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PERFORMANCE FAB: Tamar Braxton PERFORMS "Love And War" On "GMA" + Alicia Keys LIGHTS UP The Stage On "Late Night"


 Tamar Braxton performed her chart-topping single "Love and War" on GMA this morning. Watch her performance inside and see Alicia Keys on "Late Night With David Letterman."



Tamar Braxton appeared on GMA this morning where she was photographed backstage with her glam squad, Terrell Mullin and Diandre Tristan.


After she got glammed up, her husband Vincent Herbert, escorted her to the stage where she enchanted the audience with a performance of the LaShawn Daniels-penned track "Love and War."


Watch Tamar's performance here:


Also on television....


Alicia Keys (wearing Marc Jacobs Resort 2013) stopped by "Late Night With David Letterman" where she performed her new single "Brand New Me."  During their chat, she talked about raising her son Egypt and how his name was inspired by a trip to the country.  She said that seeing the temples and tombs reminded her about the possiblities of humanity and that she could create anything.  She also talked about the holiday season saying,  "I'm trying to figure out the whole Santa thing actually, like how do parents do that? Because I was considering leaving it alone."

The "Girl On FIre" singer also said she's going to take Egypt on tour with her in March and when asked if she'd ever let him get tattoos like his dad Swizz Beatz, she said, "...that's going to be a tough convo to have."

Watch "Brand New Me" here:


The Randomness:

1. Witnesses say that Lil' Wayne was involved in a backstage brawl during Power 106′s “Cali Christmas Show” this weekend. Story.




I love Tamar's song. I'd

I love Tamar's song. I'd been hearing it on the radio and fell in love with it when I'd first heard it, but didn't know that it was her. Good job, Tamar...I'm impressed.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Not her fault but she sounds

Not her fault but she sounds just like Toni. Yucky wig.
Denise2007's picture

girl bye tamar looks and

girl bye tamar looks and sounds like a man. Dont care for her at all.
stepup2's picture

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Slut have a -> _/.org PLZ! She sounds beautiful. Now run along.
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hooklookping's picture

Go Tama!!!... I'm lovin that

Go Tama!!!... I'm lovin that joint. bout 2 go cop dat from Itunes right now.
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tom100's picture

I just wanna know why she

I just wanna know why she refers to herself as 'she' and 'her'? Tamar referring to herself in third person is so damn annoying

Hunny Tamar wants to look

Hunny Tamar wants to look like Beyonce..sing like Toni..and act like she's Diana Ross-but she's old as dirt and still has not set foot on BILLBOARD! Hoe been trying to be a star her whole damn life and is just now getting some buzz ..#takemanyseats!
BEEMA's picture

Tamar's ENTIRE look frightens

Tamar's ENTIRE look frightens me! She looks like a GLAMOUR TRANNY with that DRAMATIC make up! Alligator Arms Alicia looks like a geico!
tori's picture


Honestly...NO ONE GIVES A HOT DAMN! STFU, her talent is what matters.
Raishorian's picture


BEEMA's picture


tori's picture

Alicia looks good in that

Alicia looks good in that bumble bee outfit.
TeaNicole's picture

Alicia I love the song!

Alicia I love the song! Beautiful & I am in love with the album.
Beautyfulones's picture

That song is soooo Amazing, I

That song is soooo Amazing, I love hearing Tamar sing it. She has truly been blessed with a gift. It's so fresh and new not like that recycled stuff Alicia and Beyonce always sing.
TeaNicole's picture

Go head Ms. Tamar! Awesome

Go head Ms. Tamar! Awesome vocals, lovely song. Living your dream girl you go.com!
JewelryLover's picture

I can't understand what

I can't understand what Tamar's saying, only on the hook. As someone said, she mumbles. She hit the high note at the end but the rest of her performance was BLAH! It was not good. The wig on this picture looks HORRID! Get your own style.com. OVER IT!

That's the same reason I

That's the same reason I can't stand to hear Toni sing. You can't understand what she's mumbling!
tinytexan's picture

LOL...what you said I was

LOL...what you said I was going to say...
Lola's picture

Diandre!! DMV's finest!

Diandre!! DMV's finest!
BooLuv's picture

Alicia seems to have to work

Alicia seems to have to work much harder to sell these days. IMHO it's because of the cheating scandal, it has hurt her a bit, but has not destroyed her. There's No denying she's an attractive, talented woman in her own right, and she'll always have her loyal fan, but she will forever have the people who won't support her anymore because of the scandal. This is why she is here and everywhere promoting this album. AK went Diamond w/ her first album, this album may have sold 200,000 or less in the first wk. It's not a flop but does not compare to her past album sells. I'm not judging her, but those are the real facts. On another subject to the person that said AK is shaped like Mya that's so false. Mya has long limbs for a shorter person and Ak has shorter limbs. Imho Mya's physique is 100x nicer than AK when she's fit or bigger. They just have 2 drasticly different bodies! I like Mya shape , AK body is not cute at all. Shorter limbs can sometimes make you look stocky and bad bodied!
Shay's picture

You would think that her

You would think that her people would tell her not to come out and about w/ that blonde wig and GEISHA GIRL make-up on. Some of her "Yes" people should tell her that she looks so much better w/ the black hair she wore while she was at dance rehearsal. I'm sorry but her voice nor her song or her entire look don't WOW ME ENOUGH! I will pass on Tamar she's Soooo heard that before type artist and she brings nothing new to the table!
Shay's picture

How many people got this same

How many people got this same name, damn? It's like Tiffany, Ashley or Brittany...SMH Anywho..hush plz.com. Another annoying comment. Though I do agree her makeup is a bit over the top/too much and her hair does not do her face justice, her voice is beautiful and her look isn't supposed to wow you sweetheart. Get yo life plz. This is about the music, talent/her vocals/singing. If you gonna pass on her for that then you my friend are quite sad and missing out on good music. She doesn't sound like anyone else in the industry right now....I think she brings lots new. Refreshing R&B vocals with a different tone and is actually vocally talented unlike so many artists in the field right now. Go have a -> _/.net
Raishorian's picture

Oh and btw"geisha makeup"?

Oh and btw"geisha makeup"? Kinda racist -_-"
Raishorian's picture

...Not to mention those silly

...Not to mention those silly faces and poses of hers..,lol but besides that She's just not photogenic at all!
Like Really's picture

@Like Really Girl I was

@Like Really Girl I was trying to be nice she really does look like a Muppet like the child K Michelle said. I really think in her mind that she thinks she sounds like Mariah and Look like Bey and I am not even a Bey fan! This girl is not cute a lil bit,and little does she knows Toni and Trini B were always the better looking sisters. You are so right the stupid poses and being unphotogenic don't help matters none. I think Vince got so much Fat around the eyes that he thinks he has a Bey on his arms. Not!
Shay's picture

LMAO...omgee that last

LMAO...omgee that last sentence ..Priceless! Smhlol..Po' Vince he tried!!
Like Really's picture

Tamar's voice sounded a lot

Tamar's voice sounded a lot better than on Wendy William's show. Her vocals before were all over the place, she was screaming, and at times seemed out of breath. But on GMA she seemed to sing with more ease. They should play her song on the radio.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I agree. Her Wendy Williams

I agree. Her Wendy Williams pref was kinda sub-par. This one and the one on "The Couch" were really good. She sings best sitting down. She says so herself.
Raishorian's picture

Ikr ..Tamar did mention she

Ikr ..Tamar did mention she sound better When sitting down and I think so too, she did seem to have more vocal control than the Wendy performance.
Like Really's picture

Tamar verses sound mumbled

Tamar verses sound mumbled live...and Stealicia def looks the way she stings! Hehe..
Like Really's picture

Alicia was good last night,

Alicia was good last night, Tamar's song is okay but I was not enchanted!! LOL!!
sweetpea1989's picture

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