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Evelyn Lozada & Chad Johnson In Court...TOGETHER...To Drop Restraining Order


Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada were together again for the first time publicly since they're divorce...in court today.  The two--who have been exchanging romantic words via Twitter--made for a united front as they moved to have the restraining order dropped.  Check it inside...

For the first time since their August divorce, Chad & Evelyn were in the same room together (publicly) as they got the restraining order dropped after their domestic violence incident.

The ex-couple made their way to a Florida courthouse to face a judge after Evelyn copped a restraining order following an alleged head-butting incident...over a receipt for condoms.


In the video above, taken by TMZ, Ev answered "No" to the judge when asked if she felt like her life or safety was still being threatened by Chad.  And if she felt unsafe.

The judge granted her wish and dropped the restraining order at Evelyn's request.  And she reportedly has told friends she wants to start speaking to him again.

Of course.





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evelyn is typical new york

evelyn is typical new york puerto rican trash. she's too old for this mess
litebrite's picture

I hate to call people names

I hate to call people names but these two are just plain and simply stupid!! Instead of focusing on Chad, Ev needs to focus on that back fat that is accumulating slowly but surely.....weight training will do a body good especially if you all up in the camera everyday of your life....
lifeisgood's picture

Hot Ghetto Mess....smh.

Hot Ghetto Mess....smh.
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I'm disappointed in Evelyn.

I'm disappointed in Evelyn. Getting smacked around by a man isn't something to be taken lightly. She was so scared she ran barefoot to a neighbors house instead of staying around chad. I know every situation is different but speaking from experience, when things are going smooth....it's cool. But when he's pushed to that level of anger and feeling out of control again, is she gonna feel safe? For me, after being hit like I was....I never really felt safe around him ever again. It changes you.....I don't know. I wish her well.
sianna1's picture

I'm just waiting for Chad to

I'm just waiting for Chad to come on out of the closet.

just in time for the new

just in time for the new season of Basket Ball wives mmmm hmmm

Right. Not to mention they

Right. Not to mention they will probably air their wedding show "Ev & Chad" now.
Penabutta's picture

Yaaaaaaay!!! I'm so happy

Yaaaaaaay!!! I'm so happy for these two, that's real love! This ought to make for some damn good makeup sex...though I can imagine that they've BEEN done that.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Oh, so we wear catsuits to

Oh, so we wear catsuits to court now????
allnatural's picture


YES MEN, YOU CAN NOW FUCK YOUR WOMAN UP, AS LONG AS YOU APOLOGIZE OVER TWITTER OR FACEBOOK, GET A TATTOO AND DONT KILL HER IN THE PROCESS, YOU'LL BE OK. thank you evelyn and rhianna for letting us know what you really think of yourselves. oh and trust the men know too.

LMAO! SAD But True.

LMAO! SAD But True.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

evelyn and rihanna deserve to

evelyn and rihanna deserve to be friends

Meanwhile, back at the

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...Bitch, boo, and BYE! I'm so over these two attention whores. Everybody knows this ish is for ratings and like Keys just wisely pointed to, BBW returns to the air in a few weeks. If Evelyn likes Chad doing the Wobble and the Cupid Shuffle on her face, then I love it.
DesignDiva's picture

Y'all haven't caught on yet?

Y'all haven't caught on yet? The BBW Miami show is coming back on a few weeks. Her and Chad never said much of anything to each other on Twitter, but now they are exchanging affections on Twitter knowing that it will draw attention and blog talk which means ratings. She did this same thing with Royce and the fights as well as her fight with Jennifer. I gurantee once the show goes off she will "find" a reason to hate him again and publicly announce it's over for good. Stevie Wonder can see through this bullshit. All of it a game for both her and Chad. If these old grown ass people were serious about their marriage, do you really think they'd put their own business in the streets, attention whores or not? I doubt it.
Keys's picture

Why does her back look so

Why does her back look so fat... Everyone knew this from the jump... hey if she like it I love it...

when you wear a girdle it

when you wear a girdle it pushes your back fat up and out and over.
shuga's picture

Her back is fat cause she

Her back is fat cause she hasn't worked out a day in her bacalao and plantain-eating life! (And has a fitness blog to prove it smh)
Sincerely WF's picture

I was thinking the SAME

I was thinking the SAME thing! So--is this what Ev looks like before they get a chance to airbrush her pics?? Mmmmhhhhmmm...


BIGGEST PUBLICITY STUNT OF 2012! (my STALKER @BEEMA should be replyin in 5..4..3..2..)!
tori's picture

Ugh! Who really cares

Ugh! Who really cares anymore. In other news...

Evelyn doing what most women

Evelyn doing what most women who have got beat up by their boyfriend/husband went back to them. She's no different for Rihanna or any woman.

Did u see Rhitard's face

Did u see Rhitard's face after Chris went Mike Tyson on her?? Plz, Chad didn't even "Put them PAWS on her!" Apples & oranges!
tori's picture

These two bitches deserve

These two bitches deserve each other!¡ Another bullsh*t "Reality" show in 5. . 4. . 3. . 2. .1 . . . .
GetUrLife's picture

Wish them luck.

Wish them luck.
TeaNicole's picture

so NOW she doesnt feel

so NOW she doesnt feel threatened after he done lost his football career......shiiiiiiiiit, Chad is way more forgiving than me cuz I would take her back just to torture her mentally and financially.
shuga's picture

Chris Brown, is that you cuz

Chris Brown, is that you cuz that last part sound MIGHTY FAMILIAR!!
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