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Brandy Dishes On Her ENGAGEMENT, WEDDING Plans And Parenting For KIM & KANYE



A very cheerful Brandy took some time before her NYE performance in Vegas to talk about the moment Ryan Press popped the question, her wedding plans and even offered parenting advice for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West over the holidays.  Watch the interview inside....

Singer Brandy, who performed on Dick Clark's Rockin New Year's Eve, chatted with PopStopTV right before her performance where she opened about the moment Ryan popped the question. 

Although she knew getting engaged to then-boyfriend Ryanwould eventually happen (the twosome are pictured above back in L.A. yesterday) , she said, "Your imagination does the moment no justice....I kept saying 'Oh my God' so many times I forgot to say yes." 

Of course....she eventually said yes and now she's basking in the moment. 

“I’m very happy. I’m definitely on cloud 11. At one point I gave up on love, so to have this feeling and for it to feel like the first time with the person I feel like God has created for me to be with, it’s just magical and I want it to stay like this.”

And she also revealed the wedding will be local.  “We have a lot of homies that probably won’t come if we do a destination wedding. I’ve definitely been imagining it and thinking about what it’s gonna be like.”

And she even offered a bit of parenting advice to parents-to-be Kim (who used to date her brother Ray-J) and Kanye saying, "The key to being a good parent is to remember that you were once a child."  She added, “I’m very happy for Kim and happy for Kanye. I was looking at pictures of them online. They just look so happy. I’m really happy for her.”

Watch Brandy's full interview here:




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hooklookping's picture

Oh boy now we gotta hear her

Oh boy now we gotta hear her talk about this shi t in every interview

brandy looks happy!!! she has

brandy looks happy!!! she has that lovers glow!!! go head gurl =) flips hair, that-is-all
sexybrownpyt's picture

I'm with most of U. Brandy

I'm with most of U. Brandy need to learn to STFU about her relationships. She has been embarrassed more than a few times with that fake marriage to the baby daddy. He was a nobody who would not even marry her. Than it was the basketball player Q who she foolishly said in an interview that he would never cheat. He also called off the wedding after 1 too many interviews bout their relationship. It's like she don't learn from her past
Somerknight's picture

Im tired of hearing about the

Im tired of hearing about the blasian sista brandy and that dominican brotha!!!Damn man
LetsGetIt's picture

I SWEAR, celebritries behave

I SWEAR, celebritries behave as though life happens first through them and then they have advice for all the small people. like getting sick, getting married, having babies, blah, blah, blah.

Just let him do all the

Just let him do all the driving!
Rica123's picture

Kim REALLY owes her life to

Kim REALLY owes her life to Brandy! Had it not been for Ray-J, Kim would still be folding clothes at DASH & we damn sure wouldn't know who the hell Ray-J was if it weren't for Brandy. He would probably be workin in the ELECTRONIC SECTION at Wal-Mart escortin ppl to the register with their Madden games!
tori's picture

So true!

So true!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


BEEMA's picture

Well allright catfish annie

Well allright catfish annie finally snagged herself a man!
BEEMA's picture

Catfish Annie! Lol!

Catfish Annie! Lol!
Rica123's picture

I love Brandy's music. I

I love Brandy's music. I always have. I think she talks too much. Congrats to her though, it's nice to see a photo of her and her man leaning into each other rather than her leaning in and them leaning away. Body language speaks volumes.
Sincerely WF's picture

Well i'm glad she's getting

Well i'm glad she's getting married i got tired of her begging for a man! Let the church say Amen!
Rica123's picture


Ooohhhh Laaawwwddd......*Chris Rock voice*..so now Brandy has all kinds of advice on EVERYTHING....like Kia. & Camry Mowry??????? Smh. .............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Girl behave....lol. Kia and

Girl behave....lol. Kia and Camry....lmao!
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