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TV FAB: A Shirtless Shemar Moore Gives Out A Lapdance To SWEET BROWN!


"The Talk" co-host Aisha Tyler and Shemar Moore hit up the clubhouse for "Watch What Happens Live" last night.  And ish got real when Sweet "Aint Nobody Got Time For Dat" Brown got a lap dance from a shirtless Shemar who looked like the black Magic Mike.  Check it inside...

After Andy Cohen cheated on the "Gimmie Shemar Moore" spin the wheel to take off clothes game, and the "Criminal Minds" star's shirt came off, things got real strip clubbish.

A shirtless Shemar Moore gave Sweet Brown a lap dance while everyone cheered him on.  And hilarity ensued.  Sweet Brown said "I DO have time for dat!"  Ha!

Check it below:


And in case you missed it yesterday, Ashanti made her way to "Live with Kelly & Michael" to perform one of her Christmas album songs.  Check out a red-hot Ashanti belting out "This Christmas":




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Watched the Aftershow and

Watched the Aftershow and Shemar was ANNOYING as hell ....Who told him that he was God's gift to women..that women are interested in knowing if they can qualify to date him and All the Pronificating he was doing...He has lost a lot of his looks and his personality is very Shitty!...Nigga needs to stop acting Homophobe and Come out the Closet!...I'm sure Andy would agree...LOL
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Shermar Moore comes off as

Shermar Moore comes off as Gay to me. The way he moved and whine his body...Idk O.O
sexybrownpyt's picture

Just because a man does not

Just because a man does not want some loud mouth, nappy headed, weave wearing coon like you does NOT mean he is gay!
BEEMA's picture

Shemar is so gay but that was

Shemar is so gay but that was funny

lol...that was cute...i love

lol...that was cute...i love me some andy cohen

I feel a little moist lol.

I feel a little moist lol. Shemar is still HOT!!! Lmao at Andy Cohen's gay a** getting Shemar to take off his shirt.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Damn Shemar, when did u start

Damn Shemar, when did u start givin CRACKHEADS lapdances? I guess we're gonna skip tthe story about Nelly DUMPING Ashanti b/c she slept with Chink Santana?
tori's picture

Has that been confirmed or is

Has that been confirmed or is that an M T O story?
Girl's picture

Well considerin the 2 have

Well considerin the 2 have NEVER confirmed their relationship, they haven't OFFICIALLY confirmed a split but RELIABLE sources have said they're DUNZO! Girl, I would NEVER repeat an MTO story...they're always BS, tmz is by FAR the best place to get all the spilt tea!
tori's picture

Lmao you're right, just had

Lmao you're right, just had to check! Saw that on MTO this morning but I wasn't sure if there were other sources...well too bad, so sad for them I guess
Girl's picture

lol last nights "watch what

lol last nights "watch what happens live" was so good! sweet brown was cute on there..but shemar moore was doing the mostest...sheesh..he lost me when he spit out his drink in sweet brown mouth


I MISSED THAT PART, THANK GOD! Yes!!!! I felt very uncomfortable watching Shemar feign drooling over Sweet Brown. Like at first it was cute, but then it became waaaayy tooo much. Gross. And what was up with him doing that whole "I'm not gay" plea. Like really? After all these years and practically no one talking about that shit? I'm sure no one was thinking that, so thanks for reminding what team you really play for.
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