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NEW YEAR'S EVE ROUND UP: How Lebron & Savannah, Karrueche & Teyana, Chris Brown & Rihanna, Gabby & Dwyane And More Rang In 2013


Celebs partied hard to ring in the new year.  And we've got what everyone was up to.  From Diddy and fam in St. Barts to the Heat ballers and their lovers in Miami to reality stars in Atlanta, we've got the pics....



Rihanna is currently traveling around with Chris Brown as he continues his Carpe Diem tour.  And she posted a pic of herself under the covers this mornin saying: Good morning! Still haven't slept lol #hello2013

But it was Chris Brown's tweet that made everyone realize they were actually laying in bed together:


He said, "Morning."  And they clearly stayed up all night....


Down in Miami, LeBron James and fiancee' Savannah headed out to a party, just one day after Bron's 29th birthday.

And they were likely going to meet their friends Gabby Union, Dwyane Wade and Adrienne & Chris Bosh at James Royal Palm:

Photobucket  PhotobucketPhotobucket

Gabby and Dwyane looked cute bringing in the new year with kisses.


Over in St. Barts, Diddy celebrated NYE (which was also Justin's birthday) with his sons Justin, Christian and Quincy.  His twins D'Lila & Jessie were there too, as well as their mom Kim Porter.


And Ne-Yo performed on the island.


"Basketball Wife" Draya traveled down to Orlando to host the NYE party at Club Off Limits.


Former Miami "Basketball Wife" Royce hit the club too and downed some drinks with Draya.


And y'all already know Draya loved watching the kissing chicks in there.

And speaking of chicks kissing:



Teyana Taylor and Karrueche Tran made all kinds of nice while partying it up in Miami at Euforia nightclub.  They were each other's midnight kiss.  And clearly the good friends liked it.


Teyana posted a pic this morning of her "hangover outfit"....and it was Kae's "The Kill" gear.

Down in Atlanta:



Toya Wright, Reginae, Memphitz and the fam all brought int he new year with their fellow reality star friends.



Phaedra & Apollo celebrated with Phaedra's new baby bump, Kirk & Rasheeda and Kandi & Todd looked like they all had a good time.  The kids all came too.



Ludacris & Eudoxie looked their usual fab selves as they partied it up in L.A.



They rang in the new year with Larenz tate and his wife Tomasina.



And Cedric the Entertainer rolled with them too.



JoJo posted a pic with (who we think his girl) Tanice.


Lance Gross & girlfriend Rebeca Jefferson made for a sexy New Year's Eve couple as they hit up a party in L.A.


Rocsi Diaz traveled to OKC to host the official NYE party & OKC vs. Phoenix NBA game after party.  And looks like she had a good ol time.



Sean Kingston had some fun in Times Square on NYE.


Brooke Bailey partied with her booty model friends like Vanessa Veasley.



Tameka Raymond celebrated her birthday on NYE and snapped a pic saying "Slight Work."


Joe Buddens and his girlfriend Kaylin were on the east coast and covered up for once.  Joe hosted the NYE party at Club Pouya's in Roselle, NJ.


Bow Wow posted a pic with A$AP Rocky at 106 & Park's NYE show.


Keshia Knight Pulliam looked pooped after a night of partying with friends last night.


Marlo Hampton showed off her polished NYE look.


Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa kept it cute with their festive New Years Eve.


Kelly Rowland brought in the new year in Hawaii.


And Christina Milian had some fun in her 2013 glasses as she wished her followers a new year.





Savannah, Gabby, Eudoxie and

Savannah, Gabby, Eudoxie and Kelly look stunning. Poor Karreuche... Hot outfit on Marlo but still glad she's off reality TV (for now and hopefully forever).
Denise2007's picture

My goodness too many

My goodness too many photo...natasha were you too lazy to make another post??? #just sayin sugarbabedoll.blogspot.com
Pixiesticks's picture

I don't know what it is but

I don't know what it is but something about Chris Brown and Rihanna scream break up coming real soon. Anywho, Lebron and Savannah are just too cute. Everybody looks like they're enjoying themselves. But that kiss between Teyana and Karrueche O_O blank friggin stare. Karrueche neck indicates that she was NOT into it at all o_O, can we say awkward moment.
SideFreakinEye's picture

Teyana's eyebrows are fierce

Teyana's eyebrows are fierce tho. LeBron is still in his 20s? Stop playin Amber's still pregnant? #WellDone
GG Boo 4 U's picture

laughing out loud at these

laughing out loud at these comments!!!! But yeah, I'm glad they all enjoyed themselves! would have been nice to see one of them in church tho.......
BeautyLuvsMii's picture

Let me get this straight,

Let me get this straight, Draya is on Basketball Wives LA but had to go to Orlando to get a gig for NYE? Girl Bye!
PacificGirl's picture

Rocsi and Kelly Rowland both

Rocsi and Kelly Rowland both looked fab. Best I've ever seen these ladies. All in all, it looks like the celebrities tried real hard to look like they were having a fabulous time ringing in the new year. #Fake
The Real Thing's picture

the kiss between wassa name

the kiss between wassa name and the other wassa name looks so forced. like when your old aunt wants to kiss you at the family reunion and her mouth smells like moth balls & ben gay. just NOT sexy!
shuga's picture

Who doesn’t love a great

Who doesn’t love a great party? – It looks like everyone had a great time on New Year’s Eve, including Chris, Adrienne, Dwyane, and Gabby! … Also, another cute picture of Lebron, and Savannah! -- I love how Rihanna is helping to rebuild Chris Brown’s Image; it shows maturity on her part! --
rebellious soul's picture

There’s nothing like

There’s nothing like celebrating New Year’s Eve the Traditional way with music, dancing, good food, and loved ones! … Cheers! – Gabby is glowing and I wonder if she ever received an engagement ring from Dwyane? – Ahhh!...the Way Dwyane looks at Gabby so affectionately, I wouldn’t be at all surprised, if a merger deal between them is in the Works soon! – Women kissing each other, oh boy, it’s time for the Cameras to move in quick! ... Diddy has some nice looking children! … Hey Diddy, have you ever tried using the Spell Checker in “Word” to check the spelling of your Name? Well, it seems like the Spell Checker doesn’t want to acknowledge the Word “Diddy”, and it wants us to call you “Daddy" instead!…Well, Dad! …I wonder if Mr. Gates heard about your Bad Boy image, because even the Software is trying to change you from being Diddy to Daddy, no joke!...Happy New Year!
rebellious soul's picture

kelly looks beautiful... i

kelly looks beautiful... i cant believe usher stripped nude...i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Teyana is so fuckin UGLY ...

Teyana is so fuckin UGLY ... Everybody looks FAB
REd™'s picture

Looks like everyone had a

Looks like everyone had a great time ..........Make A Easy $1200 A Week From Home No-Out-Of-Pocket No Start-Up Cost. Make $50 Just For Signing Up! www.daypays.com
Kingbreez's picture

So proud Jojo is not dating a

So proud Jojo is not dating a white girl. HE actually dating a beautiful sister. Hint hint Jada and Will train your boys right and how to appreciate black beauties.
Lifeatbest's picture

Poor Karate....she will do

Poor Karate....she will do just about anything for attention....sad! She needs to go away and KILL herself instead of releasing The Kill- bullshit ass line of K-Mart Tees!!!! Can we NOT mention her in 2013 going forward...as she is soooo irrelevant!!!!
BlackBarbie818's picture


CHRIS SPENT CHRISTMAS AND* NEW YEARS WITH RHIANNA FENTY. Kaytruch I'm sorry baby but you lost, you didnt make the holiday cut. Teyana is gorgeous. That's all i have!
KENNEDY78's picture

Still laughing at Chris and

Still laughing at Chris and Rih in the same bed posting...lol

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To Gabby and Savannah: your

To Gabby and Savannah: your men will never marry you, to Karreuch: Rihanna has yo man b*tch, Ludacris you have not been relevant since 2008!, Teyana Taylor: you UGLY AS FAWK, Diddy: you act like you livin so large but have 5 kids who are all Bastards, how do you explain to then that they're rich but their mothers were all whores not good enough to marry?
BEEMA's picture

Bxtch!!! Stop stalking me!!!

Bxtch!!! Stop stalking me!!! Fawk u
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Gabby got lost in the midst

Gabby got lost in the midst of playing "wife"and forgot all about acting. Its a shame when women can't juggle between love and career. Riri's pic is taunting Karate after an actual "Chris smashing" lol. Keisha/Rudy looked like she had a great new years. that-is-all, flips hair.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Gabrielle looks gorgeous,

Gabrielle looks gorgeous, BROKE Bailey, Marlo and Tameka don't! Everyone else looks nice. Jojo would almost be handsome to me if he wasn't an addict. Amber Rose is probably annoyed about Kimye's baby. I'm soooo sick of Toya and her crew but what else is new!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

lmao @ Broke Bailey! I don't

lmao @ Broke Bailey! I don't know who her, Jojo, and a few other people are on this post!
BEEMA's picture

Po' KATARACTS, hey, if you

Po' KATARACTS, hey, if you can't be with one YOU love, be wiith sum1 in their crew! Teyana looks like she has HOT BREATH! Diddy & all his ILLEGITIMATE children look nice. MARLO SLAYED THE SCENE, Kelly looks pretty, Amber is STILL pregnant (side eye), and that damn ATL CLIQUE look like they STEADY MOBBIN!! #2013!
tori's picture

**pops gum**

**pops gum**
BEEMA's picture

Why don't u do a twirl while

Why don't u do a twirl while you're at it!
tori's picture

did someone type something?

did someone type something? Oh no..it must have been the sound of IRRELEVANCE~
BEEMA's picture

Aww po' baby, you FINALLY

Aww po' baby, you FINALLY realized how IRRELEVANT u really are? Well hanging from **MY COMMENT COATTAILS** won't make u relevant, it only makes u look like a PATHETIC THIRSTY SILLY B!TCH!! Get a JOB, & UR OWN PICS, then MAYBE u can become relevant, but seein how ur just a JEALOUS HATER AT HEART I don't see that sh!t happenin!! L-O-S-E-R!! Why do u REPLY TO ALL MY COMMENTS...LAME B!TCH, cuz u WISH u were me u fucking OBSESSED STAN!!
tori's picture

And that is not Draya kissing

And that is not Draya kissing any girl...that's a whole 'nother chic, different weave, outfit and nails...try again ybf.




Like Really's picture

OMG I thought I was the only

OMG I thought I was the only one! I'm sick of seeing their ratchet arses too! lol
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I agree..these people are

I agree..these people are famous by 3 or 4 degrees of knowing someone famous. Toya does not sing or act, or have any talent. She popped out a rapper's baby. Memphitz has no direct talent etc. People need to have CURRENT Entertainment projects to be on the site- non reality show related.
BEEMA's picture

Hands down best NYE outfit

Hands down best NYE outfit goes to Rocsi.... Lovin the sequin pants... If you can't pull off sequins any other day off the year, NYE is that day! I'm really surprised at all the calm looks from everyone, however Keisha Pulliam Knight looks really festive too...

Tetayana's mouf looks SO

Tetayana's mouf looks SO GROSS...Ewwww! Toya and her fam look great. Everyone else...*sigh*
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Savannah and Lebron look

Savannah and Lebron look adorable, werk Savannah! Love Gabby and D-Wade.
BlackVesper's picture

Tetayana can really look ugly

Tetayana can really look ugly sometimes with those lips of hers.....Gay azz Diddy and Neyo very appropo.
star's picture

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