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ANOTHER ONE: Torrei Hart Releases A CHRISTMAS SPECIAL "Basketball Wives LA" Spoof!


Torrei Hart brings us another hilarious "Basketball Wives LA" spoof, with special appearances by Bambi, Mama Dee, Matt Barnes and the real Brooke Bailey. Watch the hilarious holiday themed episode inside.....


After such a big response to her first spoof, comedienne Torrei Hart, wife of comedian Kevin Hart, and her gang of friends are back for a second "BBW LA" spoof.  In this installment, Malaysia (and her teeth) and Jackie Christie attempt their own spinoff with Torrei as their manager.  However, their "meeting' is cut short when Bambi busts up on the scene and goes all "Compton" on Torrei.  Kevin and Torrei's real life daughter, Heaven, comes to the rescue and lays hands on Bambi.

Meanwhile, Brooke Bailey hires "LAHH ATL" star Momma Dee as her manager and is quickly put to "work" and given a motel room key and told she'll be getting "cash."

Then Laura Govan strikes out on her own and produces a line of "PumKash" backpacks....before she realizes Momma Dee has a similar product line. 

Of course, there's some charity involved because once chicks knock each other's heads into the ground they always need to find Jesus by giving back.

What the ladies try to build is an epic fail.

Watch the funny as hell "BBW LA" Christmas special spoof here:



*DEAD* This shit was FUNNY

*DEAD* This shit was FUNNY AS HELL to me!!! I've got tears coming out of my eyes from laughing so hard at this shit! Damn. I needed that belly laugh! Keep 'em coming, Girl!
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Bambi spoof was

Bambi spoof was hilarious..that actin' was better than Beys.. *u think I'm crazy.. Oh I'll show u crazy bish Compton style!! Baha..And why I kept waiting for Her to glitter bomb that lil girl IDK..,but this was funny as hell! smhLololol!!
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... lol @Draya

... lol @Draya

LMAO @ Bambi, "I'm Compton"

LMAO @ Bambi, "I'm Compton" and Malaysia it's for your heart to live in!!!
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Who was the guy that played

Who was the guy that played Matt?? He was FIONE!! Draya part had me rollin'! LMAO @ Bambi & the "SHIMMER SPANKIN!" (BEEMA STOP STALKIN ME)!
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HELL YESS! VH1 needs to get

HELL YESS! VH1 needs to get rid of BBW LA & L&HH NY and give Torrei Hart a show, her spoofs are funnier than the ACTUAL SHOWS! Kevin already got his House Husband show on BET now I'm gon need for Torrei to take over VH1! That whack a$$ white girl that was doin spoofs got a show on Vh1 so ANYTHING is possible!
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ded@ you looking like a man

ded@ you looking like a man in every default pic
BEEMA's picture

Yet your PSYCHO A$$ *STILL*

Yet your PSYCHO A$$ *STILL* STALKIN me!! F*CKIN GROUPIE! Where's YOUR PICS??? Oh yeah you're to OOOGLY to show ur face (rolls eyes)!
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