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CELEB KIDS: Fantasia's SON Dallas Xavier’s 1ST Birthday PARTY + Kellie Williams-Jackson's FAMILY Photos


Fantasia Barrino celebrated the 1st birthday of her son Dallas Xavier with a gathering attended by family, friends, and baby daddy Antwuan Cook.  See pics inside...



Fantasia's son Dallas Xavier celebrated his 1st brithday (December 13) with a small party at home and a larger birthday bash on Saturday at  Monkey Joe’s in North Carolina.

Photobucket  Photobucket


Fantasia hosted a slew of family and friends at the play paradise.


Fantasia's on and off again boyfriend and child's father Antwuan Cook. 




Dallas' big sister Zion Quari Barrino (white hat) came out to party with her little brother and friends.





Former "Family Matters" star Kellie Williams-Jackson posted photos of her happy family, husband Hannibal, Hannah, 2½ and son John, 5 months.  It's been a minute since we've known what she's been up to, and we're loving her YBF fam:


Photobucket  Photobucket Photobucket




All Photos via Black Celebrity Kids




hating ass idiots...hope the

hating ass idiots...hope the ones making comments about babies dont have any of your own......remember god dont like ugly......when yours come out afflicted you will know why....
rtboogie1109's picture

Kellie has a beautiful

Kellie has a beautiful family.
Lola's picture

boy yall are fuckin haters

boy yall are fuckin haters leave fannie's baby out of the mess she did that shit aint right

Kellie's family is

Kellie's family is beautiful....her husband is handsome and the kids are just as cute as they want to be.
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hooklookping's picture

Tasia and Antjuan both look

Tasia and Antjuan both look slow and so does their.....
BEEMA's picture

Fannie's son--and daughter

Fannie's son--and daughter are cutie-pies. Fantasia looks nice too: back in shape and with a nice short 'do. Her baby's-daddy just looks shady and round. I can smell his b.s. from here. Kelly's family pics are adorable.

Fannie looks good. Kellie's

Fannie looks good. Kellie's family is cute....those babies are freakin adorable!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

dam Kellie got fat! I hate

dam Kellie got fat! I hate when i get deodorant on my clothes like fanny did! ugh!!
shuga's picture

Laura!! Laura Winslow!!!

Laura!! Laura Winslow!!! Beautiful Family!!

Fannie looks great! All the

Fannie looks great! All the kiddies are too adorable and Kelly and family, simple beautiful!
JewelryLover's picture

All of the babies are

All of the babies are precious. Fanny looks so good after the weight loss and losing the long weave. Twaun looks like he's getting fat. Kellie babies are just too adorable for words.
Bird's picture

Guys like Antuan and Nick

Guys like Antuan and Nick (BK's brother/lover) and a slew of others need to be kicked in their nuts. Antuan looks so LOW DOWN.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Toooooooo dang CUTE!!!

Toooooooo dang CUTE!!!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Why are you featuring

Why are you featuring Fantasia baby average party. Who really care about Fanny and her cheating boo. Kellie congrats now it's time to hit that gym stat.
TeaNicole's picture

Kellie's family is beautiful.

Kellie's family is beautiful. Antwang is so slimely looking. Fannie do better, please.

Hey Kellie!

Hey Kellie!
SadieJade's picture

Kelly has a cute family. I

Kelly has a cute family. I guess Tasia thinks she has an Apollo type man. Not! The thing they do have in common is that they are using the women in their lives for their DOUGH! I guess some women will do anything include buying a man for his company! In this case the dude is still married. This is some ghetto ass mess!
Shay's picture

When I saw these pics on

When I saw these pics on another blog a couple of days ago Apollo from RHOA was the 1st thing that came to mind! Apollo may have been a CAR THIEF back in the day but at least he WASN'T MARRIED when he met Phadra!
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tom100's picture

YBF, why would you have all

YBF, why would you have all that PHUCKERY of Fannie & her MARRIED BF & BASTARD CHILD attached to Laura Winslow's BEAUTIFUL BLASIAN FAMILY?
tori's picture

you are an idiot.....when

you are an idiot.....when your children are born afflicted...remember the comment you made about an innocent child. It was a nasty and comment that was uncalled for. everyone of those babies are beautiful......
rtboogie1109's picture

I was thinking the exact same

I was thinking the exact same thing!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

at least you didn't voice it.

at least you didn't voice it. what a cruel thing to say about any innocent child.
rtboogie1109's picture

oh my bad...you co signed

oh my bad...you co signed it....so you're an idiot also.
rtboogie1109's picture

Dallas is too cute. Looks

Dallas is too cute. Looks like they had fun for his first birthday celebrations. Kellie's family is beautiful. Beautiful children.
Iridescent One's picture

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