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TV FAB: Antoine Walker, Sheree Whitfield & John Salley DISH About "BROKE" ATHLETES On "Don't Sleep"


Former NBA ballers Antoine Walker and John Salley joined former "RHOA" star Sheree Whitfield on BET's "Don't Sleep" to discuss why large numbers of professional athletes often end up broke.  Listen to what they revealed inside....

Former NBA champion Antoine Walker, who's most famous for wasting away his $110M fortune, appeared on BET's "Don't Sleep" last night to discuss some of the mistakes he made with handling his money as a professional athlete.  He was joined on the panel by former "RHOA" star Sheree Whitfield (who claims her ex-husband, former NFL star Bob Whitfield, isn't doing well financially) and John Salley who each offered their own perspective on the topic.  

John offered up some advice to young athletes saying the first thing they should do when signing a contract is get a financial adviser and a lawyer.  John suggested that the placement of those two persons far exceeds the need to hire an agent.  

Then, Sheree and Antoine had an interesting discussion about the role wives and girlfriends play when it come to the mishandling of money, especially when the athlete doesn't allow his partner to have any say in the finances.  Yeah..that got interesting.


Watch the clip here:




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They can throw out all the

They can throw out all the excuses they want, but you either have to be a child or an idiot to blow that much money. He may have been 19 when he entered the league, but he was in his 30s when he left. That's at least 10 years of being around other professionals and having time to understand the inflow and outflow of your income. Sorry. No excuse.
CheyPie's picture

most popular and successful

most popular and successful black athletes come from the hood. they come from broken homes with not much guidance and usually there is no father present. that's why when they suddenly get all this money they don't have a clue what to do with it! they spend it on cars, mansions, women, and jewelry while (and i HATE to say this) most white athletes invest and save for the later future. there's no excuse for wasting away 110 million except stupidity
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Black athletes f*ck up when

Black athletes f*ck up when they try to support 75 different households on 1 salary!
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Sheree is counseling America

Sheree is counseling America on finances? (googled eyed)-We have come a long way from those who spent many of their early years sacrificing for hard earned degrees, doing countless research & analysis on finances, corporate mergers..etc. Damn we've fallen to bankrupt reality stars with no come back story...
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i mean damn...cosign ALL damn

i mean damn...cosign ALL damn day..
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Sheree joining a round table

Sheree joining a round table discussion about why people are broke? "Pot, kettle."
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Arrogance + Ignorance = BROKE

Arrogance + Ignorance = BROKE ( money doesn't all of a sudden make you smart)
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Oh, how cute Sheree is trying

Oh, how cute Sheree is trying to get back her 15 minutes of fame she lost on the RHOA. Boo - go check yourself and find a job.

(sigh) All I kept thinkin

(sigh) All I kept thinkin when I was watchin this last night was why the hell was Antoine's sports jacket so damn SNUG! I thought he was gonna pass out or that big a$$ head of his was gonna explode!!
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Chile Sheree is the last one that need to be talking about being broke! Chateau Sheree still ain't up yet!
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Chiiile, Sheree finally found

Chiiile, Sheree finally found her lane because Lord KNOWS she's an expert when it comes to the topic of being broke!
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L☺L! I thought that very same

L☺L! I thought that very same thing
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