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CHRISTMAS SURPRISES: Bow Wow Professes His Love For Angela Simmons...Again + Rapper Lola Monroe Is Pregnant, Shows Off Her Baby Bump



Well look who's pregnant.  Former stripper turned video vixen turned rapper arm piece (you know--the usual chain of events), Angel Lola Luv, has a bun in the oven.  Her first pic with her rapper baby's daddy and baby bump at Christmas inside.  Plus, Bow Wow's Christmas plea to get Angela Simmons back....

Remember when Angel Lola Luv (now known by her rap name of Lola Monroe) had the internets going wild when her humungus ASSets looked far to unreal to be....real?  Well she's about to be a mama now.  And her baby's daddy is up and coming rapper King Los.  The twosome also share the same management team.

Los posted the above pic of him and his Baltimore native lady on Christmas Day in front of their tree and presents.  And he's holding her baby bump over her leopard dress saying:

Christmas 2012 with @thee_lolamonroe + 1...Best gift of all!!!

Well isn't that sweet.  It may come as no surprise one of Lola's best friends is Blac Chyna--rapper Tyga's stripper turned baby mama.  Follow the blueprint.  Happy Holidays to the new parents-to-be.



And in other surprise Christmas news, Bow Wow has had an epiphany this morning. The "106 & Park" host posted a pic of himself and Angela...from back in the day when they were on official couple status..saying he wants that old thing back.

I woke up and she was the first person I thought of....next to my Momma she is the best woman I encountered.

Bet he wishes he would have realized that before he (allegedly) cheated on her.  We do like these two together.  Maybe Angela will give him another chance....




That pregnancy is going to

That pregnancy is going to look crazy as hell...big as fuck in the front AND the back...lmao...smh. These hoes be acting UP!!!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Let's see Bow Wow. You're

Let's see Bow Wow. You're short, broke, and you've already got a baby mama. There are millions of men out there doing more than you are right now. I think Angela can do better - waaay better!
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hooklookping's picture

I thought that was Meagan

I thought that was Meagan Good.
SadieJade's picture

Yeah this bow wow dude seems

Yeah this bow wow dude seems Too immature with Too many issues and his azz is Too damn Short anyway...LOL
star's picture

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tom101's picture

Run Ang, before you end up

Run Ang, before you end up payin Bow's CHILD SUPPORT!
tori's picture

Angela can do better than Bow

Angela can do better than Bow Wow. He is too immature.

TO Late Bow Wow, you should

TO Late Bow Wow, you should of claimed her when you had her. Now that your working on 106 & Park and have a daughter you want to reminisce. ANGELA RUN!!!! SMDH!!! not understanding why some men act like this after they f*ck up with a groupie hoe/jump off/ loose as a goose kind of women!! 80/20 RULE, you left the 80 for a 20 !!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture


STALKER ALERT!!!! STALKER ALERT!! I GUESS I'M BEAM'S CELEB!!! loving this new attention!!! They always say, your not important unless talked about!!! Thanks beem's for putting the energy to make me relevant in your mouth!!! LOL flip's hair THAT-IS-ALL!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

This b*tch got relationship

This b*tch got relationship ADVICE for EVERY celebrity on EVERY post but she AINT GOT NO MAN OF HER OWN!
BEEMA's picture

I like Angela and Bow Wow

I like Angela and Bow Wow together.
Keys's picture

Bow Wow and his cries for

Bow Wow and his cries for help.No1curr. Why would Angie EVEEER? I'm still mad at this Mofo being broke after having millions and millions as a child. That money should have matured!!--LITTLE bow wow. But it diodn't and neither did he.
Sincerely WF's picture

one day i'm hoping bow wow

one day i'm hoping bow wow and ciara get back together since neither angela or 50 wants them back, they should give it another try

Now that Little bow wow is

Now that Little bow wow is broke......he wants to marry into the family and get his grubby hands on Uncle Russ's money......smh.........(we see u trying to work)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Yeah, I like these two

Yeah, I like these two together also. In some ways I think she is too good for him.
Ethel Mertz's picture

p.s. as far as Lola Monroe

p.s. as far as Lola Monroe and her baby daddy....I think they are both just young, dumb and impulsive.
Ethel Mertz's picture

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