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MUSIC FAB: Fantasia's "Lose To Win" Track + Radio Station SLAMS Keyshia Cole For "THINKING" She's A Headliner!


Fantasia has released a new single to close out 2012 called "Lose To Win." Listen to the song inside and find out what radio station "checked" Keyshia Cole for thinking she was their headliner.


As the Barrino family offers comfort and support to Joseph "Teeny" Barrino, who was recently robbed at gunpoint, Fantasia has released some new music to close out 2012.  Her new song, "Lose to Win" takes her in the new direction of the "rock soul" that she spoke about earlier.  

Listen to "Lose To Win":



In other music news.....


Singer Keyshia Cole was really pissy about 106KMEL in her hometown of Oakland, CA asking her to open for The Weeknd, a singer who's resume is a lot shorter than hers.  She took to Twitter to express her frustration....



But 106KMEL attempted to "check" Keyshia by telling TMZ that they had NEVER booked her as a headliner.  They said

“We were surprised to see Keyshia Cole’s Tweets the night of our show ... as she was never scheduled to be the show’s final act.  When we were notified a week before her performance that she planned to cancel, we immediately removed her name from all advertising and promotion and offered refunds to those fans who requested."

Hmm....sounds pretty suspicious.  We're sure Keyshia's people asked AHEAD OF TIME where she'd fall in the show's lineup.  





Keisha is full of herself.

Keisha is full of herself. Honey, your shaky voice ass is NOT all that, so bring it down a not...Okay?! Fantasia, I'm not feeling that song. This song choice was AWEFUL and didn't do any justice to the sampled song. And that's too bad, because with your beautiful voice, you really could've BROUGHT IT and did wonders with this sample song. C'mon, Fanny!
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hooklookping's picture

I think Fannie would make an

I think Fannie would make an EXCELLENT gospel singer, if her personal life wasn't so SINFUL (we know Bible Thumpers don't play that)! Oh Keyshia smh!
tori's picture

I wouldn't go see Keyshia's

I wouldn't go see Keyshia's non-singing ass for free. That is one nasty attitude girl that really got it mixed up. I give her about 2-3 more years and she won't be able to even go wood let alone gold.
Keys's picture

keisha pulled that same

keisha pulled that same bullschitt a few years back in kansas City! i guess she thinks shes Beyonce or Rihanna!! Tech9ine was the feature in K.C as he should have been, and she acted like a total BEYOTCH!! She better eat some humble pie or Karma gonna tear her a new asshole!!
dunkin57's picture

Who gives a $hit about this

Who gives a $hit about this loser Keyshia??
Ethel Mertz's picture

She probably knew she was not

She probably knew she was not the headliner. She naturally assumed that the actual headliner would be a bigger star than she is and got insulted.
SweetDivaT's picture

Just a word of her own

Just a word of her own advice... "You're gonna neeeed me!" If she didn't have to burn this bridge in her own hometown, she should have skipped the Tweets. Yes, it was unprofessional what they did, but so is using to Twitter to put them on blast instead of going in the office and making some lemonade out of those lemons.
GG Boo 4 U's picture

Keyshia, you need to have a

Keyshia, you need to have a grammar lesson! Have a seat sweetie. NEXT!
Beautyfulones's picture

Forgot to say I don't like

Forgot to say I don't like anything she has put out recently but there is a way to do business and it is surely not through tweets...

I agree with Keyshia if this

I agree with Keyshia if this is the full story

child please keyshia go and

child please keyshia go and have three seats down.... You need to rebuild yourself you suck!!!
stepup2's picture

fantasia this song its fire

fantasia this song its fire

Nice song by Fantasia.

Nice song by Fantasia. Personal probs aside, she can still SING! Despite being married and calling herself 'biracial' now, Keysha Cole cannot shake her hood-fab, rude ways. Whenever someone starts with 'No disrespect but...' you know something cray-disrespectful is coming. Whatever the dispute was, it should not have been aired on Twitter. Grow up!

k Coles is a headliners with

k Coles is a headliners with hoodrats, women with 7 different baby daddies, ghetto booty girls, and chicks that accept weed for sex.
lola69's picture

Keisha just shut up. U are

Keisha just shut up. U are still so ghettofied.
TeaNicole's picture

Love Fanny's song. Using the

Love Fanny's song. Using the "Nightshift" sample was nice.
holmesa925's picture

Yes I agree with

Yes I agree with @shugga...they should have asked and nailed all of that out, but Keyshia Cole is a #1 Billboard artist with NUMEROUS hits...The Weeknd is awesome but he is nowhere near Keyshia's success and does not have the numbers in album sales like Keyshia. I would be upset too if I were Ms.Gibson
BEEMA's picture

That song sounds like

That song sounds like something that they play at the end of a movie during the credits. Anywho......I literally just heard about the weeknd a few weekends ago. I would pitch a bitch as well.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

speaking of unprofessional,

speaking of unprofessional, this seems like something that could have and should have been worked out behind the scenes.
shuga's picture

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