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EXCLUSIVE: Cynthia Bailey Works With Island Models In Anguilla During Vacay With The "Housewives" + More "Wedding" Details!


Cynthia Bailey didn't just spend her recent vacay on the island of Anguilla drinking, watching Kenya & Porsha fight and getting her vows renewed.  She also took some time to work with a modeling team on the island and giving them a few of her veteran pointers.


We've got exclusive behind the scenes pics and deets inside....


As the trio of Anguilla episodes of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," we've got a few pics and details Bravo may or may not show you from the ladies' trip. Since it doesn't include the drama and fights.

Model Cynthia Bailey brought the skills she teaches at her Bailey Agency School of Fashion along with her on the trip.  And she spent some time--in between rum punches and some QT with her hubby Peter--sharing her industry wisdom with a promising group of young girls from the Panache Modeling Team. 


Cynthia gave them stories from her experiences as a super-model and spoke to the girls about the important role of self-esteem and confidence.  And snapped a few pics with the ladies.  Sweet!


And as for that beautiful wedding-redo surprise, we've got a few exclusive personal pics from the super sweet and romantic ceremony at Anguilla's Sandy Island that Peter surprised her with.  After their fiasco of a wedding last year, he more than made it up to her.  With real flowers this time from Black Orchid Florist.



Cynthia looked gorge and snapped a pic with the owner of Sandy Island, Ms. Simone Connor.  Gotta love a successful black woman who owns the family-owned property that's catered to tons of celebs for decades--Michael Jordan, Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford, Bill Gates, Mariah Carey, Bob Johnson, Sofia Vergara and Denzel Washington have all stopped at Sandy Island for vacay and celebrations.

And we've got a few more behind the scenes pics of Cynthia kickin' it with the island's Parliamentary Secretary Hon. Haydn Hughes (who Kenya was heavily flirting with on the show) and brand strategist Marvet Britto, who represents the entire island of Anguilla:


Fab times!

Check out Cynthia & Peter's sweet wedding re-do below:




People have a lot to say

People have a lot to say about seeing 11 mind of this lady's life. Peter lives her. She was absolutely a supermodel. She married the man age loves. She doesn't care about dumb stuff. But people want her to be ridiculous to satisfy them. But if she was weak minded like you all say, she would have changed her personality to please the bloggers, but she hasn't. I really like her.
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Young people, please use

Young people, please use google to check as far back as the 60's, famous black models. As another poster said, it didn't start with Tyra and Naomi. Grace Jones and others paved the way....
JewelryLover's picture

Black models are way more

Black models are way more than Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks. Back in the 80s and 90s, magazines didn't use celebs unless it was some special issue. Models like Roshumba, Veronica Webb, Phina, Gail O'Neill, Beverly Peele, and yes, Cynthia Bailey were all over my coffee table as kid. You have to remember that Cynthia is no spring chicken. So if you weren't reading fashion mags in the 90s you might not know her, but that is not reason to downplay her accomplishments.
SweetDivaT's picture

Cynthia is a real model, but

Cynthia is a real model, but she just did not make it as big as A Tyra or Naomi Campbell. I think she was more of a commercial model than a runway model. I remember her in the Heavy D video (Nothing But Love) w/ a lot of other models who are all but forgotten today. I have to give it to the Bird Brain she made a good living as a lower rate model but not what we call a SUPER MODEL. Iman,Beverly Johnson,Tyra,Veronica Webb, and Naomi C, were all more well known than Cynthia was. At 45 she still looks good though I just wish she were a bit smarter. I also wish she would stay from up NeNe's BUTT and develop her own mind. The main question I would have for her is why Peter? Of all men! Me Myself just can't do old, not now or ever!
Shay's picture

Lmao #SHAYDE! I think Cynthia

Lmao #SHAYDE! I think Cynthia married Peter becuz she didn't want to end up like KENYA, braggin about how many men PROPOSED to u yrs ago, yet u STILL SINGLE & THIRRSTY for a man! I think David Ruffin, I meant Leon is still SEXY AS EVA, I bet she wishes they would've worked out, but sumthin tells me he has "committment issues", he seems like a PLAYER, well he sounds like one lol.
tori's picture

@Tori you are such a trip

@Tori you are such a trip girl! You got me when you said David Ruffin! Too Funny! You know your stuff girl. You look to young to even know who David Ruffin is,HELL I look to young to know who the hell he is. That's my Mom's and Dad's ERA but, you are right she prob did marry that mean looking Peter to not end up like Kenya. Here's my thing tho most of those models marry men w/ money not broke men like Peter. Not trying to sterotype island men but many of them are mean male CHAUVINIST PIGS! Peter also remind me of the FISTOPHER BROWN type, but he look like he'll be beating up at home, but pretend around friends that they are the perfect couple! Leon does same like the unstable " noncommitment type". When you have traveled the world like she has HOW and WHY in the hell would you end up w/ Peter? I'm sorry but I would rather be single like Kenya even at 41yrs at least if she seeks some self help and work on herself, Miss Kenya still can meet someone better than Peter's ass! Cute Picture why you looking like Laura Govan YOUNGER MUCH YOUNGER looking sister on w/ the shades on. I'm not talking about their real lil sis I've never seen her. This pic looks like Laura but not OLD like she looks. No Shade just compliments! One more thing what do you think is going on w/ my girl Christina A do you think she's depressed or something? The Girl going around saying she's proud to be big, when she is clearly having them airbrush her on magazines,and her album flopped again! C A is too talented to just sit back and let her career go down the toilet! I wish I could shake her and grab her and tell her to leave the bad makeup,the bad synthetic shiny monkey wigs and weave alone, and the bad be-dazzled outfits. Lose the weight and make a comeback like MC did w/ the Emancipation of MiMi and do better before it's too late! People like C A Flop who can sing but people like Rih sell it makes no sense! I like Rih's style and the songs she picks but everbody knows she can't sing. I know you don't care for her. I'm no Rih STAN so it does not bother me in the least what you say about her. Only the crazy STANS care! We can agree to disagree and keep it moving!
Shay's picture

Gosh, I don't know where to

Gosh, I don't know where to start lol. Ok, so on an ATL housewives special Cynthia stated that she met Peter 15 yrs ago while she was livin in NY & they linked back up like 5 yrs ago! From my understandin Peter was doing VERY WELL back then & he just started havin financial issues. I also can't believe Cynthia turned down a proposal from former Nets player Jayson Williams with his handsome self, but he's a DRUNK & MURDERER so I guess she DODGED A BULLET (literally)! I feel like Cynthia is such a FOLLOWER she needed an ISLAND RUDE BWOY to put her in her place & stand up to her OVERPOWERING SISTER, MEL! As far as X-Tina goes with her GIGGLY WOBBLY A$$, I don't think she's FAT, she's just BLOATED from all the ALCOHOL she drinks! It's like she wants to be a WHITE NICKI MINAJ with the BAD WIGS, DRAG MAKE UP & WEIRD BOOTY SHAPE! I just can't..I love her voice & music but she's startin to channel KIRSTIE ALLEY! As far as Rihanna goes, I RESPECT her hustle, but not her antics! She's just EXTREMELY THIRSTY & TRASHY, but every1 loves her so good for HER!
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W_H_Fjobs's picture

Is Cynthia ass a real model?

Is Cynthia ass a real model? Because I have never seen her on anything besides RHOA.

"MODELS" huh?? That term is

"MODELS" huh?? That term is used way too LOOSELY nowadays!
tori's picture

Sho is

Sho is
star's picture

Not so fab since the show

Not so fab since the show made the island pick up their tab. But such is reality tv production. STILL though. And if Cynthia really gaf about having her agency make money, she would have sponsored for the chick on her right in the 3rd picture, and launched her modeling career. The girl is absolutely, drop-dead, gorgeous. And daaaaamn no cake at the wedding but cynthia sure is caked up.
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