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STILL AROUND: Marlo Hampton Flaunts Her Fashion In DENIM Magazine's Holiday Issue


If you thought we saw the last of Marlo Hampton when she wasn't asked back for this new season of "Real Housewives of Atlanta," think again.  Chick is putting her flair for fashion on full display in the winter issue of DENIM magazine's Holiday issue.  And she's revealing her most expensive bags and where her love for fashion began.  But remains mum on how her obsession is funded...

Covering the DENIM issue in thigh high Louboutin boots and a fur shawl and hair laid by Miss Lawrence, Marlo Hampton is giving you fashion heads some tea to sip on.  Nope, we still don't know how someone affords every single high fashion and couture item that hits the runway every season when she doesn't have a job (outside of being rumored to be sponsored by one or more old rich sugar daddies).

But I guess we'll overlook just how someone--with a record of several arrests and writing bad checks--can afford a certain lfestyle and simply take in what they have to offer.  And we must say, chick should consider creating a line or styling her fave ATL friends. Many of them could use her touch.


Inside the issue, Marlo rocked the black version of the Tom Ford zipped back dress with sexy Giuseppe Zanotti glod and black sandals.


And our fave look, this two-piece Versace beach-inspired citron & cream crop top and pencil skirt.  And she paired the look with red Pigalle Plato Spiked Patent Leather Pumps.  And Versace & Chanel gold accessories.  Gorgeous look


We love her style.  The Chanel and Givenchy loving socialite did a Q&A with the mag about her fashion loves, her fashion bible, and whether she would gift her future daughter with a Birkin:

So what or who made you love fashion as a teen?

"As a teen I was in and out of foster care; so having the best fashion was something that seemed unattainable. I didn't win Best Dressed, but I understood at an early age I couldn't afford certain kinds of clothing when I was growing up. But, what I do remember about my mother was that she loved nice things. At times, when we did get clothes; we would get them from a second hand store. And she always kept us clean and extremely polished.

What designers can you not live without?
"I think this may be sort of obvious, and a little birdie might have let you know... all things CHANEL. I am very partial to their clothes because CoCo Chanel was an Orphan. I can relate to that. She didn't have parents to raise her, but look at what she's overcome. Her story reminds me of mine. She had humble beginnings but Chanel is the Queen of Fashion, all of their pieces are classy and timeless!

What designer would you want to collaborate with on a collection? Would it be high end or price friendly?

"I would love to work with the designers of J. Crew. Their pieces are simply stunning and they have a good mix of everything. Our collection would be what I call "Fashion Affordable.” Nice pieces, for an affordable price, with great style, trend but quality material. There would be something for everyone. We all deserve a piece of Marlo."

How many handbags do you have?

"Now that is a tough question. I haven't counted, but I do know too many for sure ... actually, I take that back; a girl can never have too many bags"!

What is the most you have ever spent on a bag or was gifted?

"I am always working on my etiquette, lol and a lady never tells prices unless you want to buy one yourself. However, my crocodile Hermes Birkin is my most expensive handbag"!

What fashion accessories does a women need to be fabulous?

"The one accessory that EVERY women needs to be Fabulous is CONFIDENCE. it's the one accessory that's Priceless. Money can't buy it and as long as you wear that; nothing else matters"!

Would you ever give your daughter or son a Birkin bag?

"I would absolutely gift my daughter one under one condition, that it was EARNED! A Birkin is way too expensive just to "give" so if she earned a college degree, was getting married, or achieved a milestone in her life worthy of such a nice bag"

Every woman deserves at least one nice bag whether it's a Birkin or another bag of their choice.

Have you ever seen other girlfriends' collections of shoes or bags and felt I have nothing on theirs

"I don't covet anyone's achievements or closets! Lol! I applaud all women who are enjoying their luxuries and if they have great taste, then we need to go in to their closet and play dress up with a glass of wine and have a good time"!

Last year, you took one of your best friends Daniel/stylist/ assistant to Paris for Fashion-Week. Tell me how was it to do that for someone else who is as passionate as you are about fashion?

"It was amazing and truly rewarding for both of us. Being a lover of fashion, Paris Fashion-Week is something that is a must. I spent a week in London and then Daniel came over to join me in Paris for an additional week. We shopped until we dropped (literally) or until my cards daily limit was reached. lol. His eye for fashion is amazing; not having him accompany me in the fashion capital of the world seems absurd. We were treated like royalty and I can't wait to do it all again soon"!

I understand you gave 20 families turkeys along with meals through your Simply Giving campaign. What are you doing for Christmas?

"It’s my way of “Simply Giving Back” to families during the holidays or a special time of the year. I was able to bless 20 needy families for Thanksgiving with a full meal and all the fixins. I will also be giving back during Christmas and recruiting my Glam It Up girls to show them what it means to give back and do good service at at a soup kitchen"

Like most other women around the world is Vogue magazine your second bible?

"Hmmm, while Vogue is an amazing magazine which I read monthly, I would have to say it’s a fair toss-up between Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. Let’s just consider each publication as a different book in the fashion bible."

What was your first high-end buy?

"My first high-end buy would probably have to be a Gucci bag in college. It was very special at the time because I worked for it, saved my money and bought it!

Since we are in your closet right now give me one fashion secret that you can’t live without?

"ELECTRICAL TAPE. It’s an instant breast lift without surgery. Makes your Breasts look real nice and perky"!

Interesting answer about buying her daughter a Birkin if only she earned it.  How ironic.

Here's some behind the scenes footage...straight from Marlo's closet.


Photographer: Will Sterling, Fashion Stylist: J.Bolin/Daniel Hawkins




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hooklookping's picture

Now THIS is what a real photo

Now THIS is what a real photo shoot looks like!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

You are so right, I am sorry

You are so right, I am sorry she gives you High Fashion straight from the runway. They should do a show around her opening up a "high end boutique" in ATL because her fashion sense is on point.
CincinnatiYBF45214's picture

She needs to be indicted

She needs to be indicted cause she's KILLIN' 'EM! I need her kind of sponsorship...geesh! I've never seen a chick with no real job description stay winning like she does. They say she is doing this and that, yet there are no names...pics...or evidence to back all that gossip up.Go 'head, Marlo. I ain't even mad, I just want some sponsor leads.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

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tom100's picture

Marlo does have Fab style and

Marlo does have Fab style and her weave is always on point BUT like some of you said this chick MUST be living a FOUL FOUL life because the HARDNESS in her FACE reflects that! Nice clothes and hair can't ECLIPSE A HARD MANLY FACE! If she was'nt so SPENT and USED UP LOOKING she would remind be of a younger Angela Winbush! Don't get it twisted Marlo is not on the RHOA because of her GAY SLUR. Andy Cohen and the rest of the Gay Jews running things out there were not gonna let some escort over the top hooker like Marlo use gay slurs and have a permanent spot on the show. IT WAS NOT GONNA HAPPEN!
Shay's picture

She may be a gold digging

She may be a gold digging hood rat, but she is fierce hunty.

Good sense of style and

Good sense of style and fashion but just because you can dress it up pretty doesn’t make any less crazy, deranged, or dangerous. You can’t buy class.
Peace Silas's picture

This man is not pretty. STOP

This man is not pretty. STOP LYING! He's a professional "escort" (prostitute) for a living, but has a nice style? REALLY?!! You hoes have NO VALUES... NONE!!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

First I'm going give props

First I'm going give props where props are due and say that this chick's style game is off the charts! I can't even hate on her about that. She definitely has an eye for fashion and I think she'd make an amazing stylist...like a black Rachel Zoe. Now with all that said, I hope this girl has investments of some kind because clothes are not an asset. They are a liability. In other words, they don't accrue value. They only lose value. Marlo girl, you ain't gonna be young and pretty forever so I hope you have some kind of retirement plan in place. Birkins are fabulous but I haven't seen them make one yet that is edible or big enough to live in. Get yo life girl!
DesignDiva's picture

Who is this man x's 2.

Who is this man x's 2. Style yes but that is to distract from the ugly hard man face. This thing is not pretty, cute, or even okay looking in the face to my eyes; pure man.
I_love_laughing's picture

I hope she has an investment

I hope she has an investment portfolio, mutual fund, and money in the bank. Screw Chanel I would want some investment property paid for in cash. I need stuff that appreciates with value not decline.

People can say what they want

People can say what they want about Ms Marlo, but she truly has talent for fashion and style and she's fabulous! She needs to start a celebrity stylist agency with Tiny being her 1st client.
MsKizzy's picture

Can't STAND Marlo. Yes--she

Can't STAND Marlo. Yes--she is pretty and has a great sense of style: but if she's not talking about clothes she has nothing POSITIVE to say. We do not need more materialistic and uber-fake chicks with no REAL skills or goals promoting their -ish to young black girls. The rumors that Marlo are a well-kept whore don't help matters any. I love, LOVE clothes too but there is more to life than that and young girls today need to know that.

From one diva to another, I

From one diva to another, I MUST co-sign! Little black girls need strong role models these days and Marlo is NOT it. My friends and I have a saying...don't compare closets, compare resumes. Buying Chanel bags is not a skill or accomplishment. Owning Chanel the company IS!
DesignDiva's picture

Thank You fellow-diva. :-)

Thank You fellow-diva. :-) That's ALL I'm saying! In *our* culture, we do not need to glorify or support white designers who don't give a damn about black people or our hardships. Marlo looks FAB-yes. But her logic is not YBF! Now if she OWNED Chanel--like you said--THAT would be brag-worthy.

Marlo needs to get back on

Marlo needs to get back on RHOA ASAP! I don't care who pays for that broads fashion, she can DRESS HER A$$ OFF! Her hair stay LAYYED 2! Luv her! (my STALKER @BEEMA should be replyin in 5..4..3..2..)!
tori's picture

Who is this man?

Who is this man?
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Who cares who's funding

Who cares who's funding Marlo. If you've got your own $h*t going on ~ it should be a non factor. Stressing other people's pockets?¿ ~ ain't nobody got no time for that!¡!
GetUrLife's picture

I have no idea who this

I have no idea who this person is but those thigh high brown boots are nice. she said you have to earn a birken but didnt say how she earned hers.
shuga's picture


I AM GLAD IM FIRST BECAUSE I MUST SAY; Marlo is the BADDEST Black B*TCH on reality TV! This b*tch was wearing the brand new Chanel collection during her whole season on Real Housewives of ATL. You had to be a fashionista to even know that . Not one of the outfits she wore was less than $5000 total on the show. I've never seen a black woman dressed so well. Nene even wore one of her old dresses when she went on Wendy. Marlo is the definition of FABULOUS!. What girlfriend do you know that gives out Chanel bags as gifts? The folks at Bravo could not take Miss Marlo! She made the white women nervous.
BEEMA's picture

White folks on RHOA couldn't

White folks on RHOA couldn't handle the fact that she was making their men look like punks by taking all their money. It's okay when we're the ones being exploited, but they will not exploit themselves, much less show a Black women doing it! Marlo ain't no joke!
mahoganymami's picture


OF COURSE U 1st U LIVE ON YBF!! B!TCH u STAY COUNTIN OTHER PPL MONEY, u BROKE MUSKRAT! You could NEVER AFFORD ANY garment Marlo owns so STFU! Go STALK her twitter since thats ALL U DO IS STALK, and maybe she'll send u a bag for X-MAS u know celebs LOVE to help THOSE IN NEED during the Holidays LIL PHUCKA$$ WEASEL!
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