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She came on the scene as a breath of fresh air....and we're still lovin' her steez.  Elle Varner is the December 2012/January 2013 cover girl for Vibe Vixen.  And vixen she is...in that cute nerdy innocent (but not really) way.


Check out her cover, her industry dating rules, and more inside....

The "I Don't Care" singer, who's rocking a pop of blue lipstick and a gold link chain necklace on the VIXEN cover, is well on her way to getting cozy on the R&B scene. 

For the cover shot, Elle keeps it sexy in a curve hugging dress by Confetti, a vintage Versace gold link chain, her own vintage glasses, and Joan Hornig ring and bracelet.

We're pretty sure she won't be a 1 album wonder.  So it's only right folks are still fascinated with her cutesy look with such a powerful voice.  And she simply seems like a real chick who isn't selling us a fake version of themselves.

Check out a few of the excerpts from her cover story, where we learn about her dream guy and just how "edgy" she would go:

VV: Would you date someone in the industry?

Elle Varner: I don't want someone that's in the entertainment business, but I don't not want them either. I don't have a rule. On one hand, someone in the entertainment business understands my life more than the average person because you have to deal with their stuff too.

If you could build your dream guy, what would he look like?

He would be tall so that I feel small because I'm pretty big. I'm 5'7". And I don't have a color preference. I don't care about race or anything. He would have nice hair. I love to play with hair. Nice lips and nice eyes.

Would he be a little edgy and rock tattoos or be the clean cut type?

I could do like one or two tattoos. If he had more than that, it would be weird.

Since you're on tour with Trey and Miguel, tell me your favorite songs by these guys?

My favorite Miguel song? That's hard. I think it's always gonna be "Sure Thing" because those lyrics are just so genius. And for some reason, just because it's my jam song to go out, I would have to say 'Say Aah' [laughs].

Loves her.  Check out her gallery over at VIBE VIXEN.




Best new young singer on the

Best new young singer on the stage today. Just talent no wiggling butt.
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Beautiful girl, BORING

Beautiful girl, BORING personality!
tori's picture

I like the cover picture.

I like the cover picture.
Happy Lady's picture

I find Elle to be boring but

I find Elle to be boring but she's pretty that's about all.

Somebody started it..Beyonce

Somebody started it..Beyonce ran with it..and now someone else is picking it up...chile
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Love Elle Varner.

Love Elle Varner.
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Boi I tell ya...Folks sure do

Boi I tell ya...Folks sure do kno how to run sh!t in the ground..,whats the point of looking like a nerd with an IQ of a GOLDFISH?! smhlol...
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Unlike OTHER MENTALLY CHALLENGED PPL in the industry, Elle is ACTUALLY smart, she graduated from NYU's coveted Clive Davis Dept of Recorded Music program!
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