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MODEL FAB: Karrueche Tran Shoots Her First COVER + Jessica White Gets "WHITE HOT" For "Page Six" Magazine


Karrueche Tran shot her first magazine cover recently and we've got a photo she shared inside. See the pic, as well as Jessica White's photoshoot from Page Six magazine inside.....

Now that Chris Brown is spending his spare time rekindling his friendship with Rihanna, Karrueche Tran seems to be putting her modeling career first (yeah, she  and recently posted a pic to Instagram (above) saying she shot her first magazine cover.  She said, "Today I shot my first cover.. Pretty cool!"  No word yet on where her photoshoot will appear, but it seems like she's going to use 2013 to make a name for herself outside of her famous semi-boyfriend.


And in other modeling news....


One Model Management's Jessica White was spotted out last night at the Charity Meets Fashion Holiday Celebration Honoring The World's Children at Affirmation Arts in New York City.


She pulled and Angelina Jolie and put her best leg forward.

And in Page Six Magazine.....



Jessica White teamed up with photographer Kareem Black for a hot spread featured in the latest issue of Page Six magazine.  And we're loving it.



Jessica, who's had her own Naomi Campbell-styled diva fits in public, spoke about maturing in the magazine,

"In my youth, I had all these questions, and no answers. And now I'm finding out the answers. I've made a lot of bad decisions, but God led me to such a beautiful place when I turned 27 [in June 2011]-it was a pivotal moment. I started feeling more beautiful. I felt like I'd never been so happy. The light bulb turned on for me. This is the new journey. I feel like I'm starting over."

Photobucket Photobucket

Also, she revealed her celebrity crush on Rihanna saying, 

“She [Rihanna] knew my name, and I freaked out. That was my celebrity groupie moment. I really admire that girl and what she does. She told me, ‘You have to continue being yourself. You’re a rock star, and don’t let anybody change you.’ It was powerful that somebody I’m such a huge fan of said she was a fan of me. I thought that was dope.”

Looking fab Jess.


1.  In an apparent murder/suicide, a man in Colorado shot and killed a woman as she called 911 for help.  When cops arrived the shooter was found dead along with three other bodies.  Story.   

2.  Earl Shuman, who wrote the 1970s "Lonely Boy," is suing Alicia Keys for allegedly sampling his hit for her "Girl On Fire" track.  Story.

3.  The Hollywood premiere of the Jamie Foxx/Kerry Washington flim Django Unchained has been canceled in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. Story.


Photos via Page Six/INFPhoto/Roger Wong





"Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis,

"Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada" looks like she's attending the funeral of her SELF-ESTEEM, PRIDE, & SELF-RESPECT! Great PAMPHLET cover!
tori's picture

these comments.lol I'll give

these comments.lol I'll give Karrueche some positive vibe and say that she is flawlessly beautiful, and that this pic is not the picture they are using. It's just her instagram pic. I'm sure the mag will feature more couture type shots.
TrueThinker's picture

Yeah you tell them Karrueche

Yeah you tell them Karrueche or is it her best friend speaking....lol
star's picture

I KNEWWWWW someone would

I KNEWWWWW someone would mention a Baptist Church, because the hat was giving me that vibe too. Karrueche, guuuuuuuuurrrrrrl.
Yas's picture

i don't know if she can help

i don't know if she can help it that she looks like Naomi and if she is inspired by her i don't think it's surprising that some of her poses are similar. It's not a bad thing to salute those who came before...the girl is gorge. i don't have a comment on Koochie just yet, but hey, 15...14...13...better take full advantage...
GG Boo 4 U's picture

Hell if Kangaroo calls this

Hell if Kangaroo calls this modeling then Ev'rrrrrybody posting on YBF is a model TOO! Thanks gurl...u are a true inspiration!!!
Like Really's picture


JewelryLover's picture

Jessica is such a WANNABE

Jessica is such a WANNABE Naomi Campbell..she is like what Christina Milian is to Beyonce...nothing is there! Alot of these poses and stylings in her shoot are ripped right from the pages of Naomi's portfolio...smh
BEEMA's picture

damn they call anything

damn they call anything modeling these days....
ldh34l's picture

Karrueche being small framed

Karrueche being small framed and short statute, the hat is overpowering her, the dress is ill fitting like someone else said, if a stylist picked this outfit, shame on them it does not work for this girl.
sweetpea1989's picture

I can't recall the name of

I can't recall the name of the magazine she's on. It's one of those black ones that will probably run a cover story about their triangle. The dress is ill fitting and the hat is ready for Mt. Zion Ebenezer Sarcred Heart Baptist Church. Anyway, I think Rih has finally gotten Chris out of her system so Coochie doesn't have to pretend to try to work anymore.
Bird's picture

Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!! Yall

Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!! Yall need to stop messing with...uh what's her name?
JewelryLover's picture

"Coochie doesn't have to

"Coochie doesn't have to pretend to try to work anymore" This statement flatlined me...
KENNEDY78's picture

LOL!! the hat is ready for Mt

LOL!! the hat is ready for Mt Zion Ebenezer Church, it is at that.
sweetpea1989's picture

Not feeling either shoot.

Not feeling either shoot.
TeaNicole's picture

lol!!!!!!!!!! who is

lol!!!!!!!!!! who is Kookamunga signed to? Instagram? or Facebook?
shuga's picture

Yall got me crying laughing

Yall got me crying laughing over here.....STOP!!!!!!......bwahahahahaha!!!!!
JewelryLover's picture

She look like she's on her

She look like she's on her way to her great grandmother's funeral or THE KILL's. Anywho.......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

LOL!!..Well Im MOURNING the

LOL!!..Well Im MOURNING the End of the Beginning to Katrouble's delusional azz CAREER for her! BaHA..Po' tink tink..
Like Really's picture

Not ot be mean BUT How long

Not ot be mean BUT How long has Karrueche been modeling??? she does not even know how to pose, this is not modeling!!! just standing there with her hands behind her back, Really??? Look at Jessica's poses and then look at Karrueche's Big difference!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

Thank you! But Jessica's a

Thank you! But Jessica's a real model.
KENNEDY78's picture

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