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UH OH: Rihanna Stays Mum About Naked Balcony Pics From Barbados


Something more than those scantilly clad bikini pics have come out of Rihanna's trip to Barbados.  Thanks to the "Diamonds" chick flashing her perfectly perky T&A in a fully open balcony window (where she knew paparazzi had been watching her for days).


And she's staying mum about her newest doozy....

While Rihanna rocked swimsuits that got smaller and smaller each day that she was back on her native island of Barbados recently, she was caught (shocker) fully naked on her balcony.

Pics just leaked of Rihanna changing from a black bikini to a little red one.  And the paparazzi camera caught her fully naked bod as her ass was propped up on full display in the open door.

Despite the nude pics hitting the net last night, the "Fresh Off The Runway" singer has yet to say anything about it.  Cat never got her tongue before when she put out her own damn near naked pics or when she was trying to clear up a rumor.  But this time, she remains mum.

Is that because she knew the pics were being taken...seeing that she keeps turning around looking out the balcony window while chillin' butt ass naked? Just a thought...

All you freaks can peep the pics HERE, because we can't post them here.

Pic: Pacific Coast News




This poor girl need

This poor girl need Jesus,Lord please save before she wake up in HELL.... :(

Rih's attention needing ass

Rih's attention needing ass is not slick at all.Like she didnt think she was being photographed..Oh okay.

This rich hoe needs a Weave!

This rich hoe needs a Weave!
star's picture

This would be news for just

This would be news for just about any A-list celeb, except Rihanna. Everyone knows this girl likes to bare it all. Nothing new here.
CheyPie's picture

Obviously she didn't

Obviously she didn't care..doors open knowing paps are watching....

Hunny these cameramen have

Hunny these cameramen have lenses that can zoom in from over a mile away. I doubt in some cases Rihanna can even see the paparrazzi- they can be on a boat out in the ocean and can get clear detailed pictures like they are standing a few feet from her with a telephoto lens. The girl was in her room inside her villa on a hot day with the windows open- is she supposed to hide and get changed in the closet? Stop thinking EVERYTHING is calculated. Sometimes it is..sometimes it isn't.
BEEMA's picture

U know the paps are watching

U know the paps are watching and u stand with the doors (not windows, DOORS) WIDE OPEN and get naked? Wow...I thought it was only common sense... And I think the villa has A/C so...the purpose was...?
Laia's picture

It was calculated now

It was calculated now STFU!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Damn TRANNY, u act like u

Damn TRANNY, u act like u were there STFU PSYCHO!
tori's picture

Rhitard is the QUEEN OF

Rhitard is the QUEEN OF THIRST! Just like that RAGGEDY TRANNY @BEEMA!
tori's picture

The long ass thread on my

The long ass thread on my previous post confirms my theory on silly hating chicks....to read more about my theory and learn how to escape these maggots visit my webpage: www.stop_stalking_and_threatening_beyonce_fans_you_hating_tricks.com
GTFOHWTBS's picture

You can visit mine at

You can visit mine at www.f--k_you_and_beyonce_thank_you_and_good_night.com
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

LMAO! I still don't

LMAO! I still don't understand how giving someone a huge compliment but disliking their morals is hating on them. I said it once and I'll say it again, "Beyonce's die hard fans are just as stupid and delusional as she is."
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Girl you might as well give

Girl you might as well give up on trying to understand these lunatic ass stans, They're just dumb, plain and simple.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Lol..that lil funky, non

Lol..that lil funky, non deodorant wearing, Bey worshipping azz cheerleader sho'll BETTA!! Ugh..smhlolol!
Like Really's picture

For Rihanna Uncensored Photos

For Rihanna Uncensored Photos enter here : http://goalshighlights.com/2012/12/28/rihanna-naked-pictures-on-her-balc...

wtf? what brand of lesbian

wtf? what brand of lesbian are you!? jeesh! thirsty much? freak.

Cracking Up...."what brand of

Cracking Up...."what brand of lesbian are you" .....Omg LOL
star's picture

Madonna in her hayday makes

Madonna in her hayday makes this look like child's play. Ri looks like a college student chilling on Springbreak. Nothing more.
JJFad's picture

I'm glad a God exists to put

I'm glad a God exists to put me in a heaven or a hell because you devils are cray! So many judgemental NON FACTORS! Most of yall hating don't even go out and buy the people's music who you comment on day and night, so I really don't know what difference it makes to you whether Rihanna is naked or clothed, yall will still have something to say.
BEEMA's picture

Your comment makes no sense.

Your comment makes no sense.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

@Ms. Thang, do they ever??

@Ms. Thang, do they ever?? That TRANNY TROLL is an ELEMENTARY SKOOL DROP OUT!
tori's picture

I think that's what he was

I think that's what he was aiming for.
Ethel Mertz's picture

who cares? her body is a

who cares? her body is a wonderland....lol. and im loving those gold sunglasses.
shuga's picture

what makes you think she knew

what makes you think she knew she was being watched? Just because you make it your job to watch other people (the people that visit blogs daily & the people the own the blogs), that does not mean the people being blogged about know or are even aware of every waking moment they are being watched. I feel bad for her & people like her that basically get stalked all the time. Especially with the cameras these days

Now if we were talking about

Now if we were talking about a completely different celeb, then I'd have to agree. But this is Rihanna, come on, she knew but just didn't care.
Yas's picture

rihanna is sexy as shit.

rihanna is sexy as shit. ---->
RO's picture


LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL RIH. If the internet didn't exist, neither would her career. That is all.
Yas's picture

But these silly bitches stay

But these silly bitches stay talking bout Bey starving for attention...SMDH...this chick gets a pass for everything...but Bey is crazy and attention starved and everyone is sick of her. LMAO
GTFOHWTBS's picture


MsMidwest's picture

I don't really like Beyonce

I don't really like Beyonce but there's one thing she has that Rihanna CLEARLY does not, and that's CLASS! Bey may be a booty shaking thief, liar, narcissist, and dumb as a door nail, but a classless slut she is not! You never see her caught in a wardrobe malfunction/sex scandal. That's one thing I do admire about Bey, she won't allow nonsense like this to take place and destroy her brand. Rihanna on the other hand, people have already seen her boobs, cooch, and everything else! It's SAD that we've seen her privates so much that we can almost identify them without seeing her face. Like many have said on here she's so desperate for attention but doesn't need to be.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

If she were half the things

If she were half the things you said....it would have been impossible for her to have built a successful empire and has the respect of everyone in the industry and has the respect of people who dont like her....That takes brains, and talent. She's hated because she's so damn good and per your statement, her brand is not soiled with scandal!....
GTFOHWTBS's picture

Bedunce and Brains..Baha

Bedunce and Brains..Baha funny..one word Matthew!..Now *back to sippin wine..smhlol
Like Really's picture

Exactly x2!!!!!!!!

Exactly x2!!!!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

"One word Matthew,"

"One word Matthew," Exactly!!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Oh no honey it's very

Oh no honey it's very possible to build an empire by being all of those things, exhibit A: BEYONCE! The only thing you did was attack my statement but gave no elaborate proof (LSAT prep practice lol) of how it's impossible to build a brand being everything I said she was. Beyonce is very talented but she steals people's writing credits, music video ideas, choreography, must I go on..... But she definitely takes pride in her (fake "good girl") image that's why she wouldn't be caught dead in the predicaments Rih finds herself in. I was giving Bey a compliment, but I'm not gonna lie and say she isn't a DUMB, LYING, CONNIVING, STEALING NARCISSIST, because she is and you know it! And the woman is dumb! All you have to do is listen to her interviews to notice that. Oh and you don't need brains to build an empire, you have people behind the scenes that think for you. All she needs to do is be shady and she will forever be on top. The TRUTH HURTS.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

You sound silly. The girl is

You sound silly. The girl is smart...everyone is not that articulate, it does not mean that you are not smart. She does not have a fake good girl image...she just carries herself like a lady. She and everyone in the Bizz has used other people's concepts...this is not new in the industry...silly wabbits like you just want to call bey out for it. Girl go study some damn where....silly ass self.
GTFOHWTBS's picture

If she sound silly then

If she sound silly then Callin u stupid wud be a dam compliment!! Everything about this one trick PHONY is FAKE.. Ain't shit nice, humble, or truthful about this ole self centered lying arse goat! Go sit yo pussy whipped tail down somewhere...,she can't insult the intelligent hell not even ones with common sense for that matter! Beywitch ain't the best Eva heard nor will she be the last! Now I bid u adieu which cha crazy self!!
Like Really's picture

Thank you @ Like Really. This

Thank you @ Like Really. This fool is crazy! I was trying to give their idol a compliment, but he/she took it the wrong way. All of Bey's diehard fans are lunatics! I strongly believe they think she is their saviour. PATHETIC!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Girl yess.. No problemo these

Girl yess.. No problemo these foolish imbeciles are out of Dam control!! Smhlol...
Like Really's picture

I will do as I please THANK

I will do as I please THANK YOU! Like I said I was giving your precious Bey a compliment. "Everyone in the bizz has used other people's concepts," oh so that makes it ok then? At least you admit that she steals, but saying everyone else does it DON'T MAKE IT RIGHT! Beyonce is a dunce, how is she just now trying to get her GED? Even Fantasia got her education before Beyonce. If you think having money automatically makes a person smart then you have a lot to learn! You can teach an individual a lot of things, but common sense isn't one of them. And Beyonce does not have common sense.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Are we reading the same

Are we reading the same comments?
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

LOL @ Rih! Girl do you!

LOL @ Rih! Girl do you!
JewelryLover's picture

nothing here bothers me

nothing here bothers me
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Ugh..Ela é um porco

Ugh..Ela é um porco imundo..Feito!
Like Really's picture

This GIRL.... I CAN'T!!

This GIRL.... I CAN'T!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Attention WHORE. Wow!

Attention WHORE. Wow!
shylibra's picture

This broad loves attention.

This broad loves attention. Truth be told, her body is nothing to look at. IJS.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

i don't understand her

i don't understand her thirst. I just don't get it. the girl is disgusting. she clearly know that someone was taking pics, yet she insisted on changing infront of an open window/door
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

she is so desperate & really

she is so desperate & really doesnt have to be. smh why wont she just go away?

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