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WAY TOO COLD: Beyonce Hits The Freezing Streets Of NYC On Mama Tina's Birthday


Beyonce Knowles isn't letting the below freezing temps of a frigid NYC ruin her style game.  Pics of the R&B diva hitting the streets today inside...

The "Love On Top" chick posted new pics to her Instagram page Friday night showing off her look of the day in her blue and nude Ikat pants by Isabel Marant.  She managed to stay fab despite the freezing cold and trekked her nude spiked Pigalle Christian Louboutin pumps to her office in midtown Manhattan.



Today also marks her mom, Tina Knowles', 59th birthday, so the fam may have been off to celebrate.  Or maybe she was working on her upcoming Superbowl halftime performance coming up next month. Or...maybe working on a possible new collabo with Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks.

After Bey posted a pic of herself rocking Ratchet earrings and looking like she was having some fun on a video set--with a video camera in the background--folks started believing that she was hopping on Gaga's upcoming "Ratchet" track she recorded with Azealia Banks.  Gaga also posted her own Ratchet earrings back in November.

Azealia is a self-proclaimed huge Beyonce fan, and Gaga has already rocked out with Beyonce on two previous collabos. 

Time will tell...


Pics: Instagram




Are there any normal,

Are there any normal, non-hating, regular people on this site? Geez so much hate. Anyway her shoes are BAD. I really want a pair like that....cuz i i can't afford Louboutin lol.

Tina Knowles is only turning

Tina Knowles is only turning 59? Shocking!!! I thought she was much older than that.
The Real Thing's picture

I am not beyonce biggest fan,

I am not beyonce biggest fan, but i am against people just stating stuff they do no know. And so what if she bleaches her skin. Shyt its her skin why do you care worry about whats going on in your life. All you all do is start gossip. Do better people

Take yo cold Thumbelina

Take yo cold Thumbelina Lookin azz back in da house fool..Aint nobody checkin for DAT!! Smhlol..
Like Really's picture

I am really going to need for

I am really going to need for Beyonce to stay off of Instagram making weird faces and focus on getting Matthew Knowles back to help her have a hit. I don't want to hear an album singing about girls running the world this time around.
BEEMA's picture

Of course you don't want to

Of course you don't want to hear an album about "GIRLS RUNNING THE WORLD" SIR, you REALLY are jealous of women...AT LEAST u FINALLY admitted it! Sick TRANNY!
tori's picture

I'm guessing that they hosed

I'm guessing that they hosed the street down for this shot bc I live in NYC and it hasn't rained here since well before New Years. It most def is not from last night. Cute pants, though.
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I find it absolutely

I find it absolutely hilarious that you posted her instagram pics!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!
Yas's picture

....Lol I don't understand

....Lol I don't understand the purpose of these pics. Like really, they look like pics fashion bloggers would take for their fashion blogs.. i.e. staged. Beyonce you are already a celebrity; the purpose of instagram for celebrities is to make them more relatable. All of her photos she has a ton of make up on and 15in heels on. I liked it better when she didn't try so hard.
imjussaying's picture

I wouldn't doubt that Beyonce

I wouldn't doubt that Beyonce has bleached her skin. I remember the former DC member, Farrah Franklin said that Tina would make her go to the tanning salon-- just her. She said she knew it was because she did not want another member lighter than Beyonce, who never went to the tanning salon. Farrah quite honestly is prettier and more "exotic" looking than Beyonce so it was no surprise that they got rid of her. Ever since reading that I have never supported any of Beyonce's work. That whole family is shady, money hungry and driven by that industry life. Beyonce is nothing more than a mindless robot.
JJFad's picture

If you didnt support anything

If you didnt support anything because of something you read or just heard, and dont know it to be true yourself. Your are just sad. And not trying to bash you or anything but how many people have probably lied and said things that are untrue about you from jealousy and other things. You have no clue on whats true and whats not. So for you to post a comment that could possibly change another person view on someone that you dont even know to be true yourself. Cause clearly you were not there is just SAD. thats just stupid in my eyes, you dont know these people personally nor do you. All we care about is the music. Get it together

True on the Farrah comments!

True on the Farrah comments!
PinkRose's picture

I've BEEN over this baby

I've BEEN over this baby teeth, Texas Hillbilly, burlesque singer. Of course she's bleaching, even Stevie Wonder can see that! Just compare her older pics to these latest pics if you can't recall. I'd really like to get the Tea concerning what was REALLY goung on behind the scenes, but I can imagine her team payed the girls off real good to keep quiet. I remember one of them had written a tell-all book, but Matthew quickly had that shut down a few years ago.Perhaps someday soon, those girls will be bold enough to tell us the real deal. I loathe Tina's country fried designs, hair styling and refusal to step away from that tube of signature fire engine red lipstick that was passed down to Beyonce. Solange must've gotten her hard looks from Matthew's side of the family. She always have looked like she's had Botox injected into hrr whole mouth and every other imaginable place...just hard looking and talentless. Po little tink tink. I can imagine that Tina is in the paint as I type, on that sewing machine, making alllllll of Blu's winter and spring clothes, they'll have her a clothing line next...ugly ass baby clothes and totes just like their adult line. Ugh.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

How old r u. MaryLou is a

How old r u. MaryLou is a very old name.
TeaNicole's picture

Nutty DingBat is def.

Nutty DingBat is def. Bleaching again. Bitch claims to be Native American in a new commercial too..smh (that must be personality #4 "Wampum Squa" <----- it means: Money Worshipping Cunt. ........in NavaHOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I see that bleaching regimen

I see that bleaching regimen is really working its magic. Y'all crucified the likes of Michael, Lil' Kim, Sammie Sosa and others who bleach their skin, but give this burlesque singer a hall pass. Okay. Just know you won't be able to see her at all, only her wig and heels, if she keeps on bleaching. Tina must've designed those aweful looking pants. I never thought I'd see the day when ratchet would be made cool by garbage industry folk. Umph. At least they're being honest.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Bey better be CAREFUL, it's

Bey better be CAREFUL, it's HELLA cold & windy outside...be done snatched that LACEFRONT clean off her scalp! Love u Bey..the LOUB's are HOT!
tori's picture

It’s always great to see NY

It’s always great to see NY beauties @hengestonegal. We love them...

damn she looks so hot.... i

damn she looks so hot.... i cant believe usher stripped out of his clothes though...i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Her face says...... "It's

Her face says...... "It's cold as f--k out here, hurry up and take this damn picture for my gullible as stans, so I can take my ass back in the house". BUUURRR....smh......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

love the shoes, so over

love the shoes, so over platforms sometimes. Bey looks good.
Shellychelle's picture

Bey is killing it!! in that

Bey is killing it!! in that pic! her outfit is comfy and gorge, she is stunning!!! love the shoes and the pants...yassss hunty werk!!!....flips hair, that-is-all
sexybrownpyt's picture

Her face looks

Her face looks beautiful! It's a shame the first thought on anything this woman does is hatred. Either way, without defending Beyonce against her share of enviers( I have my own share to deal with), she looks beautiful and is making major moves at this stage in her life. I love it!
marylou's picture

Tina 59.....Yeah Right!

Tina 59.....Yeah Right!
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