's picture

That's the best I've EVER

That's the best I've EVER seen Shaunie look! Evelyn does have a nice body.
I_love_laughing's picture

Hanging around Evelyn is

Hanging around Evelyn is doing Shaunie a world of good. She's starting to look and act so much better, even her hair and nose look more appealing these days to me. I used to couldn't STAND Shaunie, I can at least tolerate her much more nowadays. She's growing on me like that acne bump on my back, the one I can't reach. I like the black color in their hair too. The third, new wheel is stunning. You go, girls! *Muah!*
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Evelyn is so pretty and looks

Evelyn is so pretty and looks great for her age.
TeaNicole's picture

Damn...This chick is soooooo

Damn...This chick is soooooo FABULOUS and she STAY winning! She makes 37 look so damn GOOD! She is definitely shittin' on alllllllllll the 20 something crowd, and even making us in the 30 something crowd look at ourselves in the mirror...lol. Go 'head, Ev, I ain't even mad! That catsuit is EVERYTHING, and so is that damn Ghost ride...LOVE it! Fuck Mike, I wanna' be like this chick when I grow up...lol. I love you, Ev! Bam! Those three look more like triplets in the first pic...love it! I wouldn't mind being in THAT circle! Love it!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

There's no way she is 37. No

There's no way she is 37. No way. But, happy birthday anyway.
Zetagirl's picture

evelyn actually looks

evelyn actually looks gorgeous to me the dark hair really suits her and im digging the cat suit...long hair is just not for shaunie
litebrite's picture

Didn't even realize she

Didn't even realize she changed her hair color. That's crazy.
Sincerely WF's picture

with all that money, why

with all that money, why hasn't Shaunie brought her some Nostrils
lola69's picture

that ho did not get hit by

that ho did not get hit by chad and if she did that is what bullies get
lola69's picture

I like the outfit but I am

I like the outfit but I am really confused. In the police report, she claimed to have a 3 inch gash on her forehead. Did she ever really get head butted? Where is the scar?
JD's picture

Evelyn is a disgrace. I don't

Evelyn is a disgrace. I don't care how fine your body looks...when you are middle aged you should not be dressing like a 21 yr old hoe.
Keys's picture

She has a great body. I'm

She has a great body. I'm not digging the jump suit though. But she looks beautiful.
JewelryLover's picture

That jumpsuit does NOTHING

That jumpsuit does NOTHING for her body! Did anyone else catch her ex Antoine Walker on Don't Sleep last nite? Shaunie's BULL NOSTRILS are scary!
tori's picture

You know you a ugly insecure

You know you a ugly insecure chick when you feel the need to hate on every female celebrity on this site! Now you mad at Evelyn and her cat suit?! lmao Gurl Kill yourself!
BEEMA's picture

Ugh you're such a phucking

Ugh you're such a phucking troll!!! U must hate lookin like Gabourey Sidibe huh? B!TCH, go play in traffic!
tori's picture

You're the troll boo, rushing

You're the troll boo, rushing to be the first commenter on every post..and all you do is hate! Do you ever have anything nice to say? No, because your life sucks!
BEEMA's picture


B!TCH u r the RESIDENTIAL HATER on this site goin aroun callin ppl ugly when I'm sure yo look like FLAVOR FLAV, so STFU, if u don't like my comments STOP READING & REPLYING to them like ppl have STOPPED doing YOURS LMAO..U TRY to stay RELEVANT by replying to MY COMMENTS..how PATHETIC smh!!
tori's picture

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