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SLICE THIS: Happy 45th Birthday Jamie Foxx!


Oscar-winning funnyman Jamie Foxx turns 45-years-old today. See some of Jamie's best looks in the gallery and watch a special sneak peek of his upcoming chat with Oprah Winfrey....


Jamie Foxx celebrates his 45th birthday today.  The Terrell, Texas native, who's currently promoting his highly anticipated film Django Unchained, is the true definition of a Hollywood entertainer.

Through music, film and television Jamie has perfected his craft right before our eyes and is able to connect with audiences on a level some artists can only dream of.  

And as he celebrates another successful year in the industry, he sat down with Ms. Winfrey for "Oprah's Next Chapter," providing a very intimate look into his life.  During the wide-ranging interview, he discussed the impact that director Oliver Stone’s criticism had on his career, how he stays humble and why he hasn’t gotten married.  His fab daughter Corrine also makes and appearance.

Watch a sneak peek of "Oprah's Next Chapter" here:


Watch Oprah's interview with Jamie Foxx on Sunday, December 16, at 9/8c.




Before you celebrate with Jamie in the gallery, check him out on his previous "SNL" stint with 2 Chainz doing the "Birthday Song" (at the 5:15 mark).....




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hooklookping's picture

I wonder if Jamie still

I wonder if Jamie still trying to 'put the tip in' (Oprah)
Realist's picture

I am laughing to hard about

I am laughing to hard about yall's comments. If the girl is mentally ill how can she be a dyke pimp and be busting up people? Wow she must be really cray cray. On a side note: Jamies' daughter thinks she attractive because she light skinned but she is one ugly fugus.
Lifeatbest's picture

I'd love to taste some of

I'd love to taste some of that cake...Ummmm. That bald head looks good on Jamie. I'm always a sucker for a bald headed, big dick, funny man with lots of money and clout. Happy Birthday, Jamie! I wonder if Kerry Washington, I mean, his birthday guest gave him what he wanted for his birthday...lol...
Carmen CaBoom's picture

I agree, Jamie DOES look good

I agree, Jamie DOES look good with that bald head. He looks sexy.
I_love_laughing's picture

I can't believe Jamie is 45,

I can't believe Jamie is 45, can we get a new album...Intuition is my sh!t (Best Night of My Life was my WORST purchase of the yr)!
tori's picture

Bitch you know you illegally

Bitch you know you illegally downloaded it and not purchased it! How you going to afford cds on a cleaning ladies salary?! cdfu
BEEMA's picture

Look @ ur AVATAR, then lets

Look @ ur AVATAR, then lets talk about STEALING FROM ARTISTS!!
tori's picture

eww look at the mouth

eww look at the mouth watering on the fat girl in the back. lol...dam boo you gonna get a slice too just be patient. hungry ass.
shuga's picture

FA REAL!!!! I thought the

FA REAL!!!! I thought the same damn thing, that besh looks damn hypnotized by a piece a cake... "Uuuuuggghhh, cake!" like a zombie or something....
Peace Silas's picture

Be careful, that's Jamie's

Be careful, that's Jamie's sister DEIDRA DIXON, she has down syndrome and a TEMPER! She has been arrested 4 times for ASSAULT..she be bussin b!tches heads! Rumor has it she used to be a dyke pimp!
tori's picture

down syndrome, dyke and a

down syndrome, dyke and a pimp?!?! thats a lot going on.....lol. they betta hurry up and give her ass some cake then!
shuga's picture


tori's picture

That is probably Jamie's

That is probably Jamie's sister who is mentally retarded.
Bird's picture

OMG (shamed) if that’s true

OMG (shamed) if that’s true then I apologize and retract my last comment, that ain’t right
Peace Silas's picture

Lol That's his sister.

Lol That's his sister.
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