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Ne-Yo FLEXES His Muscles On The Beach, Dines Out With Fiancee Monyetta In L.A.


Ne-Yo worked out at the beach yesterday before dining with his fiancee Monyetta Shaw.  See pics of Ne-Yo flexing his physical & romantic muscles inside....


Ne-Yo was spotted toning up his muscles yesterday with an L.A. beach workout.  The crooner clearly likes to stay in shape for his constant concert travels.

While his trainer was there for the boost the "Champagne Life" singer worked on his upper body strength with a few pull-ups.



He's also "working out" in the studio with Beyonce but can't speak too much about the project after being sworn to secrecy by Jay-Z.  He said, "I can't say what kind of vibe. I can't. I can't give it away. I've been sworn to secrecy. Come on! Jay-Z is not a person you want mad at you! I got to be quiet!"


Later, he spent the evening making up for the calories and fat he burned off earlier in the day with a dinner at Nobu where he was joined by fiancee Monyetta Shaw.  And she was rocking her huge diamond ring of course (atop). 


And in case you missed it....

Watch Ne-Yo show off his chesticles in a t-shirt and explain why he works out so hard.

Photos via Splash/PacificCoastNews/Josephine Santos




While we are all entitled to

While we are all entitled to our opinion... the fact is some people are truly dark on the inside to type this type of hatred
VIRTUOUS1's picture

She's DEF his Beard!

She's DEF his Beard!
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hooklookping's picture

She stays showing that

She stays showing that freakin' ring - lol. Most ppl would have their hand in their pocket, but nooooo, she has her thumb hanging on so she can show it off - smh! Ummmm, "We've already seen your ring 50 times!"
Happy Lady's picture

She needs to be working out

She needs to be working out with him. Between her and Simone, LL Cool J's wife, I don't get how you can have a man who works hard to stay in shape and you let yourself go. And then we get mad when our black men get with other races. SMH.
PacificGirl's picture

Loving Monyetta's boots. Neyo

Loving Monyetta's boots. Neyo gets a pass because I like his music lol
diamondheaven's picture

This is another one. Can we

This is another one. Can we call her what she is and that is a baby mama. The chances she will ever became his wife is slim to NEVER! After 2 kids, what is the hold up. I will bet a stack that it's not her.
Somerknight's picture

Love her brown boots! Yes

Love her brown boots! Yes they look like friends who made an arrangement, allowing Neyo to secretly date on the DL. flips hair, that-is-all
sexybrownpyt's picture

If there EVER was a "beard"

If there EVER was a "beard" in the land of "beards" this is the chic that takes the crown. Neyo is so ridiculously not in to this woman that one might go so far as to say she was artificially inseminated. Always doing her own thing. He's always having a photo opportunity in strip club. And she is giving me that Tomeka vibe. She really looks like his Auntie.
TrueThinker's picture

If you're going to read what

If you're going to read what I post and then say the same thing then why even bother? I said she was his aunt when I first posted
BEEMA's picture

His auntie!!! LOL!!

His auntie!!! LOL!!
holmesa925's picture

Her weave is wretched

Her weave is wretched

Why these two don't never

Why these two don't never have any chemistry in their pics?? It's like they are just friends or something.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Poor Neo he is soo UGLY and

Poor Neo he is soo UGLY and he wants people to view him as a handsome sexy guy SO BAD which he is SO NOT! Is voice is WEAK he can't DANCE to save his life, he always look so FLICK'TED when he's performing. People like Neo keep their best song for themselves when he should be begging better artist to record them for better exposure. His last album FLOPPED he's just like Babyface keeping the best songs for themselves w/ their WHINEY WEAK voices. This fool had the nerve to talk about Usher when he really and truly wishes her were Usher. Usher out sells him, out sings & dances him and looks a million times better than he does. Did I mention how much I just do not like FISH FACE NEO? I probably did. People like Neo, Keri Hilson,Ester Dean have talent for writing music but should have stayed in the background and not became artist. Be happy you can write music but stay out of the SPOT LIGHT! None of you HAVE IT!
Shay's picture

DAMN @SHAY...That was a READ

DAMN @SHAY...That was a READ FOR THE GODS LOL! Ne-Yo has such a narcissictic personality, its hard to like him. I don't think he wants to be like Usher, I think he wants to be BEYONCÉ OKAY..lol! He definitely should have stuck with STRICTLY writing cuz he may have the VOICE for RADIO, but definitely NOT the FACE for tv...WOMP!
tori's picture

You know what @Tori you are

You know what @Tori you are probably right about him preferring to be Beyonce because he ain't FOOLING NOBODY! Neo and "MONSTELLA" know they aren't a real couple he likes men and she is just there for the money. They have NO chemistry in the begininng he used that girl from the Game Tae Heckard as his "Pretend" girlfriend, I guess she did not want to be like "MONSTELLA" and go as far as having kids from his ass. He and" MONSTA" always look so awlful w/ all that money her hair is so MATTED looking. Like Oprah said if you were a fool before you got money you will be a fool w/ money. These 2 were ugly w/ no style before the money and now they're ugly w/ no style with money. It's really a damn shame. Smh. @Tori you got me into making up names for people. Lol! You are so crazy!
Shay's picture


Lol...MONISTAT & NE-NOOO! ain't foolin NO DAMN BODY! I remember when he & Tae were datin then I seen pics of HER makin out WITH GIRLS, & knew what time it was lol (now she "hangin out" wit Nelly)! The thing is MONISTAT doesn't look like NE-NOOO!'s type! She looks like SHE wears the pants in the relationship! I say she needs to quit goin to the STRIP CLUB with NE-NOOO! and use them "BANDS" on a stylist & hairdresser! I wish them well, & plz tell me why it's a NEW YEAR, & @BEWANNAMAN AKA "NOXEE" BKA @BEEMA is STILL STALKIN ME, sum things NEVER CHANGE??
tori's picture

HaHa "Monistat' ! You know

HaHa "Monistat' ! You know that "Noxee",Bewswannaman, Aka Beema is Obsessed w/ you! That Thang can't go a day without commenting to you. At first I thought It found a new obsession w/ the girl who"s pic looks like Mya from the show Girlfriend. New Year but same Old Hating Ass Troll!
Shay's picture

Lol @ "At first I thought It

Lol @ "At first I thought It found a new obsession w/ the girl who"s pic looks like Mya from the show Girlfriend." "IT" is the BEST adjective to describe that hatin' TROLL! However, who ever the heck @BEEMA SUX DIX is, they're HILARIOUS! I would hate to think that CRITTER would create an "ALTER EGO" of HIMSELF, but I wouldn't put it past his PSYCHOTIC A$$ lol. MENTAL ILLNESS IS REAL YOU'LL!
tori's picture

@Tori that BEEMA SUX person

@Tori that BEEMA SUX person is probably just someone who is sick and tired of that PATHETIC ASS TROLL but on the other hand I would not put anything pass "IT", that THANG RELISHES being the center of attention. What truly makes me laugh is how CRAZY IT IS, I have seen twice where It got so MAD when IT thinks someone has copied something IT said, when everything IT says comes straight from other blogs. The THANG is HOPELESSLY SAD! IT got bored w/ the Mya looking chick and came straight back to you! IT'S Like the JEEPER'S CREEPER'S THANG when it get's your scent and won't leave you alone. Lol! IT just can't leave you alone!
Shay's picture

I was LMATFO (I don't even

I was LMATFO (I don't even know if thats a common acronym lol) when @IT got mad at @True Thinker for that "auntie" comment when he STEALS & RECYCLE phrases & comments ALL THE TIME. That THING is WORSOME lol! Such a HYPOCRITE!
tori's picture

I understand, admire and

I understand, admire and appreciate Neyo being frugal. HOWEVER, women walk around looking like a million dollars when they've barely spent 50. Maybe she's just not into that. I guess this post is about Neyo anyway. His style choices aren't much better either. Those shoes he's wearing are hideous. Could this be one, truly non-materialistic couple?
Sincerely WF's picture

Natasha--hate much? Every

Natasha--hate much? Every time a story involves Ne-yo & his fiancee there's a nasty comment about him and ALWAYS a slick comment about her ring. #1-Ne-yo is a TALENTED dude who doesn't call women all kinds of -itches and hoes, who makes QUALITY music so what's the issue?? #2-What other engaged woman do you know who does NOT wear her (fab) ring? Aside from Monyetta's Rick James hairdo (LOL), they look nice IMO. Give them a break!!!

There is NO REASON for

There is NO REASON for Monyetta to live in the WEAVE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD, & walk around with a TAMI ROMAN quick weave circa seasons 2 & 3 of BBW!!
tori's picture

Monyetta's weave...sigh

Monyetta's weave...sigh

Why does Monyetta always look

Why does Monyetta always look like his aunt or grandma? And Monyetta you hype about that ring, but we'll see if the actual marriage ever happens. Its SUPPOSED to be RING first, then Marriage, then babes, not the other way around...smh
BEEMA's picture

The better question is: Why

The better question is: Why is you always on here talking crap about people? Fawk you.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Hey YBF....who won the

Hey YBF....who won the jeep???? It was supposed to be announced last YEAR?????
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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