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PARTY PEOPLE: Toya Wright Throws Hubby Memphitz A Surprise Birthday Party--Tiny, Kandi, Trina Braxton & More CELEBRATE!


Toya Wright must be competing for ATL's party host/mom/wife of the year.  Because she just put together her fourth party in two weeks....this one for her sexy husband Memphitz.


Check out pics of the couple and their celeb friends getting it in at the big surprise birthday bash inside...



At the Melia Hotel in Atlanta last night, reality star & boutique owner Toya Wright threw together a fab bash for her producer husband, Memphitz.  She invited their celeb friends and fam to his surprise party (his b-day was last week on December 10th) filled with drinks and panoramic views of the city.  She was likely returning the favor after Memphitz threw Toya a big surprise 29th birthday party back in October.



Toya's besties Kandi Burruss, whose hair & make-up were finally on point, and Tiny and her new braids were both there to party it up.




And Memph got a few kisses & some grindin' from his wife.


Her girl Trina Braxton stopped by the party.


Yes, with Gabe.  I see those two are still at it.  And thankfully, Gabe kept up his new hair cut.

Photobucket   PhotobucketPhotobucket

Toya was spotted dancing with fam in her sheer and cheetah print curve hugging mini dress.  And flaunting her cakes.  Chick loves the camera.



"Real Housewives of ATL" husband Peter Thomas was there to wish Memphitz a Happy Birthday.


And Memph's newest employee, Mary Jane, posed it up with Toya.  MJ will be starring on the upcoming reality show foolishness "Real Mistresses of Atlanta," created and executive produced by Memphitz of course.

The show has been picked up by the Oxygen channel, and Memph's already got a Dallas, Texas spinoff in the works.  He tweeted recently:

Off to Dallas.  Didn't imagine it would be this easy recruiting for the New Show.  But I guess they're everywhere. Stay tuned. 2013.

Yes Memphitz, finding folks to partake in the lowest common denominator of entertainment is never all that difficult.


Toya gifted her man with a pair of exclusive $5,000 pair of Nike Marty Mcfly's and a pair of Air Yeezy 2's. Peep the video of Memph falling out when he copped his gifts.



Pics: Instagram, Video: Jerome Pearson




Why are Memphiz' pants down

Why are Memphiz' pants down soooo low? He would've looked nice if I didn't peep that mishap. smh! These guys must really think that look looks good - - well, it doesn't!
Happy Lady's picture

(sigh) When will Tiny ever

(sigh) When will Tiny ever get her hair right?
Realist's picture

My baby cousin who is 19

My baby cousin who is 19 months old got his hand slapped for licking the bottom of his shoe that are full of germs and this big over grown nigga who aint used to nothing obviously is licking his??? Make the ghetto stupidity stop please. I'm surprised and happy to see Tiny and Kandi together. They NEVER talk about one another so I assumed they did not get along anymore.
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He's like i'm so glad i have

He's like i'm so glad i have a wife with money lol..But you go Toya that's your man,your boy was enjoying his bd, but's that's the way you do it' but i admire Toya very respectable he's blessed to have such a wonderful wife...and i was not trying to be funny about that comment,because i'm sure they are making it together....because you can tell he loves her..

Yeah they make a good couple

Yeah they make a good couple what I like the most they not all in the media with no drama!........Free video proof how we make $1300 a week paid every Friday by check or direct deposit working from home www.fridaypays.com
Kingbreez's picture

Lol @ Beema! Wrong, but true

Lol @ Beema! Wrong, but true

I have never seen someone

I have never seen someone CONSISTENTLY look a hawt ass MESS EVERYTIME she's out..Tiny what is going on Mama? Them braids need to go back in the trash where you found them...You was aiming for Beyonce's look but missed by several decades!!!
BEEMA's picture


STFU & STOP HATIN' Tiny probably looks BETTER than u on her WORST day which is why ya UGLY A$$ hide behind SUM1 ELSES AVATAR! #pressedcunt
tori's picture

Same ol' people, doin the

Same ol' people, doin the same ol thing in the same ol' town...NEXT!!
tori's picture

Every time you turn around

Every time you turn around you see this group at some event. RATCHET group indeed. Some of them are just guilty by association, but seriously I'm so sick of seeing their asses! Sorry but they're irking my nerves!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I lo♥e Toya she seems really

I lo♥e Toya she seems really down to earth and is so pretty but why does she always photograh like she has no neck?
Peace Silas's picture

I think Toya looks nice, and

I think Toya looks nice, and her clothes and shoe game is always on point. She is a natural beauty and her and Memphitz make a beautiful couple. I'm sure all the negative comments are comming from people who look an UGLY MESS!

Toya and her hubby look

Toya and her hubby look great! Tiny looks A HOT UGLY MESS! She needs a stylist ASAP!
Beautyfulones's picture

I agree that Tiny could have

I agree that Tiny could have used a different style not sure where is her stylist :)

So cheap looking for people

So cheap looking for people who are always showing off their $.
TeaNicole's picture

Totally agree!!

Totally agree!!
lifeisgood's picture

For some reason, Toya is one

For some reason, Toya is one of those people who always looks ghetto no matter what she wears. I don't know what it is, but it seems like everything she puts on is from Forever 21...
Girl's picture

Well dang...what did Toya do

Well dang...what did Toya do to you? *Calls psychologist*
C2C's picture

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