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OFF THE MARKET: Michael Ealy GOT MARRIED To Khatira Rafiqzada....BACK In OCTOBER!


One of Black Hollywood's most eligible bachelors wasn't really eligible at all!  Get the deets on Michael Ealy's secret wedding inside....

In a shocking revelation to PEOPLE magazine, hearthrob actor Michael Ealy revealed that he wed Khatira Rafiqzada, his girlfriend of four years, back in October.

The couple had a private ceremony in LA and decided to remain mum about the nuptials so they could enjoy being newlyweds out of the public eye. His rep said,

"Michael has always been a private guy, and he wanted to enjoy his time as a newlywed with his wife privately.  Now that some time has passed and the holidays are here, he wanted to share the news with his fans that he is married and very happy."


Congrats to the new couple.




Thank u @Shay for schoolin

Thank u @Shay for schoolin these THUMB THUGS on here who CAN'T stop talkin about me! I would call them "BULLIES" but they AIN'T got enough POWER to be labeled so! I find it FLATTERING I'm ALL they (@BEEMA, @KEYS) gossip about, when this is a gossip site for CELEBS! At the end out the day it all comes down to pure JEALOUSY, they need to step away from from the computer & get themselves a JOB, HOBBY & a GYM MEMBERSHIP! Bein a HATER does not PAY BILLS smh! They sound so goddamn CHILDISH & SILLY! #brokehos
tori's picture

@Tori u r welcome, we smart

Shay's picture

Jealous of what exactly?

Jealous of what exactly? lollllllllllllllllllllllllll! whoo hunny!! It's funny the same things I have said about you for months you have now internalized and are trying to project onto me...#FAIL
BEEMA's picture

"MONTHS???" B!TCH I'm gon'

"MONTHS???" B!TCH I'm gon' need for you to hit up the ARCHIVES SECTION, cuz up until about 2 weeks ago, YOUR DUMBA$$ self was tryin to BFF me LMAO!! U just mad I CORRECTED YO A$$ cuz u STAY REPEATING IMAGINARY STATISTICS & FALSE FACTS! TIGHTEN UP HO!
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I really don't know why some

I really don't know why some of you really care who this man is married too, because I seriously doubt many of you would have ever even crossed paths w/ this man any-way! Congratulate and keep it moving he's not the first or the last black man to marry other. This man does not owe the black community anything. If it makes some of you feel a lil better he dated Eve for a while during Barbershop. Don't waste your energy worrying about who these people marry because you will be all angry old and miserable and he will still be w/ the woman he chose to love and wed! Stop It! Enough is enough! Wish him well and get over it! These people don't belong to us they just entertain us!
Shay's picture

@BEEMA BITCH I can see right

@BEEMA BITCH I can see right through you! You are a Gay man hiding behind a Britney Spears pic. TRUST! YOU ARE A RUPAUL DRAG QUEEN RACE REJECT! People like me can read between the lines. You always coming for WOMEN BECAUSE YOU WISH YOU COULD BE ONE SOOOOO BAD! GET OVER IT BITCH, JUST ACCEPT THAT FACT THAT YOU WILL NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO AFFORD THE SURGERY FOR A SEX CHANGE BITCH! ONLY GAY MEN USE WORDS LIKE HUNNY! I SEE YOU BUTT CRACK BROKEBACK BEEMA, AND MICHAEL EALY IS PROBABLY HOMOPHOBIC AND WOULD NEVER EVER EVEN GO NEAR A DELUSIONAL DRAG QUEEN LIKE YOU! Telling people they don't belong on this site, your TROLL BUTTY BUMPING ASS NEEDS TO FIND A BLOG FOR DEGENERATE DELUSIONAL DRAG QUEENS! Telling that girl that's why you black women don't have no men sitting at home w/ their kids,just because she ain't mad that Michael E is marrying other! Bitch you don't know that girl! Real woman like myself don't have kids because I choose not too at this point and time in my career! UNLIKE your DRAG QUEEN ASS at least I can have a kid,when I choose too! SIT YOUR SILLY TROLL AS DOWNS SOMEWHERE! STOP DROOLING & FEENIN OVER MICHAEL EALY HE WOULD NEVER EVER GET W/ A BROKE BAMA LIKE YOU, BUT YOU MAY STAND A CHANCE W/ EDDIE MURPHY! *WARNING THO THAT DRAG QUEEN THAT WAS IN HIS CAR ENDED UP FALLING OUT A WINDOW. Do all of us a favor and just jump!
Shay's picture

HAHAHAHA....especially the

HAHAHAHA....especially the Degenerate Delusional Dragqueen....carry on!
star's picture

#EPICFAIL! You typed all of

#EPICFAIL! You typed all of that to say what?..it was like a gust of wind that came in the window and then no one noticed it. I will continue to post, and you will continue to comment. Any more questions?!
BEEMA's picture

You Have have been OFFICIALLY

You Have have been OFFICIALLY EXPOSED TROLL! Procede w/ your irrelevant out dated Drag Queen 2 snaps 2 late In Living Colors 1990 Men on Film comments!
Shay's picture

So Shay you wrote all that

So Shay you wrote all that stuff defending Tori like you're her attorney and know her personally then tosses in your opinion. You later roll back in and tell people in a nutshell that they should not have an opinion because they may never meet this man. LOL. What is junior high hell is that about? How is it ok for trash like Tori to come in and insult the First Lady as pretty much being a mammy BUT we are supposed to tiptoe around Michael Ealy? So when she dogs the FLOTUS we are overly sensitive? Girl get your mine right and find someone more respectable to defend because every knows Tori is immature, ignorant trash.
Keys's picture

Hunny that "shay" thing is a

Hunny that "shay" thing is a mess..tell it to write a book if it wants to write paragraphs on a blog site! WHO IS THAT PRESSED TO TYPE A 2 PAGE LETTER AS A REPLY?! i'M SURE NO ONE pays "it" anymind in it's daily life so "it" feels the need to come on here and have a voice, but I just turn up my music!! HAHA!
BEEMA's picture

@ KEYS The truth is the

@ KEYS The truth is the truth. I really sit and read people's comments, and Tori is crazy funny and comes for all kinds, the educated the uneducated, the dark ones, the light ones EVERYONE! You need to ask yourself why does Tori comments bother you so much? Is it because she's Cuban/Dominican and she comes from a different culture? So she don't have a right to voice her opinion on this site? Come on, It makes no sense to me at all! I will defend people who are discriminated against based on race and skin tone! I am a born advocate for this because as a young black female people did it to me. I worked somewhere around all Jews I was the only Black w/ a top postion and I had to fight every day. I am sure they used the N word daily but never to my face because they knew me and I stood up for myself ! 8yrs I worked there because I would never let these people run me away from a Dream Job! We live in a world still full of hate and prejudice , why do we have to turn like them and do it to others? I refuse to be that way! If Tori would have never commented like I said on KeKe Palmer and others I would not even have a defense here, but she did. How is her comments any harsher than any other folks commenting on here? The thing is Michael Ealy could have had Halle Berry just being w/ her could have made his career 100% better but he chose an unknown other and his career is not even doing that well. Go figure! Some men can't handle being w/ someone more famous & make more money than he does. How do we know if he was'nt intimidated by her success? Halle clearly went on and on in the begininnig about how secure Gabriel was,she clearly had issues w/ Ealy about being insecure. Too bad she was wrong about Gabe because Ealy pushed her in his direction! My thing is we need to stop being mad about black men who clearly have their own issues. Stop fantasizing over men who don't fantasize over you! Like I said why be mad about someone you would have never crossed paths w/ or even be in his Vicinity! How do you even know if he is funny and have a great personality,or is good in bed, or is a cheater? All I know is he was the last black man Halle was with before she went totally white! Michael Ealy was the last black man in her life that pushed her over the edge w/ cheating on her w/ other type women? Michael Ealy just recently came out talking about how easy Denzel W had it in his career. He clearly is the insecure jealous type, who will never be on Denzels level of acting. Yes he's handsome and smart but he is not the only handsome and smart men around! Let him go and be w/ who he wants to be with without any bitterness! That stupid Eric Benet is only still a lil bit relevent because he was married to Halle Berry! I dated a very educated black man that always made rude comments about Michelle Obama calling her ghetto and jealous all the time. He had his own issues that I was not trying to deal with. I know a lot of blacks who talk about Michelle all the time. So it's ok for this black man to say she's all these things he said, but let's just BEHEAD the other folks that talk about her. Again it makes no sense! I love the Obama's but I don't worship them and put them on a God like Pedestal either! I think you need to get your mind right and dig deep to find out why you get so mad w/ other type women. I don't live in a black world I live in a multiracial,culture world. Do You?
Shay's picture

Girl why are you wasting your

Girl why are you wasting your time writing paragraphs? THE ENTIRE POINT OF THIS BLOG IS TO EXPRESS YOUR OPINIONS ON CELEBRITIES!! you are very redundant and irrelevant!
BEEMA's picture


Shay's picture

he dated halle berry so for

he dated halle berry so for those saying he won't look at black women...false.

But Halle's a mixed breed

But Halle's a mixed breed sista....
LetsGetIt's picture

I'm sorry but this guy has to

I'm sorry but this guy has to be white. No black person says mixed breed sista. He comes on here just to put down black women. All of his comments center around degrading black women.
BEEMA's picture

My picture is on here, I AINT

My picture is on here, I AINT HIDING. Question is where is your picture!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Any white man can post a

Any white man can post a picture of a black person..AND YOUR PICTURE IS NOT UP - can't even see your troll face!
BEEMA's picture

Lol. How did I know this

Lol. How did I know this particular post would get 70+ comments? I must be psychic.
CheyPie's picture

Yeay, now he wana share the

Yeay, now he wana share the news with his fans AFTER he finished whoring it up! That negro was just here in DC @ The Park slorrrring it up. He was fcking wit mad bitches, and I know I chick that went to a hotel with him. Soooo good luck Ratiquafika-whatever-the-fcuk
Supermodel01's picture

Mike looks like he's LOUSY in

Mike looks like he's LOUSY in bed, I feel bad for the chick that went back to the telly with him!
tori's picture

Only a man would say

Only a man would say that...Hey gurl *wink*...
BEEMA's picture


tori's picture

Ok I'll settle......U both

Ok I'll settle......U both are Dudes....lmao
star's picture

Congratulations Michael!!

Congratulations Michael!!
Lola's picture

Tori.... real talk....Shut

Tori.... real talk....Shut the fuck up. You sitting on here doing all this cheerleading for some man that you probably have or may not have an obsession with and just a few weeks ago you sat your ass on here and said the most racist shit ever about First Lady Obama. I didn't forget that shit and you should have you face slapped for it. Not to mention all the subtle and overt racial insults you have hurdled at blacks on this site on a daily basis. You have alot of nerve coming on a black blog trying to preach the gospel of racial harmony while in the same breath insulting even the most respectful educated blacks like they are common trash. It's clear that you have a color complexion issue because you constantly swoon over and compliment to death blacks that are fair skinned and ram the insults like crazy at the darker ones. With that said you are the last person that should be running up and down this damn post trying to chastise black people, since your clearly black ass said you are not black but "latino". * waiting for her to come back with her high school like gangsta post with all the mean words and insults in caps*.
Keys's picture

Tori is not worth the time it

Tori is not worth the time it takes to type in a reply. He/she (it looks like a man) has something to say about any and everybody regardless of what profession or location the celebrity is in...like she knows them...and when you really read it's posts half the time they don't make sense. I doubt this Tori character even graduated high school #keepthetrashinperspective
BEEMA's picture

Do you feel better now? That

Do you feel better now? That damn dissertation was UNNECESSARY, but hey wateva! Since u CONSTANTLY bring up what I said about our FLOTUS, let me make this VERY CLEAR, I love our First Family & respect them. I simply said I was glad that the White House didn't release pics of her makin STEREOTYPICAL SOULFOOD for Thanksgiving! Now BUILD A BRIDGE & GET OVER IT...DAMN!! There is a B!TCH on here that you FREQUENTLY agree with who hides behind a WHITE WOMAN's FACE, & calls Black ppl "COONS" Does that make sense? And I don't have ANY "complexion complexes" I love BROWN PPL, BLACK PPL YELLOW PPL IDC! Chile u tried it & I DENIED IT!! No matter what I say we will NEVER get along, & thats fine, unlike @BEEMA, this blog is NOT my life, but don't call me out on BS, when theres a bunch of other CONSTIPATED MOFO's on here in need of an ENEMA!
tori's picture

You are pretty much gutter

You are pretty much gutter trash to me and I don't give a damn about your little "feud" with Beema before you randomly bring that stupid mess up again. This crap was written like a slow 8th grader just off of looks alone. I refuse to even read that stupid crap. Before you slam celebs, politicians or anyone...get off the internet get a job or enroll in some classes. I could be gone for long periods, come back and you are still on here writing all this high school trash daily.
Keys's picture

How is Tori going to enroll

How is Tori going to enroll in classes when she is an ILLEGAL ALIEN!?! Only U.S. citizens have that luxury! #Tori=dirty Guatemalan trash
BEEMA's picture

@Tori Whoa! It's been a

@Tori Whoa! It's been a long day! You know what, some people bring whatever they go thru on their daily LIFE STRUGGLE to this blog. First and foremost this is A Blog and each and everyone has the right to say whatever they want to say. IT AIN'T THAT SERIOUS! Secondly I have noticed w/ you on looks & talent you don't discriminate based on skin tone at all. You are like me, WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE, we let them all have it! On many many occasions you have given people like Keri Washington, Meagan Good,KeKe Palmer, Tika Sumpter,Kenya Moore, Idris Elba, Angela Basset,Denzel W and many more an abundant of compliments. None of those people have light complexions. People like Tiny,Rih,Keyshia Coles, Keri H ,Rosci Diaz,Alicia Keys,Chris B,Karasena,Draya and many more who are lighter, you let loose on. So here again, this person is dead wrong and obviously don't know what the Hell they are TALMBOUT! Lol! When you come for people know the facts and actually read the comments before you label them a racist just because someone made a comment you feel was wrong about Michelle Obama! Really? Someone is over sensitive and needs desperately to get a life! What's so funny about it is, I love the First Family but I don't like sometimes Michelle's and the girls choices in clothing. That's just how I feel, No disrespect, Again this is just a BLOG! Geeeez!
Shay's picture

I guess we can still dream!

I guess we can still dream! C'est la vie! I do want to weigh in on the race discourse. Though, I could care less about the race of the woman Mr. Ealy wedded, I am more interested in the comments around race and the venom directed at black women by I assume black men...but who knows on these blogs. Lots of people sit on their couches and put up a cyber fight. Anyway, I am always fascinated how demonized black women are by all....except gay men...who want to be black women! LOL. I wonder if black men would be so affable and easy going when the media, the fashion industry, their own men, told them, "you're not pretty enough...like her," "you're not nice enough...like her," "you don't just let me do what I want to do...like her," "you don't make me look more powerful...like her," "you're not as WANTED...as her." I wonder if black men got those messages all the time and in most walks of life, if they wouldn't want to speak about it at some point...shout about it even. I just wonder! Mazel Tov to the not so newly weds! LOL
funacting's picture

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tom100's picture

Im not going to say anything

Im not going to say anything about this. But what i will say is... BLACK WOMEN YOU MAKING YOURSELF LOOK UNATTRACTIVE AND DISAGREEABLE TO GET ALONG WITH, AND THE WHOLE WORLD IS SEEING IT. Why would any brotha waste their time fooling with yall selfish asses.
LetsGetIt's picture

Hey LettsGetit...do you have

Hey LettsGetit...do you have a job? you constantly on here talking the same ol' bull...smh.
Lola's picture

He is a white man paid to

He is a white man paid to come on the urban blogs and spread lies about black people: specifically black women
BEEMA's picture

Another one bites the dust.

Another one bites the dust. Ealy traded down like all the others. Your loss.
Denise2007's picture

Black blogs be the RACIST

Black blogs be the RACIST blogs ever lol why not just congratulate the man on the his wedding and let it be SMH always gotta turn a positive thing into racist rant.

You must not EVER visit

You must not EVER visit majority white blogs because they make black blogs look like Summer camp. IF black blogs are so racist why come on them? I don't hang out at KKK events since I know the deal.
Keys's picture

You betta tell the TRUTH &

You betta tell the TRUTH & SHAME the devil!
tori's picture


BEEMA's picture

OK.... I'd just like to put

OK.... I'd just like to put something out there on behalf of the Michael Ealy brothers. Why do some black women always assume that Michael Ealy doesn't like black women? He grew up in a suburb in Silver Spring, MD. In fact, one of my friends attended the same high school he went to and it was predominantly white. When he was a teen, he had acne all over his face and no females -- esp the black ones -- were giving him the time of day. I too grew up in a suburb where it was predominantly white, and unless the black dudes were rocking Jordans and down with some near thug mentality, a lot of the black females in my school didn't associate with brothers they felt were too 'white' no matter how many times they approached them. My uncle had this same issue until he got his degree, made some money, and then started 'dressing' the part. No black females wanted to holla until they saw that he was paid. So maybe it isn't that Michael Ealy wasn't interested in black females, but they were not going for him. And once you are used to being denied by a certain sect of people, you stop trying. Men go after what they can get and what yields the best outcome. I'm happy that he was able to find love, that he's maintained a positive image for black men and men in general, and I wish him continued success in his career. His wife is beautiful! Not because she isn't black, but because she's just beautiful. And I wish we'd get over not supporting people based on whom they marry or get involved in. As long as they don't deny where they are from (lol like Zoe Saldana), we should continue investing if we'd like to see people of color (that includes other ethnicities) in the entertainment world. --hops off soapbox now--
imjussaying's picture

Of course those girls weren't

Of course those girls weren't checking for him because they were teens. Teens are immature,shallow and materialistic. Black teenage boys are the same too, i know because i'm a black male. When we grow up we move on from that immature teenage mentality and we look for someone that's more than just looks and material things.
Tjblack's picture

"Teens are immature,shallow

"Teens are immature,shallow and materialistic." So are ADULTS, why else do ppl spend 25k on a watch 300k on a necklace, 750k on a car & millions on a home?? As far as Michael's preference goes, if a dog bit u in the a$$ as a child, would u want to get one when you got older?
tori's picture

So nice of you to join us

So nice of you to join us @LetsGetIt lol j/k! I agree with your statement PARTLY! It doesn't MATTER who this man is sleepin with, I wonder if he was MARRIED to a MAN, would "sistas" still support him, I'm not sure which of the two are the LESSER EVIL (being gay, or datin a non black female)! Ppl seem to forget he dated HALLE BERRY for a minute!
tori's picture

Lol what's LetsGetIt? I

Lol what's LetsGetIt? I didn't know he dated Halle either lol. But either way, I just didn't understand comments below like b/c he married someone not black that he's not supporting the black community. Who knew the entire black community resided in a blk female's poom poom.
imjussaying's picture

"Lol what's LetsGetIt?" BY

"Lol what's LetsGetIt?" BY FAR the BEST line of the yr LMAO! It's not a "what" but a "who" and there aren't enough WORDS in the English/Spanish dictionary or HOURS in the day to describe him! And I agree with you last sentence, like them Black men in Hollywood are worried about the way they are perceived in the Black community, at the end of the day, who u marry is a PERSONAL CHOICE, not a NAT'L VOTE smh!
tori's picture


LetsGetIt's picture

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