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Rihanna shined like a diamond last night during her performance on the season finale of "The Voice." Watch the performance inside and find out what Roc Nation bought her for the holidays and what she thinks about being single.....

Last night, Rihanna performed her global hit "Diamonds" on the season finale of "The Voice."  While rocking a shiny Lanvin Spring 2013 jumpsuit, she kept the eager audience glued to her every world as she breezed through the hit.  It was her first appearance on the program and the audience really got into her performance.  

Watch the performance here:


After her performance on "The Voice" 


RiRi headed off the her next gig but made sure to tweet her Navy before bed saying, "My bed #takeoff"



And Christmas came early for the bad girl as Roc Nation bought her a brand new customized Porsche with "Roc Nation" on the hood.



She tweeted her excitement about the gift saying, "Ain't nobody phuckin wit my clique!! Thank you to my Roc brothers! I love you guys, y'all are crazy for getting me this bad ass ho." You'll recall that Roc Nation bought her a Jeep last year.


She added, "All I see is signs, all I see is dolla $ign$"


And about her love life.....


RiRi tweeted a postcard about being "single" and it appears to be a veiled message about her "friendship" with Chris Brown.  We guess the rumors about them getting back together are just.....rumors. 


The Randomness:

1.  Michael Kors will be replaced by Zac Posen on "Project Runway."  Story.




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Show me an artist with great

Show me an artist with great management and i'll show you a star.

you said it....

you said it....
Classic87's picture

Show me an artist with great

Show me an artist with great management and i'll show you a star.

That performance sucked azz

That performance sucked azz but i wonder who she gon sacrifice when pay day comes for all that SUDDEN fame she got overnight(since cb incident) that she didn't earn through having talent...hmmm -_-
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wait I thought she posted a

wait I thought she posted a pic of her and Chris hugged up and was referring to him as her "baby" now she's single? lol she must've heard that Wendy Williams interview where Christina Milian said Chris and Karrachue are still together lol

Congratulations, Rhianna!

Congratulations, Rhianna! YOU DESERVE IT ALL!!!
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Why does RHITARD keep tweetin

Why does RHITARD keep tweetin about being "SINGLE" as if that excuses her THIRSTY behavior toward FISTY! Nice 911 but does the ho have a US license?
tori's picture

@Beema - if you read the card

@Beema - if you read the card it says single life sucks!! in order for her to say that it is obvious that she is not happy where she is at in her love life - with the 75 mil you projected that she will be making on tour - It looks like the money is definitely not satisfying enough for her - now you take several seats to the rear - !! reading is definitely fundamental in your case....
lifeisgood's picture

Hunny no one said that money

Hunny no one said that money equates with happiness..but I'd rather be Rihanna's age and owning multimillion dollar homes, grammies, on the cover of vogue and miserable, than like most of you coons who are still miserable on top of broke, unemployed, and living with your moms. I'm sure Rihanna is not clinically depressed-she will be okay. Don't read into her Twitter posts so deeply...
BEEMA's picture

wow this girl is balling, my

wow this girl is balling, my only problem with her is too leave chris, leave me and move one, she clearly doesnt need him for nothing
lolo's picture

someposters always talking

someposters always talking about the MONEY an artist makes!! Money is not everything, Yes Rihanna is making alot of money so are other superstars BUT is she Happy!!! sometimes it does not look like it, she is happy with Chris in her life. God forbid if anything happens she nor any one else are not taking their money etc with them.
sweetpea1989's picture

@sweetpea1989, I agree with

@sweetpea1989, I agree with you & that SAME BROKE HO that loves countin OTHER ppl money probably ain't got to 2 PENNIES TO RUB 2GETHA!
tori's picture

And again..SINCE YOU ARE

And again..SINCE YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT ME..how do you know if she is happy or not? She is smiling in most pictures you see of her...life is a 24 hour a day thing, and unless you are down and upset ALL of the time then you are simply a normal human being. I mentioned money to make the point that SHE IS EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL in the real world, and unless you are on her level of success then you can't say she is not WINNING..regardless of her personal life which you don't know
BEEMA's picture

I can't stand Rihanna's stank

I can't stand Rihanna's stank ass sometimes, but can't help but root for her! I knew her and Chris were NEVER back together I called it back when pics of them surfaced at Jay's concert back in November. Chris used that girl and Rih fell for it! After dragging his name thru the mud do you really think he was just going to take her back like that? I still think K was a decoy so Chris and Rihanna could hook up behind closed doors, but they weren't a REAL couple. Rihanna and Chris Brown would be a cute couple if they weren't so messed up individually. But the fact is they need psychological help and there ain't nothing cute about their dysfunctional situation.
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RiRi truly got it twisted

RiRi truly got it twisted even with all that money - being single allows you to move forward with a better understanding of where you came from - it allows you the freedom to grow and select with wisdom the next relationship that would exude your growth....it allows you time to love yourself to the utmost - therein you will be ready, willing and able to be successful in your next relationship, which will give you everything your heart desires...
lifeisgood's picture

I don't see how anyone

I don't see how anyone commenting on a blog can tell a woman who is at the top of her profession by 24 that she has anything twisted! While you are commenting on her life she is getting ready to go on tour and make at least $75 million...how much are you making next year? lmao..She's WINNING..take several seats
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Yas's picture

love that E-Card!!! do you

love that E-Card!!! do you boo, Merry XXXmas and happy new year!
shuga's picture

That Porsche is hot--and she

That Porsche is hot--and she looked great for her performance. I ain't even mad at cha Rih...

Yea to bad they didn't buy

Yea to bad they didn't buy the 12 million dolla house too match! Lol Anyhoo..I agree w/ being single, ole girl luvs hard but im convinced the Mentally unstable part is NOT just an act! Smhlol..*
Like Really's picture

U know Jay-Z is pounding the

U know Jay-Z is pounding the daylights outta RiRi's puss right now. Wouldnt be surprised if he has a sprained penis. .........b/c Chris is outta the picture again
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

You sound dumb!

You sound dumb!
Happy Lady's picture

Scored a 1300 on my S.A.T.'s

Scored a 1300 on my S.A.T.'s without even trying. Graduated a year early. Self-Made. .......next...............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

She sounded good--better than

She sounded good--better than a few other times I've heard her. That is a good song for her voice. And of course she looked absolutely GORGE!
BooLuv's picture

The advice that I would give

The advice that I would give Rihanna is to cease the use of drugs and alcohol,get into rehab to better her health and ultimately invest herself into serious,long term psychiatric counseling in order to resolve the long standing and severe emotional issues that assail and are at the root of Rihanna's reckless behavior and the problems and chaos which affect her life.

I thought she was moving on

I thought she was moving on from him permanently after seeing he hasn't changed and even worse this time around she has another bottom b*tch to contend with. But her trademark subliminal tweet tells me the saga continues. She's trying to get a response out of him. Chris is a wreck, no doubt, but Rih is just as ratchet.
Bird's picture

the performance was okay, I

the performance was okay, I did not hear Rihanna say she has moved on from CB, she stated she still loves him and until she gets him out of her system for good she will take him back etc, those two cannot leave each other alone.
sweetpea1989's picture

Lets leave Diamonds In The

Lets leave Diamonds In The Sky in 2012 Please and Thank You!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Let the church say AMEN!

Let the church say AMEN!
tori's picture

You ain't neva lied. Not my

You ain't neva lied. Not my cup of tea at all.
Bird's picture

That bed on that plane looks

That bed on that plane looks nice. I wish I could fly like that. Also, I'm glad that she's single....she needs to take time out for herself and exlpore and grow as a person. It's ok to have a little side piece tho.
Ethel Mertz's picture

She performed beautifully and

She performed beautifully and looked beautiful while doing it. Loved that jumpsuit. Gorgeous! Girl, you are young, enjoy your life.
JewelryLover's picture

Great performance. I'm glad

Great performance. I'm glad she is trying to move on from Chris Brown, she does not need to be stuck in his web of trickery. She can do much better than a mini-Stevie J.
BlessedandLoved's picture

She crazy but she gorgeous.

She crazy but she gorgeous.
TeaNicole's picture

She's made Roc Nation how

She's made Roc Nation how many hundreds of millions of dollars and all they can give her is a Porsche? They got to do better... Betta buy that b*tch some DIamonds-SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND!
BEEMA's picture

she bought herself a $12mil

she bought herself a $12mil mansion, i think she can afford to buy diamonds on her own, hater.
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BEEMA's picture

U need to do the same F*CKIN

U need to do the same F*CKIN PSYCHO STALKER!! Get a JOB loser & stop stealin wi-fi & posting 50 comments in EVERY STORY! Dumb SILLY HO!
tori's picture

Being single does suck at

Being single does suck at times, but it's an opportunity to really be comfortable with who you are, learn more about yourself as a person, and work on becoming a better individual & really love yourself so that you can know how to love others.
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