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Amar'e & Alexis Stoudemire Expecting BABY #4!


Not only have NY Knicks baller Amar'e Stoudemire and long time girlfriend Alexis Welch gotten married recently, but now they're expecting their FOURTH child together.


Deets inside...

It must be something in the water.  Because baby fever is taking over 2013 already!  After a huge year involving a surprise Paris hotel rooftop proposal, a surprise NYC rooftop wedding, and a post-injury comeback to the Knicks, things just got even better.

The couple just announced that Alexis is pregnant with the couple's fourth child.  And she's due late this spring!

Alexis, who admitted she's had a little morning sickness but is so excited about the new addition, told People.com:

“We’re blessed that we were able to extend our family.  We’re both huge on having a nice size family. It was something we’ve been talking about for a while. It happened naturally and at the right time so it all worked out.”

“It was just perfect timing and I can’t complain!”

And their 3 kiddies--Ar’e, 7, Amar’e Jr., 6, and Assata, 4--are just as thrilled Alexis said.

“They’re very, very excited.  They just keep guessing if it’s a boy or a girl."

The couple say they will indeed find out the sex of the baby as soon as they can.  And Alexis said Amar'e is going to continue being a great dad:

“As soon as Amar’e walks into the door those kids are all over him.  He’s like a big kid. He’s a great dad.”

Amar'e gushed over his wife's mothering skills saying:

"She does it all...She does such a phenomenal job with the kids. I’m just here to be the big teddy bear.”

Meanwhile, the couple is planning a huge Cinderella-style wedding that family and friends will attend, since their rooftop wedding was strictly for their immediate fam.

Amar'e is keeping championship hope alive and told the site, "Hopefully we’ll bring home a championship and we’ll celebrate with a wedding after that!”





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hooklookping's picture

I am happy for them. So let

I am happy for them. So let me get this straight if I want my man to Marry me, just introduce him to Ciara?...... thats easy lol j/k
BeautyLuvsMii's picture

Aww a new baby... Eww Gross!

Aww a new baby... Eww Gross! I don't care if they are FINALLY married they seem so ghetto to me. Like Tori said no one knew who the hell she was until after him and Ciara broke up. It's always the same old story; baller has numerous amounts of kids with significant other, baller strays, baller then comes back, baller has more kids, baller strays again, NOTHING NEW! Amare is a BITCH! I can tell by the way he dealt with his situation with Ciara (not that I care) and punched a glass case containing a fire hydrant last year during the playoffs, because he was upset the Knicks were getting whopped by the heat. NOTHING about their situation screams beautiful family, SORRY!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Why the hell is Alexis giving

Why the hell is Alexis giving interviews to People.com, we DON'T know who she is...not too long ago A'mare was kickin it with Ciara, no1 knew he ALREADY had a family smh!
tori's picture

I'm sure you know everyone

I'm sure you know everyone both C-error and Amare have slept with in the ENTIRE LIFE! Your nosiness is SICKENING!! B*tch you talkin about we don't know who Alexis is- NO, WE DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! #dudekillyoself!
BEEMA's picture

B!TCH I'm the BADDA$$

B!TCH I'm the BADDA$$ **WOMAN** U STALK ALL DAMN DAY, fuck r u talkin bout, have a goddamn seat BROKE A$$! Where r ur pics SIR?
tori's picture

SMDH.... He will never marry

SMDH.... He will never marry her. Eventually he will move on & she will end up like Laura on Basketball wives LA, 4 kids, bitter & running to laker games every night looking for a new sponsor.
Somerknight's picture

did you read the story?

did you read the story?
nikasosmo0th's picture

Did u READ the article?

Did u READ the article? They're ALREADY MARRIED!
tori's picture

I know C-ERROR is somewhere

I know C-ERROR is somewhere MAD!! C-ERROR should start writing screenplays on not having a man, and how after men dump her they immediately realize what they had at home and go back to their baby moms. C-ERROR supposedly stole Future from his pregnant BM- we'll see how long it takes for him to come to his senses...smh
BEEMA's picture

Well Ciara it just was'nt

Well Ciara it just was'nt meant to be seeing he would just want you to be bare foot and pregnant at all times! I think he just wanted his own little tribe though but at least he MARRIED the woman. Congrats for baby#4!
Shay's picture

i love this couple.....very

i love this couple.....very sensible.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Beautiful family! Congrats

Beautiful family! Congrats on the upcoming addition.
The Real Thing's picture

At least ALL his kids are

At least ALL his kids are Black Jews (that we KNOW of...................)smh
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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