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Rihanna Cops A $12 Million Bachelorette Pad?! + Lil Wayne PAYS UP His $7 Million In Taxes


Rihanna finally has a fabulous pad she can call her own.  After a nightmare of a home purchase last year, she picked up a hot mansion in the Palisades.  Deets inside, plus Lil Wayne saved his own Miami mansion from getting seized by the IRS...

She had to sell her previous pad after having tons of issues with it, and now she's on to bigger and better.  According to reports, the "Diamond" gal recently purchased a $12 mill sexy mansion in the Pacific Palisades--a swanky neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old, pictured above in a new snap on Instagram, will have 11,000 sqft. to play around with.  And a huge rooftop deck and zero-edge swimming pool area with a BBQ kitchen to use when hosting some bad ass parties.

She's got 7 bedrooms to christen and nobody will get a peek as the newly constructed home is heavily surrounded by Oak and Sycamore trees.  Oh, and we wonder if she'll be cooking up meals for Breezy in her 14ft-ceiling kitchen. 

Check out the pics HERE.


Speaking of homes, Lil Wayne just saved his Miami mansion from getting seized by the IRS.  He's been reported to owe $3.35 million in taxes for 2008 and $2.25 million for 2009, plus other unpaid taxes and late fees dating back in 2002.  And the IRS placed liens on his 15,000 Miami home on La Gorce island to recoup their dollars.

So now, the "Got Money" rapper has paid off the $7 mill+ he owed.  And since he doesn't live there full time, he's been renting out the pad for the last 2 years.  According to the Miami Herald, he's paid in full.  He's got No Worries.




Bout time RHITARD got a perm!

Bout time RHITARD got a perm! I agree with @LisaRaye, buyin a 12mil property in this economy isn't the SMARTEST thing to do but then again RHITARD isn't smart, just a BURNOUT with money to BLOW!
tori's picture

LOL! jealous ass bitch! Mad

LOL! jealous ass bitch! Mad you don't got money to BLOW!

Looks like you DON'T have

Looks like you DON'T have money to blow on a DENTIST so I'd advise u to quit snackin on BRICKS & lay off the SH!T FACIALS!
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LMAOOOOOO@ everybody on here

LMAOOOOOO@ everybody on here seeing you for the JEALOUS BITTER HOE that you are! You need to killyoself if this is all you are going to do with your time. Instead of counting Rihanna's money get you cookies up you ugly trick
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"EVERYBODY"??" (blankstare)

"EVERYBODY"??" (blankstare) baby just because u have MULTIPLE accounts to STALK PPL 24/7 doesn't count as "EVERYBODY" U need to take ur meds & seek treatment b/c your behavior is TRAGIC, u WISH i was UGLY like your FAT A$$, bum b!tch hidin behind a CRAZY WHITE LADY pic, get ur cookies up & show YOUR FACE! U live on this site like you get paid smh u are PA-THET-IC & so are your MULTIPLE ACCTS! Get yo life 2getha, STALKIN ME won't IMPROVE ur liife or change the fact that you are LONELY, DESPERATE, UGLY, OVERWEIGHT, DUMB, IGNORANT, SELF-HATING, & UNEMPLOYED! Callin me "UGLY" won't make me ugly, or you pretty so what's the point! I know I'm a BADD B!TCH, while in ur case u just look bad, b!tch! LMAO..STUPID HO!
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OMG YIKES...LOL!!! *back to

OMG YIKES...LOL!!! *back to playin guitar...
Like Really's picture

unless her plan is to die

unless her plan is to die young ....she's gonna end up piss poor broke
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Oh, and you are her financial

Oh, and you are her financial advisor now? The fact that she bought a house worth 12 million does not mean that she spent 12 million upfront. The way she keeps making one CD after the next, I think baby girl will be just fine.
Krazy-Boo's picture

you sound so stupid..the

you sound so stupid..the broke and jobless giving the successful and rich advice..smh..where is your million dollar bank account? Oh right. YOU DON'T HAVE SH*T!
BEEMA's picture

Hey Cunt Lips [who is still

Hey Cunt Lips [who is still afraid to show her face like a COWARD] .....I'm so well-to-do that it's actually embarrassing (old money never dies).....now, move along
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Too tired to comment on

Too tired to comment on Rihanna this week...
BEEMA's picture

What a difference makeup

What a difference makeup makes.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I think I'm officially pro

I think I'm officially pro WEAVE.
Yas's picture

She looks the same. Its the

She looks the same. Its the "innocent" face she is making that is offsetting.
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