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COUPLES REPORT: Janet Jackson ENGAGED To Wissam Al Mana + Nene Leakes REUNITES With Gregg

Photobucket Pop icon Janet Jackson is set to marry her longterm boyfriend Wissam Al Mana in the spring. Get deets on their wedding inside and find out what Nene Leakes said about reuniting with her ex.....

Entertainment legend Janet Jackson is set to marry her Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana in Qatar in the spring. A source told Us Weekly that the wedding "will cost millions" and "He is flying in all of Janet's friends and family on private jets."

Though many of the over-the-top details are being kept secret, the source did reveal that Wissam "...wants to get a top chef to create a custom menu."

So what does the ring look like? It's said to be huge and expensive. "She's afraid it will get lost, so she keeps it locked up!"

Also, the couple reportedly wants children and adoption is definitely an option.


In other couples news.....


According to In Touch magazine. Nene Leakes has reunited with ex-husband Gregg.  She told the mag, “I never really wanted to divorce him. We just go every day, one day at a time.”

Though they were married for 14 years, it hasn't always been easy for the ex-couple.  “There was a time where we weren’t friends; thank God that’s over!”

Now the pair, who still live separately, are on the road to something new.  Nene said, “I really feel we’re soul mates.”




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I am smiling for Janet

I am smiling for Janet Jackson!...
rebellious soul's picture

Janet’s Heart is probably

Janet’s Heart is probably filled with happiness right now, and I’m well pleased with her decision to marry Wissam, if it makes her happy!
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To Janet's fiance: are u

To Janet's fiance: are u absolutely sure u want for marry into that family????
SadieJade's picture

They not married yet? I

They not married yet? I thought Janet had that on lock already. billionaire baller.
TeaNicole's picture

Janet is a rich bitch and her

Janet is a rich bitch and her man is fine!
MissKita's picture

YES Janet finally found

YES Janet finally found happiness, I really hopes it works out. Although he wasn't a looker, I always thought her and Jermaine Dupri would eventually get back together. She seemed really in love when she was with him, sadly I think she was holding out for a non black man.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

@Crazy Sexy Cool, No

@Crazy Sexy Cool, No disrepect from your comments you same like a good person, but I must interject here. Janet really did love Jermaine Dupree but it was a KNOWN FACT that Jermaine was cheating on her w/ younger women! This is an CLEAR example of how a BEAUTIFUL woman gave an UNATTRACTIVE MAN a CHANCE and he RUINED IT! So again like Halle, Janet tried sometimes UNFORTUNATELY some men no matter who the woman is, will always be UNFAITHFUL! Janet always said how Jermaine was the first man to make her feel good no matter what size she was. I really don't think this time she was holding out for a non black man but he FUCKED UP and pushed her to look elsewhere! I also think she may have did some type of Business w/ him that went wrong because shortly after they broke up she said she would never ever mix business w/ pleasure again. You never know the cheating FOOL may have got money from her too! SHE TRIED! Janet dated a man that most would not have touched w/ a 10ft pole! Mariah nor Halle would have ever dated him. Like I said she tried!
Shay's picture

@Shay none taken. I didn't

@Shay none taken. I didn't know Jermaine Dupri cheated on her, I always wondered why they separated. I thought cheating might have been an issue, but I just couldn't see a man that tatted his woman's face on him cheating. Then again.... There's Nas. But Jermaine just seemed like the type that wouldn't do anything to mess things up with Janet, because he always had a crush on her since he was a little boy. Then again... There's Usher (who was the same way with Chilli). But Janet does seem to have a type and it's usually not black men or men that at least look black. But I do agree that even UGLY men will cheat on you no matter how good you look or how good you are to them. These days cheating is inevitable. However, men that have money can be just as unfaithful, dirty, and mean as men without it. Marrying MONEY doesn't necessarily mean you're marrying a good man. The grass isn't always greener if you know what I mean.
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Finally some good news.

Finally some good news. Congrats to Ms. Jackson and her fiancee! I like Nene and Greg together. I always wanted them to work out. So glad to hear they are really trying.
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Here's some FRESH ENGAGEMENT NEWS: Brandy & her man Ryan Press got engaged last night! This will be her 1st REAL marriage!
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STOP TRYING TO BE ME DUDE! You know I was the first one to comment on different stories on a post..you a lame dude!
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LOL. Aww how sweet. I'm also

LOL. Aww how sweet. I'm also glad she found happiness and I hope it works out this time.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Yes it's about time!!!

Yes it's about time!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

Very happy for both couples.

Very happy for both couples.

Two great love stories! I'm

Two great love stories! I'm glad Nene and Greg were strong enough to weather the reality TV curse and transition (although not smoothly) from Nene's upward career moves.
MsKizzy's picture

Congrats to both couples!

Congrats to both couples! Janet and her boo are so cute together. Too bad it took Nene and Gregg a divorce to realize that they need eachother. I seriously doubt that the divorce was motivated by money. If you distrust the person you're with enough to divorce them to protect your assets, I seriously doubt you'd turn around, rekindle the flame and refer to the person as your soul mate. People who don't have love in their lives always want to hate on it smh.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

i dont understand why some

i dont understand why some black people think it's worshipping $$$$ janet been working her ass off starting at 7. I have much respect for her she didnt stand around and waited on her brothers money in the 80's and 90's she made her own money. and she always thinking God go head janet
stepup2's picture

Janet got engaged to

Janet got engaged to WissHISNAME more than a YEAR AGO smh! NeNe & Gregg ONLY got divorced cuz NeNe wanted to hold on to her NEW money!
tori's picture

OK, the Janet Jackson story

OK, the Janet Jackson story is NOT news.
Reign's picture

Whether it's old or new news,

Whether it's old or new news, THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT LADIES! When you marry down you end up being the "BREAD WINNER"! You either end up like Whitney H did paying all of Bobby B's child support and his family living off her. Toni B also married down w/ that BROKE BUSTER that got threw out of "MINT CONDITION", his pathetic ASS could have still been touring w/ Mint C but instead Toni was the bread winner and BANKRUPT AGAIN! Halle B ain't broke yet but is well on her way, paying a lowrate model child support and now Oliver M will gladly go through her money. Marry up not down so you won't end up in the NEGATIVE like Toni and Whitney! We can not afford to be w/ BROKE MEN! Broke men bring you down! I would congragulate Naomi C too but he's still married but still not BROKE.
Shay's picture

Why are you sittin up here

Why are you sittin up here counting these women's f*ckin money! WHERE THE FAWK IS YOUR MAN? You named all of these beautiful rich women and I know you are Fat , BROKE, and UGly..with No man!
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LMAOOOOOOO!!!! Auntie Noxie!!!
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Why do u insist on STEALING

Why do u insist on STEALING Britney Spears photos??? YOU ARE THE ONE THAT IS FAT, BROKE & UGLY...NEUROTIC TROLL!
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lmao!!! because BEEMA'S A

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I see that HE is now OBSESSED

I see that HE is now OBSESSED with you, I said it before, @BEEMA STALKED @LisaRaye LAST month, ME this month & it would be sum1 else NEXT month! I guess thats YOU. It's so SAD & PATHETIC..all u can do is lol!
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Yes i saw when she Stalked

Yes i saw when she Stalked and attacked, her target is definitely females who post their real pic!! to bad that tranny is too ugly to do the same!!! @Beema don't make me call "CatFISH" to reveal your ugly identity of yours LOL
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Congrats Janet, major upgrade

Congrats Janet, major upgrade
lolo's picture

The Jackson "Family" worships

The Jackson "Family" worships $$$$ more than The Knowles Family..... i hope they choke to death on dead dog shit. .......................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

If no one tells you this,

If no one tells you this, please let me be the first. SEEK HAPPINESS! You are one hateful ass person.
Iridescent One's picture

If you ONLY knew how happy

If you ONLY knew how happy this website makes me.........
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

congrats to Janet & El

congrats to Janet & El Debarge part II!
shuga's picture

Hopefully Janet and Wissam

Hopefully Janet and Wissam can scientifically make a baby, we all know her eggs are getting old.Good to see Nene and Greg together. hmmm waiting for my racist- stan/stalker who is on the wrong site...5..4..3..2..1 FLIPS hair!!! that-is-all!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

Wissam and Janet are a

Wissam and Janet are a beautiful couple and NeNe and Greg have been seen all over the place.
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