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Gabourey Sidibe Lands NEW GIG As Host Of Public Television's "AfroPoP" + Fantasia Goes On APOLOGETIC RANT


Actress Gabourey Sidibe has landed a new gig as the host of Public Television's "AfroPoP". Get the details on her new job inside and read Fantasia's latest rant about people who judge her....


On January 22, Yelling to the Sky actress Gabourey Sidibe will make her debut as the host of Public Television's AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange, an innovative documentary series highlighting contemporary life, art and pop culture in the African Diaspora.

Produced by Black Public Media, the show will premiere on the WORLD Channel at 7:00pm ET on Tuesday, January 22 and continue on Tuesdays weekly through February 5, 2013.

Gabourey spoke about "AfroPoP", which uses independent films to bring awareness to human and women’s rights struggles saying,

"This season of AfroPoP helps give voice to those who truly need to be heard. I’m happy to help bring these stories to the American public and raise awareness of issues of vital concern to women and men in Africa as well as all who care about human rights.”

And since she's a star product of indie films like Precious, this new role suits her.

Leslie Fields-Cruz, Black Public Media Vice President and Director of Programming, explained Gabby's hiring saying,

"Gabourey’s energetic spirit and connection to the youth culture made her the perfect choice to host the series this season and we are happy to have her as such an integral part of AfroPoP.”

To find local airings, visit the AfroPoP page.


And in social media rants.....


In an attempt to show that she is rising about the drama and harshness about some of her "mistakes," Fantasia's Instagram posting (which referenced gay marriage and legalized marijuana) set off a storm of controversy. 

Fanny was none too pleased with the backlash and claims that people just didn't understand what she was saying.  Though her management team attempted to clean up the firestorm, Fanny took to Instagram AGAIN today and posted a second rant to apologize for the first one....but maybe she just made it worse.   She said,


And for people who felt she was dissing the gay community, she had a message for them too. 



Sigh.....we understand what Fantasia was trying to say, but it clearly didn't come across the way she intended.  But why is she blaming others for her inability to articulate her thoughts?  And didn't this last rant just make it worse?




Fantasia, please stop

Fantasia, please stop speaking. Stop having any thoughts. Stop posting on Twitter, Instagram. Just shut up and sing!!!!
The Real Thing's picture

I must really be tripping

I must really be tripping because Gabourey’s Lips look like two shaped hearts too me…Also, Fantasia has a unique singing voice!
rebellious soul's picture

Gabourey is looking good!

Gabourey is looking good!
WaterBaby's picture

Gabby will be a 10, if she

Gabby will be a 10, if she loses the that weight. She have every baller in the game trying to hit on her. As for Fantasia, she's in desperate need for a life coach or just somebody who can teach her a little wisdom.
Dee35's picture

damn she even spelled Grammar

damn she even spelled Grammar wrong. smh...you gotta know when to fold em, boo. stop speaking! just sing!
shuga's picture

you are right, I am really

you are right, I am really glad she can sing...She could really use a life coach...where would she be if could not sing..Stop putting using God name as if he approves your behavior...He does not at least from what I learned..Look I have no doubt GOD loves you just like he loves me, but I am not disillusioned to think because of his Love I can say and do what I want...He will Love you no matter what dumb stuff you say but that does mean you got his blessing to do it,,just saying

Do you ever STOP AND THINK

Do you ever STOP AND THINK what site you are on?! This is a blog site which means people voice whatever opinions they have about people who are not real! You lecturing people on their opinions is POINTLESS!! STOP IT ALREADY
BEEMA's picture

I agree

I agree
Tren's picture

TheYbf is out of control for

TheYbf is out of control for spinning and continuing to spin this Fantasia story...like really come the heck on, the 1st little spat was easy to read between the lines, and these 2 are even simpler. Leave this woman alone and let her live cause at this point you all are squeezing blood from a damn turnip!you know what the hell she's saying, stop acting up! And congrats to Gabby for getting work in a sector that is so one sided on their view of what's beautiful...

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hooklookping's picture

I took her original comments

I took her original comments to mean that there are many things that are controversial and up for judgment - not just her behavior. It wasn't a slam to the gay community at all. In true Hollyweird fashion, if you utter the word "gay", some people just come for you.
SweetDivaT's picture

I CANNOT stand it when people

I CANNOT stand it when people misuse the word woman/women. I am a woman. NOT, I am a women. We are women. NOT, we are woman. I no (know), WTF?! Why do people write like that? I know the chile just learned how to read and write but she should really get someone from her team to proofread her messages before she posts them. It's not like she's just making little mistakes, they're colossal. Congrats Gabby! She has such a bubbly personality and fun spirit.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Crazy Sexy Cool, I'm gonna

Crazy Sexy Cool, I'm gonna have to agree with you. Yes, it's social media and not an English course, but when it's made public like that, everyone can see and judge you. I'm not a grammar Nazi by any stretch of the imagination, but when a celebrity has a lot to rant about, at least make sure your grammar is on point. People already talk about Fantasia being ignorant and ratchet; she at least needs to come across somewhat intelligent when she makes all these public rants.
holmesa925's picture

Thank you @holmesa925 that's

Thank you @holmesa925 that's all I was saying! I'm not a grammar EXPERT either, but there are some things you MUST know! Celebs can't just post anything like we can and it not be noticed, everyone will see it before the end of the day. So everything they post and say has to be on point, because they're ALWAYS being watched.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

gurl get a life

gurl get a life
BEEMA's picture

Gurl get a J-O-B!

Gurl get a J-O-B!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Bitch, shut the fuck up!

Bitch, shut the fuck up! You've already stuck you big old ghetto foot in your mouth. I hate when ignorant people go on a rant and when they realize the majority does not a agree with them they want to recant. She thought that she could have compared smoking weed and being gay to her sleeping with a married man having a kid by him, and staying with him. And in the words of Ericka from the last BGC, " bitch bye log off. No one gives a fuck about you. If you ever have the urge to open you trap again. Please put a married dick in it and swallow,wait you've already done that. Yo, I really can't stand people that lives in glass house with married men but want to throw stones at wives.
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My Life is so lonely .how

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tom101's picture

Lol @ Tori's "...shiny blacj

Lol @ Tori's "...shiny blacj refrigerator with a wig on..." statement. As for Fantasia's statement, I only have a problem with her back peddling and stroking the backs of those nasty mofo's for the sake of securing her bottom line. Fuck a fan base! If she said it, she should mean it and stick to her beliefs - period! I don't agree with, nor do I support gays.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

LOL I feel ya! "SAY WHAT U

LOL I feel ya! "SAY WHAT U MEAN & MEAN WHAT U SAY, STAND FIRM IN YOUR WORDS & WALK WHAT U TALK!" All Fannie's camp had to say was 1. Her Twitter was "HACKED" or 2. Released a statement sayin "You'll know the b!tch CAN'T READ, she mixed up her words!" NOW she doin ALL this BACK PEDDLIN for an album that won't move a 1000units....EVER!
tori's picture

Gabby would look so much

Gabby would look so much better if she would just lose the weight. I guarantee if she lost the weight that J-Hud lost she would like a million types better than she does. Big or small J-Hud is just so UNATTRACTIVE to me. Fannie is doing some BACK PADDLING because she knows she has to take care of her MAN her new BABY, her FAMILY and her MAN'S FAMILY, and she needs to sell some albums. Like the young lady said in her comment never ever bite the gay hands that feed you. Next time learn to VENT without going on the social media. Slow NITWIT!
Shay's picture

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adan00's picture

Looking great Gabby and

Looking great Gabby and Tasia! Tasia please let your PR people handle it. They are trained on how to deal with situations like this. In the future please keep your thoughts about sexuality, race and politics to yourself. You see what they tried to do to Chick Fil-a!! Does Isiah Washington ring a bell? Career-suicide!!! Just don't speak on it.
Denise2007's picture

Fantasia Stop it! smh...let

Fantasia Stop it! smh...let your publicist speak for you #FAIL. It didn't work for Chris Brown and it sho-nough not gon work for you.Flips hair, that-is-all
sexybrownpyt's picture

Ok, Gabby needs a DIETITIAN &

Ok, Gabby needs a DIETITIAN & PERSONAL TRAINER ASAP! Fannie, saying that you're not a homophobe b/c u have "GAY FRIENDS/EMPLOYEES" sounds EXACTLY LIKE white ppl who wear Klan robes in their home, but in public say they're NOT racist cuz their MAID/NANNY is Black smh! U were better off bein ILLITERATE!
tori's picture

oh yea...either Gabby is

oh yea...either Gabby is losing weight or they smoothed the hell out of her skin cuz she's usually greasy with a dry brittle weave. Either way, this is a good look for you Gab!
TrueThinker's picture

She looks gorgeous here.

She looks gorgeous here.
Sincerely WF's picture

PHOTOSHOP! Wait until Gabby

PHOTOSHOP! Wait until Gabby hits the next red carpet, she's gonna look like a SHINEY BLACK REFRIGERATOR with a wig on!
tori's picture

You better watch coming on

You better watch coming on here calling people black you RACIST DIRTY SPIC! You don't even BELONG ON HERE! THIS IS NOT THE YOUNG LATINOS FABULOUS
BEEMA's picture

Cosign Natasha! Don't be mad

Cosign Natasha! Don't be mad because we misinterpret your rants. If you can't compose your thoughts properly, then you shouldn't be speaking! The whole freakin idea of you posting it in the first place was so that people would read it! Oh and by the way...you're still condemning your gay fans even with this new "press release" ...in the immortal words of my grandmother on early sunday mornin service..."Chile hush n siddown!"
TrueThinker's picture

Fantasia please just shut the

Fantasia please just shut the fu*k up! She looks good in this pic though.
qtpa2t's picture

I don't think it made it

I don't think it made it worse, but people are going to say what they want. Fannie is a blessed woman and God will make sure she continues to be IF she sticks to the G-Code!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

How do you know she's

How do you know she's blessed. You don't know her personally. Money and a few gospel songs here and there does not suffice blessed.
kimaras31's picture

Yes, all of it made it worse.

Yes, all of it made it worse. It seems that she welcomes the cash that she gets from the LGBT community but secretly despises us. She has lost my support , and I do not consider her a role model for my young nieces. She needs to evaluate her life, take ownership of her mistakes: discontinue bringing bastards into the world, sleeping with married men and blaming others for her mistakes, and have someone proof her statements before she releases them to the public. Apology is not accepted, by the way!
PR22's picture

Very well said.

Very well said.
CLS1986's picture

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