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Solange Knowles JAZZES IT UP For GQ New Year's Eve Fashion Shoot


Solange Knowles knows how to rock a cute look for any occasion.  So it's no surprise GQ magazine has featured her and her fave musicians for a New Year's Eve fashion feature.


Check the pics inside...

"Losing You" singer Solange is looking fab in the New Party Rules 2013 feature on GQ.com, where she's giving one of the biggest party nights of the year some life.

In a black & white spread all about NYE fashion, Solange is singing it up (above) in a dotted Azzedine Alaia skirt & blouse, Jimmy Choo sandals and Jennifer Fisher jewelry.

She poses it up with her True EP producer Devonté Hynes of Blood Orange (left) and one of her faves, Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear.  Dev gets dapper in a Gucci suit, Ralph Lauren bowtie and shirt and Dior Homme shoes.  And Ed rocks a Prada tux with Vans sneakers.


And in another shot, Solo removes the blouse to reveal a sexy shiny leather bra top as she parties it up with her friends. Loves her and these looks.  By the way, Solange tweeted on Christmas Eve that she's got her "dooky braids" back.


Photographs by Sebastian Kim




Yall can say what you want

Yall can say what you want about Solange but when the girl goes to the bank they say "Good morning Ms. Knowles!!!!!"
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It's a shame that many people

It's a shame that many people won't give Solange's music a chance because of who her older sister is. Her EP is actually quite refreshing and is critically acclaimed by those that understand music. That's the same for most of the musicians that she chose to feature. I wish that African Americans would be more open-minded with the music we listened to instead of what's in heavy rotation on the radio and what's on some chart (which is solely based on what's on the radio.) There are some extremely talented black artists out there (Nikko Gray, Sonnymoon, Szjeredene and King to name a few) that most people who are stuck inside the box won't ever hear because we focus on the artists making the most money or who cover the most magazines smh SN: Blood Orange is not a band. That's one of Dev's personas :)
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I totally agree. There's some

I totally agree. There's some really great music out there!!
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Don't have a problem with the

Don't have a problem with the natural look and trying to be different but seems she tries to hard and it isn't naturally her thing... Erykah Badu is being herself so it is refreshing, Solange 's flow seems awkward.

So-Lost..what are u Doing!?

So-Lost..what are u Doing!? Smdhlol
Like Really's picture

Child boo, I can't even get

Child boo, I can't even get over the irony that this story is right above Beyonce's Super Bowl story. Bey is inking $50 million deals with Pepsi and performing at the Super Bowl and Solange is pretending to be a model in a borrowed dress. I'm sure Bey needs somebody to text for her or wipe her nose or something! Solange gurl, just go work for your sister and stop with this mess!
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she tries so hard

she tries so hard

u mean...beyonce' paid for

u mean...beyonce' paid for that to happen............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I agree it's the family name

I agree it's the family name

A bunch of unknowns...When

A bunch of unknowns...When was the last time Solange was on Billboard? Has the chick ever been on Billboard? Until she is I don't really consider her a musician :/
BEEMA's picture

oh ok.

oh ok.
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