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"Django Unchained" CASHES OUT With $15.5M In Box Office Sales, LANDS At #2


Santa Claus came right on time for filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and movie stars Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington as their slavery/western flick Django Unchained hit the jackpot at the box office.  Find out how well the film performed inside....

In wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy and the nation's public outcry against violence and guns, Django Unchained managed to weather the storm and overperform at the box office on Christmas day, taking in $15.5 Million in sales.

One person who won't be seeing the film is director Spike lee who told VIBE, “I can’t speak on it ’cause I’m not gonna see it. The only thing I can say is it’s disrespectful to my ancestors, to see that film." He went on to explain his feelings on Twitter saying, “American Slavery Was Not A Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western. It Was A Holocaust. My Ancestors Are Slaves. Stolen From Africa. I Will Honor Them.

Guess he's not a fan of Tarantino's out-of-the-ordinary visions he always has for his films.

Despite protests from Spike and other critics, many of whom took issue with the liberal use of the "n-word" and what some thought was a mockery of slavery, the movie was expected to gross about $14M.  But it exceeded expectations and set a Christmas Day box office record for an R-rated movie.

Here's how the rest of the box office performed:

1. Les Misérables (Working Title/Universal) NEW [Runs 2,808]
Christmas Day $18.0M

2. Django Unchained (Sony/Weinstein) NEW [Runs 3,010]
Christmas Day $15.5M

3. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (MGM/WB) Week 2 [Runs 4,100]
Christmas Day $10.8M, Cume $167.9M

4. Parental Guidance (Chernin/Fox) NEW [Runs 3,358]
Christmas Day $7.0M

5. Jack Reacher (Skydance/Paramount) Week 1 [Runs 3,352]
Christmas Day $5.1M, Cume $22.9M

6. This Is 40 (Universal) Week 1 [Runs 2,913]
Christmas Day $4.3M, Cume $17.3M

7. Lincoln (DreamWorks/Fox/Disney) Week 7 [Runs 1,966]
Christmas Day $2.4M, Cume $120.3M

8. The Guilt Trip (Skydance.Paramount) Week 1 [Runs 2,431]
Christmas Day $2.3M, Cume $10.9M

9. Monsters Inc 3D (Pixar/Disney) Week 1 [Runs 2,618]
Christmas Day $1.2M, Cume $8.3M

Congrats to Kerry & Jamie!




Just watched Django Unchained

Just watched Django Unchained last night and that movie was brilliant!! Just go and watch it!! people over analyze and assume what the movie is when they are totally wrong!!! This movie is a must see, will definitely watch again. It had a large white crowd and no one walked out. The rating on Fandango explains it all!!! SO watch the movie its great!!! flips hair, that-is-all
sexybrownpyt's picture

I told myself I would not get

I told myself I would not get into an argument with people over this movie, but how can anyone resist? So I'll just say my little piece... my 2 cents...provide a different perspective. Django was a very good movie. For those who have yet to see the movie and have concerns that it may be too emotional, extremely racist, or a joke. Well, yeah...you could look at it that way, but fortunately that wasn't Quentin Tarantino's objective in directing this movie. In fact, this movie is not your traditional American slavery history lesson. Instead it's more of...how can I say this?... like an acknowledgement. Tarentino acknowledged that --the-- white people who enslaved black people were extremely, extremely stupid and contradicting. I won't go into detail for I don't want to spoil the movie for those still interested, but to provide an example there was a scene solely for expressing how stupid of an idea it was to wear a white sheet. Again, a topic of conversation we rarely have with white people, but we all laugh about it in this movie. No, no...this is no Amistad or Roots. Tarentino throws that idea out the window in the very beginning of the movie. To express to you what it COULD HAVE been... there is a white man in the movie who plays alongside Django/Foxx who represents what could have been an alternative solution. I hope that makes sense? Instead of enslaving Django, he employed him. He gave him a chance. He taught him a new skill. Django eventually became just another American instead of a black American. Mmm... and my favorite part of the movie is the acknowledgment of Samuel L. Jackson's role. I'll leave that bit for you all to discover, but it says a lot. I feel good knowing there is at least one white person who acknowledges the past and the REASON WHY THE WAY WE ARE TODAY. Why? Because no one ever wants to talk about it. The events that occurred in this movie are simply true... He didn't show anything for black people to take offense to. I'm sure it will make some people ashamed and uncomfortable but that feeling wasn't intended for black people. Merry Christmas.
brownlace's picture

For the record $15MIL, for a

For the record $15MIL, for a one days total at the box office, is never lousy. Some movies dont make that kind of money over a 3 day weekend....smh
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tom101's picture

GOOD MOVIE!!!Two thumbs

GOOD MOVIE!!!Two thumbs up..Jamie, Chris Waltz, Sam Jackson, and Leonardo did a damn good job
rant's picture


@BEEMA'S A HYPOCRITE!!!! DID YOU NOT CALL ME "NAPPY HEADED" IS THAT NOT A RACIAL SLUR ...YOU BEING WHITE!!! its apparent anything she says is irrelevant!!! She a ugly white racist women behind that Britney spears pic talking a whole lot of nothing calling African Americans NAPPY...TELL ME IGNORANT @BEEMA WHAT HAIR TEXTURE IS KERRY WASHINGTON & Jaime Fox IN THAT PIC??? YOU DAMN Racist FOOL !!! filps hair...that-is-all!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

I have NEVER liked that WOODY

I have NEVER liked that WOODY from TOYSTORY lookin a$$hole Quentin Tarantino! I rather watch ROOTS! Congrats to Leo, Kerry & Jamie though!
tori's picture

White folks walking out of

White folks walking out of the theaters??? I GOTTA SEE THIS SHITT!!!!!! It must've been alot of crakkkas killed in the movie. But mind you, if it was niggas getting lynched , burned, killed and crying about "Oneess dayss weesss goneesss b freeeee!!" They would love that shit!!! No wonder these crakkkas havn't made a movie about Nat Turner YET!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Seriously, Black people first

Seriously, Black people first need to know their history, I mean really know it. Then we need to be protective of our Ancestors' Holocaust. I know the movie is pure entertainment, but don't trivialize or desensitize audiences to the Black Holocaust. Leave us out of it. Ya'll know you have to watch white people, they are vile, evil and cunning when it comes to Black people (not all, but way too many). And we are forgiving to a fault. I can talk about my mama, but you can't OK. When white folks laugh at the humor in a movie depicting slavery in any way, they take that shit to heart. Their underdeveloped thinking is "Oh, they're laughing at it, it must not have been that bad." I don't care if QT did make Inglorious Bastards and it was about the Jews' Holocaust. What was done and still being done to Black people is the worst crime committed against humanity. For God's sake people, we still carry the plantation owner's LAST NAME! That might be the thing that's keeping us insane! And here we are shucking and jiving in the 21st century, laughing along with people who don't really give a damn. People think Black folks find racism in everything, well, there's 2 Americas. One for Whites and one for Blacks and ya'll can't tell me you don't know this. We don't get the same privileges in Education, Economics, the legal system, not anywhere and certainly not in Hollyweird. We need to do better about protecting what's ours. We already give away billions of dollars in every industry. People make money off us all day long, every day. Everybody knows our power but us. Enjoy the movie if you must, but you really need to be more conscious, aware and alert because there's been a war against Black people for hundreds of years and there's many way in which a war is raged. THINK THINK THINK, READ READ READ...start with Hidden Colors 1 & 2
Reign's picture

For people who do NOT search

For people who do NOT search for racism in EVERYTHING ALL DAY LONG.......the movie is NOT a historical depiction of slavery....it's a great Western MOVIE with slavery in it..... (calm down......smh)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I agree with you on this.

I agree with you on this. Sometimes its okay to just calm down and watch, if you don't than don't go see it.
kimaras31's picture

I want to see this movie.

I want to see this movie.
SideFreakinEye's picture

Congrats to Leonardo DiCaprio

Congrats to Leonardo DiCaprio too, I like how ya'll conveniently forgot to mention him. Spike Lee is jealous that he didn't make Django first. He's just mad a WHITE MAN created a better portrayal of slavery/African American issues than he has ever made and will ever create. He's a number 1 HATER! He hates on just about every filmmaker he's CLEARLY envious of. He needs to channel that energy into his own projects... Oh wait he doesn't have any.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Django Unchained just doesn't

Django Unchained just doesn't sit well with me. When slave movies like Amistad, Roots, Glory, and Mandingo were made I think they were done to educate and enlighten the American public about the plight of African slaves. They made people talk and think and weren't simply done for entertainment and profit. My issue is this: I've heard Django Unchained described as a comedy and the whole idea of a "slave comedy" just makes my blood run cold. Would Hollywood ever make a Holocaust comedy? No! And why? Because the powers that be would never allow their history to be trivialized. What's the purpose of this movie? What critical questions does it make us ask? What else does this slave movie do other than put money into the pocket of a white man (Quentin Terrantino)? First white men profited from owning black slaves. Now they profit from making comedies about black slaves. We cannot allow our history to be trivialized!
DesignDiva's picture

Inglorious Bastards was a

Inglorious Bastards was a movie about Hitler and Jews. It was fiction, but still a good movie. I can see your point, but I don't know..sometimes I think black folks only speak up when stuff like this arises. i.e., Spike Lee and others like him. I mean with all the coonery that goes on on reality tv like Basket Ball Wives and such, I just don't see how some slaves kickin ass and takin names for a purpose is such a big deal.
TrueThinker's picture

@TrueThinker, yes, Inglorious

@TrueThinker, yes, Inglorious Basterds was comedic, but the movie didn't take place in Jewish concentration camps. It didn't make light of the Holocaust. As a matter of fact, it inverted the Holocaust. Instead of Nazis leading Jews into ovens to kill them, it's the Jews who lure the Nazis to a theater that they set fire to it. The movie actually has very little to even do with Jews. Django Unchained, on the other hand, depicts graphic violence against slaves, takes place (at least partially) on slave plantations, and employs the use of the N-word over 100 times. As for shows like Basketball Wives, many black people have spoken out in opposition to it, especially this last season. There was even a change.org petition circulated (that I signed) to remove if from the air due to the violence towards women that the show condoned and displayed. I think at the end of the day WE as a race are responsible for how our image is presented to the world. If we can't respect ourselves, then we can't expect the rest of the world to respect us either.
DesignDiva's picture

I get it. I do. I just don't

I get it. I do. I just don't think this movie carries the impact that hip-hop and other forms of "media entertainment" does. This is a fictional movie with some harsh reality mixed in. Some white people never really grasped the concept of the struggle of blacks in this country. If we can make light of a terrible situation and still bring some awareness in the same movie, then I'm not bothered. Not all movies are truthful and accurate when depicting history. ..but I think in the end, both you and I share the same truth. And that is if we don't respect ourselves, then we can't expect others to respect us. I think that is solely up to each individual.
TrueThinker's picture

@TrueThinker,The POINT IS MY"

@TrueThinker,The POINT IS MY" BOXED "ONE! Quentin T's career would be all but over if he would not have BOWED COMPLETELY DOWN TO THE JEWS and make movies like GLORIOUS BASTARDS & DJUNGO UNCHAINED. JEWS RUN HOLLWOOD and somewhere down the line SPIKE has made someone really mad and the fact that UNLIKE Quentin T he was not willing to make these type of movies. For Quentin T's last 2 movies to be about Jews trying to assasinate Hitler and a comedy about slavery that tells you something about the direction HOLLYWOOD IS going in. DO WACK ASS MOVIES or be BLACKLISTED LIKE SPIKE! George Lucus had to use his own money to make RED TAILS because none of the STUDIO's wanted to put it out! Wake Up! THEY WANTED DJUNGO BUT NOT REDTAILS! That story was a TRUE DIGNIFIED MOVIE, Djungo is not! That should tell you something right there!
Shay's picture

uh.."boxed one"? ..I

uh.."boxed one"? ..I understand how the media works. I also understand how people work. Most people (speaking of the majority demographic) don't care for a black storyline unless it contains some kind of action packed deep thrilling tale. It sucks that we don't get enough representation, but truth is, if it's not good, no one will watch it. Tyler Perry doesn't get much love outside of his core audience because his movies are borderline corny if not over the top. But that's because he's not well versed in movie making. His skills lies in play writing. If the movie is good, it will fare very well, otherwise it will not be supported. Spike has made great movies in the past, but this is clearly just him being bitter.
TrueThinker's picture

This is EXACTLY what I have

This is EXACTLY what I have been saying. The Jewish people would never allow a Holocaust comedy, or the use of anti-semitic slurs... but Blacks will actually support some trash like this. This is serious stuff here. And its sad that the blacks on this site are saying that its just a movie and not SEEING whats going on. Wake up Black people!!
BEEMA's picture


BEEMA'S A HYPOCRITE!!!! DID YOU NOT CALL ME "NAPPY HEADED" IS THAT NOT A RACIAL SLUR ...YOU BEING WHITE!!! its apparent anything she says is irrelevant!!! She a ugly white racist women behind that Britney spears pic talking a whole lot of nothing calling African Americans NAPPY...TELL ME IGNORANT BEEMA WHAT HAIR TEXTURE IS KERRY WASHINGTON IN THAT PIC??? YOU DAMN FOOL !!! filps hair...that-is-all!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

I really like a lot of

I really like a lot of Tarantino's movies like Jackie Brown and other's but I WILL PASS ON DJANGO UNCHANGED, I have no desire to see it WHATSOEVER! To be honest non of these movies were HUGE HUGE BLOCK BUSTER HITS this Christmas. Who in the HELL wants to see DEPRESSING LES MISE'RABLES seen it before don't ever want to see it again, and why would I want to see DJANGO UNCHAINED, which would also be depressing on top of making me MAD on Christmas Day! Both movies at 18million and 15million are not real commercial successes w/ Skyfall,Twilight and The Hobbit all grossing triple what both these movies made. (No Bueno)! Well as Spike Lee is concerned he has earned the right to say what ever the HELL he wants to say! Spike's body of work is FAR better than all the Tyler Perry people and Quentin T People all roled into one! Spike has probably pissed the Jews off in Hollywood because there's no reason he should not be still making good movies like Malcom X and so on.
Shay's picture

Actually, Django isn't

Actually, Django isn't depressing. The context of the movie because it is associated with one of the most awful dehumanizing truths of humanity is depressing, yes, but the movie is a comedic revenge plot placing Django as the protagonist and a damn good one. Onto write my review on here lolol...
imjussaying's picture


So it's an INGLORIOUS BASTERDS type movie, I'LL STILL PASS just like most people did on this movie. Making 15.5million is a both office FLOP! For a movie to be considered A SUCCESS it must GROSS DOUBLE WHAT THE COST WAS TO MAKE IT!
Shay's picture

I would have to agree with

I would have to agree with you. I would certainly not be one to make light of our history in this country, but Tarantino created a movie that you explained perfectly in just a couple of sentences. Good job lol. Good movie.
Zetagirl's picture

Yes, I can't wait to see the

Yes, I can't wait to see the comedic revenge plot!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

People talking about the "N"

People talking about the "N" word being used well "Lincoln" was out a few weeks ago and hear them talking Oscar about that one. I saw Django and I liked it. If people have a problem with the "N" word then don't go see it. Its that simple!!!
BigJohn's picture

Spike Lee definitely get's a

Spike Lee definitely get's a "Ho sit down." He's clearly frustrated with the attention this movie is getting. He totally bypassed the storyline and went straight for the race card. Honestly, the funny thing is that I could've seen him making this movie.lol Why can't he just be proud of the cult classics he's done? I loved the old Spike Lee joints! True classics in their time.
TrueThinker's picture

Why would you go see a movie

Why would you go see a movie where the N-WORD is used 150 TIMES?! NO OTHER RACE WOULD ALLOW 150 RACIAL SLURS TO BE SPEWED IN A MOVIE at them.
BEEMA's picture


BEEMA'S A HYPOCRITE!!!! DID YOU NOT CALL ME "NAPPY HEADED" IS THAT NOT A RACIAL SLUR ...YOU BEING WHITE!!! its apparent anything she says is irrelevant!!! She a ugly white racist women behind that Britney spears pic talking a whole lot of nothing calling African Americans NAPPY...TELL ME IGNORANT BEEMA WHAT HAIR TEXTURE IS KERRY WASHINGTON IN THAT PIC??? YOU DAMN FOOL !!! filps hair...that-is-all!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

Grant it I haven't seen the

Grant it I haven't seen the movie yet, but I've heard nothing but good reviews. Racial epithets are only offensive when we allow them to be. The context in which the word is used fits because of the time and the movie's relevance. But if I'm correct ( and I'm sure I am :)), I'm thinking this isn't the focus of the movie. It's for authenticity..although I'm sure it was not done without expected controversy.
TrueThinker's picture

In 2012 why do we need to

In 2012 why do we need to hear the N word in any context? Via music, movies, or TV? You would never hear anti-semitic slurs in a Jewish movie done by white people, so why is ok for Blacks? And furthermore why would you pay to hear yourself referred to as a n*gger on screen by a white man? Black people have to do a LOT better..I'm still SHOCKED you rationaled the use of the word for "authenticity." So any time period movie about a black person needs to have the word n*gger in it for authenticity?
BEEMA's picture

True enough. But we are

True enough. But we are talking about a movie that deal's with slavery and racial tension. For them to run around using the phrase "African American" to be politically correct is absurd considering NO ONE was politically correct back then. Truth is, I don't give that word any power over me, and with the type of movie this is, in addition to who made it (a man that has consistently shown love to black actors..and black women for that matter), and the story line, I personally don't see the injustice. There's so many issues that plague the black community. So many. This movie poses no threat nor does it put a dent in the ridiculous amount of accomplishments that we have contributed to the film industry or society for that matter.
TrueThinker's picture

You have serious issues.

You have serious issues.
Ethel Mertz's picture

go play in traffic..ignore

go play in traffic..ignore what I write. Please and thank you
BEEMA's picture

bite me bitch.

bite me bitch.
Ethel Mertz's picture

I thoroughly enjoyed the

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie! We know what slavery meant as African Americans, we know what it did, we also know how it can improve. I am African American and I saw a lot of Caucasians walking out the theatre, maybe they were uncomfortable maybe not, but I stayed put and I"m proud of Jamie and Kerry and Leonardo...this was a great wake-up call!! Quentin doesn't make movies to apologize, he makes movies for entertainment...GET OVER IT!!! Well done Django!
hotjuicyd's picture

WOW, really? They walked out

WOW, really? They walked out of the movie. I'm sorry but there's no way I'm paying to see a movie and not staying until the credits roll. I can't wait to see this!! Something different for a change.
Yas's picture


sexybrownpyt's picture


STALKER ALERT!!!! STALKER ALERT!! I GUESS I'M BEAM'S CELEB!!! loving this new attention!!! They always say, your not important unless talked about!!! Thanks beem's for putting the energy to make me relevant in your mouth!!! LOL flip's hair THAT-IS-ALL!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

I know right??? I am

I know right??? I am reconsidering and thinking that maybe I should just give it a chance and go see it.
Ethel Mertz's picture

You wouldn't walk out of a

You wouldn't walk out of a movie where you and your people are being killed on screen and being called the N word every 3 minutes because you have NO SELF RESPECT AND DIGNITY. Black people have been degrading and calling themselves B*tches, hoes, and N***ers for so long that they think of THEMSELVES this way. Its sad. I'm sure the white people knew that the movie was INAPPROPRIATE and offensive. Your comment is nothing to brag about.
BEEMA's picture

Soooo, the millions of whites

Soooo, the millions of whites watching Red Neck comedy tours, honey boo boo, Joe Dirt type movies, hell..., just reading about the latest poor-white-trash Britney/Lindsey antics, OBVIOUSLY have no self-respect as well.

Making fun of Black CULTURE

Making fun of Black CULTURE and making fun of Black history - and such a horrible history at that- are 2 different things. But do what you want- some black people are plain IGNORANT- I'm sure you call your children n*gga and b*tch as well- why not huh?
BEEMA's picture

I go to the movies to escape

I go to the movies to escape reality for a few hours. Tarantino is known for making overly exaggerated movies, which I assume this is too. I have enough self respect that in reality if I was being antagonized because of my race, I damn sure wouldn't be taking it. But this is a movie. Not for kids and not for the sensitive type.
Yas's picture

It's not "JUST" A MOVIE, this

It's not "JUST" A MOVIE, this is a conscious intentional piece of propaganda that is designed to continue to perpetuate Blacks as subhuman inferior creatures. It's not a coincidence that they use the N word 150 times in this movie, and I'm sure Terrantino and all the Hollywood execs are laughing that blacks like you would actually pay money to see themselves MOCKED. Why hasn't Hollywood made movies about SUCCESSFUL black doctors and nurses? Why does a black man have to be a gangbanger, a singer, a dragqueen, or a N*gger in order to get a part? Why?- Because it is a malicious effort by the media- and Blacks like you continue to pay into it- MINDLESSLY- instead of demanding better representation of Yourselves. Spike was definintely THINKING when he said this filth should be boycotted.
BEEMA's picture

Same thing happened in my

Same thing happened in my African Studies course, the majority of the white students walked out on a very intense slavery scene. When I asked why walk out, one said they felt guilty and another couldn't bare to watch a film like that. So not surprised they walked out!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

The Hobbit and Lincoln raked

The Hobbit and Lincoln raked in a hell of alot of money cumulatively. As far as Django, I don't think I will go to the movies to see it. I will wait till it comes on DVD. I am not crazy about the actors in this movie.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Yes go head Ms Kerry and

Yes go head Ms Kerry and Jamie!!! Can't wait to watch this this weekend!!!! Yes hunty!!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

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