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LAST MINUTE SHOPPERS: Beyonce & Jay-Z Burn Down Bergdorf, Take Chris & Gwyneth's Kiddies To The Toy Store


You aren't the only one Christmas shopping at the last minute.  The Carters made their way to one of their fave NYC department stores today--Bergdorf Goodman.  The twosome looked happy as pie spending some Christmas Eve quality time together.  And they even brought their besties' kids along for a stop at a toy store...


Beyonce & Jay-Z were spotted leaving out of the luxe Bergdorf's today after grabbing some last minute items off their Christmas lists.  And maybe a few things for themselves.

The "Countdown" diva rocked her mary janes, tights, a multi print dress and her hot Diane von Furstenberg Croc & leather bag.  While Jay made a statement in his neon red/yellow Nike V “DMV” shoes by baller Kevin Durant.


And after hitting their fave 5th Ave. department store the power duo hit up Mary Arnold


PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket 

Chris & Gwyneth Paltrow's kids were spotted with them at the toystore (not pictured here).  So it looks like they laced them nicely for Christmas.  And probably copped Blue a few things as well.  Fab times!


BONUS: Word has it, according to Stylite, Beyonce is rumored to be VOGUE's March 2013 cover girl.  Time will tell....

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I like her bag!

I like her bag!
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hooklookping's picture

I lov e Bey's bag. Wonder the

I lov e Bey's bag. Wonder the make. Wish YBF would report on some fashion like it used to waaay back in the day...
Sincerely WF's picture

I see Beyonce still got some

I see Beyonce still got some haters pressed. After 15 years in the game she still managing to out sell people. She can take another brake and sell unlike y'all favs. Beyonce and Jay-Z y'all are the royal couple do y'all...

Jay got his skull & bones

Jay got his skull & bones ring on just like Ole Arnie Schwarzenegger had during his book tour..................ugly ring. Beyonce looks nice, love the glasses and bag.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

LOL Lawd.. Whatta busy Hot

LOL Lawd.. Whatta busy Hot Countryy Mess!...*sigh
Like Really's picture

I love these two, my fave

I love these two, my fave black couple, and oh they could careless what yall think about their fashion sense, funny how broke people critiquing rich celebs for their fashion style.
lolo's picture

What does being broke have to

What does being broke have to do with fashion? A lot of celebrities purchases clothing from thrift stores. Having money doesn't equal = fashion sense. When I critique someone's style that's exactly what I'm doing, critiquing their style not how much money they have in their bank.
SideFreakinEye's picture

Everything, at least they

Everything, at least they have the money to hire a stylist, what about you?
lolo's picture

Anybody can be labelled a

Anybody can be labelled a "stylist". A stylist is only good if they actually know what they're doing, i.e Rachel Zoe. Lol @ what about you? First of all you don't know what I can afford. Second, what does me being able to afford a stylist have to do with me critiquing a certain look? Absolutely nothing. Come better than that.
SideFreakinEye's picture

What can you afford? Can you

What can you afford? Can you afford what she has on from head to toe, stop bragging, come on here n critique folks who have money money than you ever see in your life, rachel zoe is not the only known or good stylist in hollywood, most Alist celebs use stylist n its not raheal zoe, so stop yapping like racheal is the only stylist in hollywood who knows what shes doing.
lolo's picture

You're obviously stuck on

You're obviously stuck on stupid. Your reason for why I shouldn't have an opinion or even voice my opinion on a look I don't like or do like is DUMB. "Can you afford what she has on from head to toe?" lol. What does that have to do with anything? My opinion on an outfit is strictly on if I like the clothing, does it go well together (if the colours, textures, accessories compliment each other), the fit, and if the person wearing it is able to pull off the look where it doesn't look like they're trying too hard or playing dress up. If you're over the age of 21 and that's only thing you can come up with to justify what makes a person's opinion valid I have to shake my head real hard. And when did I write Rachel Zoe was the only stylist? I said for example, and then I named a good stylist (who is known). READ, READ, READ. If you don't understand, read again. You make NO valid points. You're obviously one of Beyonce's crazy, obsessive fans.
SideFreakinEye's picture

Gtfoh you are very stupid n

Gtfoh you are very stupid n dumb yourself, take your jealousy n nonsense somewhere, both of them worth almost a billion dollar, dont come here n talk shit like you somebody, you are nothing, then again can you afford what she has on from head to toe whether she coordinated the colors textures or whatever you want to point out, foh
lolo's picture

LOL. How am I jealous? Why

LOL. How am I jealous? Why would I want something I don't like. You're an idiot and very entertaining at that. And if I'm a nobody I guess you're chilling in the same "nobody boat". And what makes me stupid and dumb? I can tell you what makes you come across as stupid, your replies. You never have a good rebuttal. Who's paying you to lick their ass? Damn sure isn't Beyonce peoples, 'cause Beyonce doesn't know you exist neither does Jay Z. So while you're here doing a horrible job defending their style they're chilling with people that matter. How does it feel being a "nobody" to people that won't think twice not to give your lame ass a shout out on your birthday lol. Like I said before Beyonce is a hit and a miss when it comes to her fashion sense (stay getting mad).
SideFreakinEye's picture

I rather lick their behinds

I rather lick their behinds than your broke loud mouth behind, running your foolish mouth like you know everything, the same way they dont know i exist same way they could give a fck what you think about how they dress, so fck off n go and take care of your numerous babies, you have won anything by coming back with your useless arguments, am doing a horrible job but u keep coming back to reply to my comments, you very Dumb n FOOLISH.
lolo's picture

When it comes to fashion

When it comes to fashion Solange TAKES IT. I love me some Beyonce when it comes to her music but everything else not so much. She always looks like she's playing dress up. She has more misses than hits.
SideFreakinEye's picture

For all intents and

For all intents and purposes...Jay looks MISERABLE (he's wanting RiRi right now). I see Cray Bey always finds a way to cover up her post-baby permanent FAT CANKLES..lol (Solange must be on diaper duty again) smh
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Its funny how you can tell

Its funny how you can tell who's BROKE by all of the hating that goes on..but the thing is the haters are IRRELEVANT/UNKNOWN/UNIMPORTANT...so do what you do... I guess..LMAOOOOOOOOOO
BEEMA's picture

LOL. So you can tell the

LOL. So you can tell the amount of money someone makes by the way they comment on a photo/story? Girl, find that loose screw and get it tightened ASAP.
SideFreakinEye's picture

Ever since Beyonce's mama

Ever since Beyonce's mama stopped making her stage and award show gear she has been rocking all this runway stuff as if it is really hot. Just because it was on the runway does not mean it looks right on you. Beyonce looks off in alot of this stuff people swear is so fly. When will these industry sistas that overdress/over do it attend the Halle, Sanaa and Nia Long's school of elegant simplicity? Less is more.
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tom101's picture

tag your it

tag your it

let me start fucking up her

let me start fucking up her game k war

not the one to fuck with

not the one to fuck with

those glasses are soo three

those glasses are soo three month ago prada I see

Bey look STUNNING!!!!! that's

Bey look STUNNING!!!!! that's all!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

I see that BUN on Bey's head

I see that BUN on Bey's head ain't goin NO WHERE, NO TIME SOON! I hate them LOUD A$$ GEECHI DMV's Jay is rockin! I still love the Carters tho!
tori's picture

Why are you worried about

Why are you worried about what's on that lady's head? You have been GLUED to your computer all day on this site..don't you have family to spend time with? DAYUUM. I KNOW YOUR COMPUTER IS SMOKING HOT FROM BEING ON ALL DAY!
BEEMA's picture

Sorry @BEWANNAMAN, I don't

Sorry @BEWANNAMAN, I don't bother using my MacBook to go on this site, its this little gadget called an IPHONE, that lets u SURF the web & see all the CRAZY things MISERABLE B!TCHES LIKE UR SELF have to say about me! Get a FUCKING JOB & invest in one, u stay on ur 1982 computer from SUN UP to SUN DOWN arguin with urself LMAO! Thanks for ur CONCERNS TWAT FACE!!
tori's picture


sexybrownpyt's picture

LOL at Bey's fashion

LOL at Bey's fashion attempts. Poor thing tries so hard. smh.......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

The joke is on you boo..so

The joke is on you boo..so keep LOL...I know you have piles of nothing but OLD NAVY in your closet...The thing you don't understand is that all of Beyonce's clothes are Gucci and Prada and McQueen and major designers..the thing is that they are not available to the GENERAL PUBLIC because thats how CURRENT her fashion is. If you look through the pages of Vogue, you will see that everything that she has on is in there and has probably not been put into stores yet. Im sure you COULD NOT AFFORD ONE item that she is wearing..Do you know what kind of bag she is wearing? OF COURSE NOT! and you'll reply you don't care, but you must have cared to comment. GOOD DAY!
BEEMA's picture

The thing you don't

The thing you don't understand is that you sound so stupid. smdh........
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I don't give a damn if Coco

I don't give a damn if Coco Chanel herself rose from the dead to design Beyonce an outfit it would still be ugly because she has NO fashion sense. Her shoe and handbag game is always on point, but her clothes are ALWAYS ugly, current or not.
MsKizzy's picture


Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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