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'RHOA' BABY ON THE WAY: Phaedra Parks Is PREGNANT With Baby #2!


She's pregnant....again!  "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Phaedra Parks just returned from her Christmas vacation to the Bahamas with hubby Apollo Nida and friends.  And she revealed some big news.  Deets inside...

Phaedra released the first pic showing off her growing baby bump on the beaches of the Bahamas.  And now Phaedra Parks is letting her fans know that she and Apollo are indeed expecting their second child.

Big brother Ayden is 2 and a half now.  So the lawyer turned funeral service entrepreneur will have a little helper on her hands.

Phaedra & Apollo spent the Christmas Holiday in Nassau at Atlantis Paradise Island with co-stars Kandi Burruss and Todd.  Plus, reality tv homies Toya & Memphitz Wright, Rasheeda & Kirk Frost, Evelyn Lozada and everyone's kids.  She seemed to always hide her belly in pics, and now we know why.




But the Holiday times haven't been all happiness and rainbows for the couple.  With a new episode of "Housewives" airing this Sunday that shows some possible strife between the Phaedra & Apollo, the couple is also dealing with the deaths of close family members.

She wrote, in part, on her BRAVO blog last week,

“Many of you have been wondering where I’ve been and why I have not blogged lately. Well unfortunately, both Apollo and I recently lost our maternal grandmothers. In early November my grandmother became ill and I chose to direct all of my energy and focused on caring for her and supporting my mother."

“Unfortunately, on November 25 my dear grandmother passed away. I immediately sprang into funeral mode preparing for her memorial service and burial. I wanted to make sure her home going service was reminiscent of her spirit: elegant, joyous, and unforgettable! As we were returning home from my grandmother’s obsequies, we learned that Apollo’s grandmother passed away. So, we have been very busy caring for our families and managing the tender moments of loss and grief.”

Through all the grief and sadness, Phaedra & Apollo will be welcoming in happiness with their brand new bundle of joy.  Oh, and their new joint fitness DVD too.  Congrats!




Congrats Phaedra!!

Congrats Phaedra!!
Zetagirl's picture

For some reason, I thought

For some reason, I thought Ayden would be an only child. Congrats to Phaedra and Apollo. Let's not forget, the episodes we watch now are not recent. I thought she looked quite nice in her Sarong and thong.IF her and HER HUSBAND are having "problems" that should be THEIR business. Even if they have "problems" that's NORMAL. Blending your life with another person is not always easy,now should it be, because if it comes too easy, it's not worth having. Lastly,since Phaedra's MARRIED now, I hope she knows when her due date is this time. No messing around saying you don't know how far along you are.

Phadera is a horny Scorpio so

Phadera is a horny Scorpio so I know she fucks the shit out of that man....even when HE is not in the mood...LOL
star's picture

Apollo- COULD GET IT from

Apollo- COULD GET IT from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh I had no idea she would be

Oh I had no idea she would be pregnant again
TinaShoNuff's picture

Congrats! I look forward to

Congrats! I look forward to the BOUGHETTO baby shower with Dwight's THUNDERCAT face & another "sip & see!"
tori's picture

Congrats to Apollo and

Congrats to Apollo and Phaedra! I love me some Phaedra with her crazy self!
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To Phaedra and all other

To Phaedra and all other Beautiful Fabulous YBF Black Women: Have better sex, BIGGER Orgasms, Deeper spirituality, and healthier babies! Live the Oshun Life! theoshunlife.yolasite.com I wish her the best of luck having a child. Childbirth is one of the most POWERFUL things a woman can do with her life and LITERALLY change the world. The children we have and how we raise them will effect everyone and everything THEY interact with and continue on through their children and children's children. It's important to have children as CONSCIOUSLY and naturally as possible and most importantly WHEN COMPLETELY READY-- emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Phaedra seems to be well established although we don't know what kind of stability or instability may be behind the scenes. I hope she is Blessed with her dream child when her life is fully in order. Women are the Creators of the Universe: we are the Big Bang, the Immaculate Conception, and the Triple Darkness! In our ability to possess a womb/uterus, whether we've already given birth or not, we are endowed with special creative and intuitive powers of special uncanny understanding and manifestation. No one on earth has come except through a woman. Therefore, to change and save the world, we must change the people in it and we can literally do that by consciously and lovingly conceiving, carrying, birthing, and raising Better People aware that they are Beings of Light. This course will teach you about body training to ensure optimal fertility, including diet to ensure a clean vagina free of disease and how to energetically attract the ideal partner to deposit clean and uplifting semen for your seed's fertilization. You will also be taught excercises, diet, affirmations and meditations for connecting with your child's spirit and soul while in the womb and ensuring strength and optimal nutrition for you and your baby during pregnancy. You will then learn all about breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping, baby-led weaning/feeding, and how to train your child's mind in the beginning to continue at ideal intuitive, creative, and intellectual levels throughout later years. So much more will be covered I can't even summarize but it will be a very exciting, immensely informative, and gracefully emotional course I hope every woman takes! For struggling single mothers, pregnant or post-partum, contact me for discounts! visit theoshunlife.yolasite.com theoshunlife,yolasite.com theoshunlife.yolasite.com theoshunlife.yolasite.com Have better sex, BIGGER Orgasms, Deeper spirituality, and healthier babies! Live the Oshun Life! theoshunlife.yolasite.com

Ain't nobody got time for

Ain't nobody got time for that!
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Thank U LMAO.....Cause I did

Thank U LMAO.....Cause I did Not even look at the 1st word of that damn F graded thesis!
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On the show and in the

On the show and in the tabloids they were alluding to the fact that there was trouble in paradise between Phaedra and Apollo. Plus Phaedra just said on the last episode that having babies is expensive and implied that it might be awhile before baby #2, so why all of a sudden a change of heart? If there is still trouble in paradise a baby won't make him stay. But Congrats to Phaedra and Apollo.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Don't believe all what you

Don't believe all what you see...~www.sugarbabexo.blogspot.com/~
Pixiesticks's picture

i was wondering why on the

i was wondering why on the last episode her stomach was out as far as her azz in that thong & crochet getup.

No she just had a booty do

No she just had a booty do then....you know, something like what you have.
Ethel Mertz's picture

how would you know wtf i have

how would you know wtf i have heux? girl, why dont you find something to do? wont anyone at the library talk to you? oh my bad you gotta stay quiet or they kick you off the computer! lol

congrats to her.

congrats to her.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Cute bathing suit! And she

Cute bathing suit! And she preggers? Hmmm...and I thought she was having marriage problems! ~~~~~~~~~~~http://sugarbabexo.blogspot.com/~~~~~http://sugarbabexo.blogspot.com/ http://sugarbabexo.blogspot.com/ http://sugarbabexo.blogspot.com/
Pixiesticks's picture

thats how some people try to

thats how some people try to fix their marriage problems..shruggs

On the previews, Apollo said

On the previews, Apollo said something about not being who you are anymore, once your in a marriage. Something to that effect. I was more interested in the look on Phaedra's face than what he said lol.Didn't they get married when she was pregnant? So they went from 2 single people 2 married with a baby.Throw in the first year of marriage is supposed to be the hardest, and I want to believe whatever "problems" they're having are just normal life/marriage issues that married people deal with and move on together from. I WANT to believe their problems are minor, and more of a storyline than anything else.

B*TCH you need to BELIEVE in

B*TCH you need to BELIEVE in gettin a damn life and stop worrying about Phaedra and whats going on in her home. She sure as hell ain't worried about you!
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