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'LAHH' Stars Erica Mena & Rich Dollaz: "WE'RE ENGAGED!" (Plus Erica's New "R" Tatt)


Erica Mena & Rich Dollaz of "Love & Hip Hop 3" are ENGAGED, y'all.  Yep...after denying last year that they were even dating, the twosome have now revealed to TheYBF.com that they are getting married.  Even though Erica doesn't have the ring yet.


Deets inside from their "LAHH" premiere party reveal....

TheYBF.com was on the scene at last night's "Love & Hip Hop" premiere party at Kiss & Fly in NYC.  And during our chit chat with Olivia's manager Rich and the feisty model Erica Mena, they revealed that they are indeed ENGAGED.

The two couldn't keep their hands off each other, hence them sucking face in the middle of their interviews (above), but we managed to get some details out of them.


Erica, who rocked a sheer and revealing iCandy Couture dress, and Rich say they are definitely getting married soon, but they don't have a ring for Erica yet.  So, for now, they're engaged without a ring.  How sentimental.

Erica did reveal she got something else to solidify their bond: An "R" tattoo on her hand for Rich's name. 

Yeah, that never ends well.  But we wish these two the best.  Because based on last night's screening of the premiere episode, the drama is at an all time high with the entire cast.  And Olivia is NOT feeling Rich having a business relationship, or a pleasure relationship, with lil Ms. Erica.

Stay tuned for more pics and deets straight from last night's premiere party...




Erica tweeted a pic of her bridal research she was doing on her red eye fight yesterday.


Pics: Shayla Sommerville & Breanna Green/TheYBF.com




Rich begs to differ about

Rich begs to differ about this "engagement".
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hooklookping's picture

Either Erica pregnant or she

Either Erica pregnant or she just fat !!! llab ..

That skeezer was struggling

That skeezer was struggling and starving like a mf before she found a fool like Rich who wasn't used to getting his meat blown like a Hoover vac. Rich is gullible and green, a sucker for this type. He put on his cape and saved this hoe, fed her...fucked her good...fattened her up and made her feel special. She probably wasn't used to eating so good around the clock before she met Captain Sav-A-Hoe. She hit the jackpot, hope it'll help her to jumping and jerking like a crackhead when she talks from now on.
Carmen CaBoom's picture


EWWWW! Rich sounds RETARDED with his speech impediment & Erica looks like she gained 50lbs! Poor Olivia...she lost her #1 "INVESTER!"
tori's picture

I can imagine that that's 50

I can imagine that that's 50 lbs of CUM and fecal matter she's swallowed. She looked a MESS in that metallic jumpsuit during the fight scene with Kimbella. Speaking of Kimbelka, I wonder why she and Somaya Reese aren't cast for the new season? They both look AMAZING now!!! I refuse to believe that Somaya's tranformation is all natural as she claims...Hell, No! I guess Erika's following the formula in the "Sluts In The Industry Who Have No Talent - Plan B" guide...marry or get pregnant by the hand that feeds you when just juggling his balls from one side of the jaw to the other just isn't enough of a security blanket. She looks like she may have gotten a breast lift with her checks from the show and I thank her for that. I hope she trashed that metallic jumpsuit. Ugh. A mess.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

I think Juelz made Kimbella

I think Juelz made Kimbella quit the show, I mean he CLEARLY wasnt a fan considerin he WOULD NOT tape ANY scenes with her, plus she had their daughter so WHO KNOWS?? As for Somaya, she was WHACK as HELL, & she said she "ONLY" got a breast reduction (side eye) she look COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NOW. I doubt without the ORIGINAL girls, she wouldn't mesh with this NEW CAST! Erika looks like she quit doin LINES in the bathroom, & gained weight! All them chicks look HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY! She already got a son with a guy who used to be in Fat Joe's TERROR SQUAD, I guess she needed a NEW sponser, and thought BROKE DOLLAS was that person smh...THESE HOES..Olivia prolly moved back in with her parents (sigh)!
tori's picture

SMH at that horrible dress.

SMH at that horrible dress. Jennifer Lopez is the only decent chick to come out of the Bronx. And she had to come to LA to get rid herself of the ratchetness. Evelyn and Erica please go away!
PacificGirl's picture

Those sheer panel-dresses are

Those sheer panel-dresses are the biggest trend to hit NYC for the skank hoes with no clue since see-through leggings.
Sincerely WF's picture

Who told Erica's nasty

Who told Erica's nasty looking ass that she could wear that dress?! YUCK and GROSS!!! The more that these hoes be acting up, the more these dudes be trying to turn these hoes into housewives...smh. There is NO WAY IN HELL that I could kiss these nasty, STD riddled chicks in the mouth, knowing almost every industry dick has probably been in that mouth and every other hole on her...ugh...and they be PROUD of that shit too. Damn, Rich. Why, mane, why?!?!
Carmen CaBoom's picture


obama2012's picture

whatever...i'll be watching

whatever...i'll be watching lol
diamond2012's picture

So I guess the drama betw

So I guess the drama betw these two will DEFINITELY fill the void by Chrissy & Jim Jones leaving the show. SMH--Rich better not get on her bad side--we know how CRAZY this chick is...and what a TACKY dress.

Erica must need a lot of

Erica must need a lot of attention to wear a skank dress like that. smh!
Happy Lady's picture

First of all who in their

First of all who in their right mind or crazy mind would wife that RATCHET HO?!! She ain't no good! She has NO talent, is irresponsible, full of drama, and lacks common sense. I hope Olivia finds herself a new manager because I couldn't rock with a fool that gets involved with an opportunist groupie like Erica. I really thought Rich wanted Olivia at one point by the way he was crying over her situation....
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

you must not have nothing to

you must not have nothing to do, do you? Nobody got time to be readin essays! Write a sentence and go about your business!
BEEMA's picture

Since when is 4 sentences an

Since when is 4 sentences an essay? Maybe a paragraph, but not an essay. Last I checked an essay was at least 5- 6 paragraphs. Who's the eighth grade reject now? "Nobody got time to be readin," clearly you do because you did. BOY BYE!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Oh LAWD, LHH gonna be off the

Oh LAWD, LHH gonna be off the chain. No wonder Olivia was going off on Rich on the Trailer. She bouta be Yandy #2, overstepping her bounds and get left for dead... Oh n Erica's dress is fugly

I don't think Rich Dollaz has

I don't think Rich Dollaz has any artist beside Olivia, how does he make money.
Synsation's picture

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. Imma have to

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. Imma have to pass on this crap. When is season 2 of my fave evening soap opera(LHH Atl) coming back on. Erica as well as the rest of the cast(except for Yandy) are non mutha phucking factors. Without Chrissy, Jimmy and Nancy this show will fail.

that seems so odd, but ok.

that seems so odd, but ok. congratulations!
shuga's picture

Erica's dress is not the

Erica's dress is not the business but i wish the best of luck to them

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shylibra's picture

Is this the same type of

Is this the same type of engagement between Benzino and Karlie "Stank Mouth" Redz??? Erica's dress is doing the most. No likey likey.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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