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FASHION FAB: Rick Ross' RUMORED Girlfriend Shateria Moragne-el LAUNCHES "Frontrow Couture" Clothing Line


Shateria Moragne-el, the rumored girlfriend of Rick Ross, has launched the spring collection of her Frontrow Couture fashion label. See designs from her new line inside......


Shateria Moragne-el, who's been seen on the arm of rapper Rick Ross several times, has launched a clothing line called Frontrow Couture and has the rapper's full support.  With an expected showing of her autumn/winter collection on February 12, 2012 in NYC, Shateria (whose last fashion show featured client Tamar Braxton)  is putting her focus on making a name for herself nationally for her line described as "clothing is meant for fashion lovers and leaders – the confident, the gracious and the faithful" and for "consumers to be seen on the scene and never settle for anything less than the Front Row." 

But Shateriaand her diced pineapples still has her sights set on the rapper himself too, recently tweeting, 



See the collection here:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

You feelin' these?

Photos via Frontrow




Shateria has a GREAT line...I

Shateria has a GREAT line...I LOVE EVERYTHING in her collection! And I'm happy to see Rick Ross with A SISTAH..Love is blind..who cares if he is over weight..He has lost some weight..and you never know she might be helping him lose some weight by going to the gym and making sure he eats right now...His SWAGGG is what makes him appealing not his body..looks ain't everything..you need somebody who is going to have your back and support you and your dreams.. If you always go by looks you will miss out on something good..God Bless them and their relationship!
MsMidwest's picture


No sista LOVE IS NOT BLIND, NOR COLOR BLIND!! Will you black women please stop taking shit these crakkkas say and using it!!!!!Please!! Love see black people, WE ARE PEOPLE OF COLOR so love is not color blind!!! And i mean him being big shouldn't be a reason why women shouldn't like the brotha. I mean it's some sistas that like big niggas , but whats get me is THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL ETHNIC BLACK WOMAN BEAUTIFUL FEATURES and instead of black women congratulating a brotha and sista for having a nice time with each other THEY INSTEAD BASH THE BROTHA, AND TALK ABOUT THE SISTA'S NAME!! And you wonder why successful brothas don't want nothing to do with black women in general.
LetsGetIt's picture

Love the leather pants for

Love the leather pants for sure...
diamond2012's picture

the leather sweatpants is the

the leather sweatpants is the business. Did anybody notice Tamar in the leather black dress.
Synsation's picture

Every woman on this thread

Every woman on this thread has called this man everything but a "child of God", fat, bastard, you name it...I hate to say it but its probably black women and the very reason why you don't see many of them getting chosen when brothers do make that money...Way to judgemental and self loathing of themselves and others!!!
Money First's picture

Every woman? most comments

Every woman? most comments dont have anything to do with R.R.'s appearance at all, you just took heart to those that did. you make it seem like the black man is more valuable than the black woman. black women and black men are both allowed to be attracted to whomever they want. everyone is entitled to their own preferences and most ppl dont choose fat and greasy. some women arent attracted to officer Ricky just like some men arent attracted to Gabby Sidibe. being healthy and fit is usually preffered by all races because a beastly unhealthy person is a huge burden. if Rick Ross doesnt "choose" me then thats perfectly fine by me. more power to Shateria for being able to stand what a lot of others couldnt.
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MsMidwest's picture

I think she's pretty. Nice

I think she's pretty. Nice figure too. I don't know how in THE HELL she climbs on top of that sloppy, lard azz every night.
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She is too pretty for his fat

She is too pretty for his fat greasy ass. I like her clothing line. She should have used her last name instead of Frontrow. Not original enough.
Keys's picture

Shateria must have a

Shateria must have a fascination with COWS based on her clothing line & who she dates. And a STRONG STOMACH & FIRM BACK to sleep with Rozay!
tori's picture

You know what i find funny.

You know what i find funny. Is when you see a black man with a black woman "and i mean a beautiful chocolate sista" BLACK WOMEN ALWAYS HAVE SOME SILLY SHIT TO SAY. IT'S ALWAYS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE BLACK WOMAN A BROTHA'S DATING . If it aint her name, it's her cloths, if it aint her cloths , it's her features. Like goddamn black women hate black women!!! AND WHO GIVE A FUCK WHAT HER NAME IS, IF I COULD I WOULDN'T CALL MY CHILD ANYTHING CLOSE TO AN EUROPEAN WHITE NAME!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

What do you mean "If you

What do you mean "If you could...?" Are u sum type of deadbeat dad UNINVOLED in your child's life smh?
tori's picture

No tori, Tori why act like

No tori, Tori why act like this towards me sista??? WHERE IS BEEMA WHEN YOU NEED HER!!!!Im saying if i had a child and if it was my choice in naming my child WITHOUT THE BLACK WOMEN USING THE SYSTEM AND FEMINISM over a fathers choice to name a child THEN I WOULDN'T CALLS MINES ANYTHING CLOSE TO AN EUROPEAN NAME. Why does a black man have to be a damn deadbeat sista??? I'd never turn my back on a child especially if its was my own.
LetsGetIt's picture


LMAO "WHERE IS BEEMA WHEN YOU NEED HER!!" probably doin what she does best which is CYBER STALKIN & blastin BRITNEY SPEARS GREATEST HITS at IGNORANT levels!! And what are u talkin about? Black women TEND to give their children very..."UNIQUE" names that are FAR from European! I only go hard on u cuz u can take it lol NO MALICE!
tori's picture

Well thank you sista, you

Well thank you sista, you right i can take it . I grew up around nothing but black women, So I aint soft when it comes to verbal abuse. But i will give my opinion about something quick!!
LetsGetIt's picture

You just HAD to throw that

You just HAD to throw that lil dig in there lol A MESS!!
tori's picture

Love the leather sweatpants.

Love the leather sweatpants. And that first dress? I wanna own that shit. I loooove leather. So she got me.
Sincerely WF's picture

She has a very Shatty name.

She has a very Shatty name. How embarrassing for black people.
LaFord's picture

The girl is dating FAT

The girl is dating FAT BASTARD & her NAME is the ONLY INSULT you could think of?
tori's picture

That FAT BASTARD got mad

That FAT BASTARD got mad SWAGGGG & more MONEY then your HATING ass will ever see! Go play in TRAFFIC dummy! And when he is ready(If Ever) to lose weight it's his life not YOURS..PERIOD!
MsMidwest's picture

Uh no: you should be

Uh no: you should be embarrassed by your own rude comment.

Uh, embarrassing why? Cause

Uh, embarrassing why? Cause it's not a generic, soulless name like Becky? Black names began rolling out because of the oppositional frame of reference. The supremacist whites apply hatred and negativity to anything that doesn't reflect their own beliefs and ideals. I'd rather be a Boomsheka, Shateri, Moniqua, Shantelle, Fumi--anything that ain't fucking "Mellissa" or "Becks".
Sincerely WF's picture

I don't like her hair in that

I don't like her hair in that first pic; but otherwise I think she's nice-looking & I REALLY like some of her pieces. That dress Tamar modeled and the leather cargo(?) pants are HOT!

love the pants too. Good

love the pants too. Good luck with everything Shateria!
shuga's picture

I absolutely LOVE the leather

I absolutely LOVE the leather sweatpants!
Happy Lady's picture

Ooooh those leather

Ooooh those leather "sweatpants" are EVERYTHING, and in every color! Kayoot!
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

I must agree! Loves them

I must agree! Loves them
Krazy-Boo's picture

she needs to be deported from

she needs to be deported from america with that name alone!!!!!!! her parents need shot!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

smh. America is a melting

smh. America is a melting pot of people with all sorts of ethnic names, ie. Condoleeza Rice, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Husein Obama, Venus & Serena, Uma Thurman, Sandeep Mathrani, Ayesha Bulchandani, Gwyneth Paltrow, Malik Yoba, Idris Elba, Kwame Mfume, Joaquin Phoenix......
shuga's picture

Many blessings....although I

Many blessings....although I am a bit tickled when I see designers using the term "couture" and they have ZERO affiliation with an approved Haute Couture house. That means it's not actually couture but you want people to think it is. Kind of deceptive, but this is America.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Girlfriend..I thought she was

Girlfriend..I thought she was married with like five or six kids already?..Anyhoo that line looks like something Kim and KAnye wud definitely ROCK..*if they havent already! smhlol...
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