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Katt Williams should definitely be concerned about taxes and the fiscal cliff as he's already on the hook with the IRS for $4 million!  Get deets on his tax woes inside.....


It has been a rough year for Katt Willaims as he's had numerous slaps and run-ins with fans, police and even his assistant.  And if those legal woes weren't enough to carry over into 2013, now he has the weight of the IRS on his back

First, Katt is accused of not paying $3.2 million in taxes for his big money days of 2008; then he didn't pay $829,352 in 2009; and now the Feds want $284,000 for 2010!

All in all, Katt is in debt to Uncle Sam for a total of $4 million.  And when you think about what he'll be paying in legal fees....he might what to book an HBO special or release a DVD or two. 

It's hard out here for a pimp.







Its funny how no one is

Its funny how no one is speaking up about the deliberate attacks on people in the spotlight and others by the IRS....All that money your government has stolen and put us in financial ruin and now they harass celebs and common folk! Pay attention people its only going to get worse!!!!!!
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Who knew the KITTY KAT was

Who knew the KITTY KAT was makin that much back in the day to owe the gov't $4 milli?? He needs a NEW TEAM cuz them CLOWNS aroun him are PHUCKIN UP!
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PAH-LEAZE STOP STEALIN MY STYLE! You know no one else capitalizes words for emphasis except me! How you going to call somebody a clown when you are the CLOWN/JOKE OF YBF!!! LMAO
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B!TCH, u r SEVERELY STUPID! Have a damn seat & fill out some JOB APPLICATIONS (ask sum1 to read the questions to your ILLITERATE A$$)
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I don't know WHY black celebs

I don't know WHY black celebs don't stay on top of their taxes--when they KNOW how much the government loves humiliating them, taking their property & oh yeah--locking them up! Just ask Wesley Snipes & Ron Isley. SMH...

at this point I think ppl

at this point I think ppl just get a kick out of seeing him do bad. I sincerely hope he gets better in all areas. he said he needed more haters and boy oh boy does he have them. muthafukkas in the media love to kick a person when they are down---pathetic.
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*be a day

*be a day
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Damn, can there a day when

Damn, can there a day when theres a positive post about this dude?
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Subconsciously, he wants to

Subconsciously, he wants to be in prison...in the showers..sucking cock from every angle...and taking loads to the face & butthole. ................
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Oh my !

Oh my !

LOL...well that's quite an

LOL...well that's quite an assessment...

lawd... Mr.Williams what is

lawd... Mr.Williams what is goin on?!
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He needs to sell all that

He needs to sell all that jewelry, have an estate sale, pay his taxes, go to rehab and do more stand up.
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Unless you are a licensed

Unless you are a licensed financial advisor and Kat Williams is consulting you in this matter, you ARE NOT QUALIFIED to give him or ANYONE ADVICE! Get back in your cave!
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B!TCH, U ain't even got a

B!TCH, U ain't even got a JOB!...STFU 4EVA!
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RIP to the thirsty ho BEEMA

RIP to the thirsty ho BEEMA who is dying for attention.
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Heheheheee (tossing a single

Heheheheee (tossing a single rose on Beema's casket, covered with pix of Britney-Spears & Demi Lovato). LMAOOO

**pouring 40 oz schlitz malt

**pouring 40 oz schlitz malt liquor on Beema's casket**
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