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Kerry Washington Goes All WHITE In Rome For "Django Unchained" Premiere


Kerry Washington is turning heads in Rome with her fashion sense as she promotes her newest blockbuster Django Unchained.  See her latest photos at last night's premiere inside....


Kerry Washington walked the red carpet at Cinema Adriano in Rome for the red carpet premiere of Django Unchained last night, and she looked stunning in her all white Prada dress with peek-a-boo cutouts.  She paired her look with nude snakeskin pumps by Jimmy Choo and a pop of color lime green clutch.



Looking picture perfect Kerry!  And even after the election, she's representing for the Obama/Biden team.


By the way, Kerry's is currently pulling double star duty as her big screen movie is taking off and her hit ABC show "Scandal" is heating up.  Here's a scene from the next episode of "Scandal" (viewer discretion as it's a controversial torture scene):


"Scandal" returns with new episodes on January 10th at 10pm/9pmCT.


Photos: Riccardo Cesari / Splash News




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Kerry wore her natural hair

Kerry wore her natural hair in Django Unchained and it was so pretty. She should do that more often. She still looks beautiful her. Love the Obama/ Biden phone cover.
JJFad's picture

Real shit , all the black

Real shit , all the black women looked beautiful with their natural hair.
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Have enjoyed Kerry in plenty

Have enjoyed Kerry in plenty of movies but my fav of hers is Night Catches Us starring Anthony Mackie...a great indie flick. I appreciated Tarantino's cinematic efforts in Django Unchained...but I will not be watching it again...and certainly do not think it's funny enough to be a cult classic watched by Black folks regularly. That said here's to Fitz waking up and Olivia and Fitz being together by seasons end on Scandal.

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Am I the only one that see

Am I the only one that see that Kerry has lost about 15lbs (that she didn't have) since the 2nd season of Scandal. I know there is a lot of stress of being the 1st black in 30yrs to head a drama but that does not mean she has to look like the other bobble heads of night time tv. I was flipping channels and came across I Think I Love MY Wife. Her face was so full & round. Now she is starting to look like a dressed up cancer patient
Somerknight's picture

Love her but I totally agree

Love her but I totally agree with you.
Zetagirl's picture

Kerry look stunning, her

Kerry look stunning, her makeup is on point!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

Well i watched the movie and

Well i watched the movie and i found it quite interesting!!! Although i don't agree with white people making movies about slavery ONE OF THE BIGGEST CRIMES IN HISTORY against my ancestors. But hey the movie was good, alot of hidden messages though, like when the white boy that black women love name "Leonardo Dicaprio" asked the question of why is it that white people could do all the thing that they did to them, and never not once try to rebel or kill them, then he brought out a slave skull and started getting into eugenics and stated how black people have dents on the skull which makes them submissive side of the brain to whites/ indicate passivity, while whites like had more of a creative side. That was just interesting to mee
LetsGetIt's picture

And this movie was actually

And this movie was actually decent to watch despite all the controversy surrounding it...

Dont get me wrong Kerry is

Dont get me wrong Kerry is absolutely beautiful but this outfit is not flattering her in any way, shape or form.

I REFUSE to support these

I REFUSE to support these slave movies, especially one that tries to somehow make slavery seem "cool". There wasn't, and still isn't a damn thing "cool" about slavery and it's an insult to me and my anscestry for a slick, oblong chin, closeted racist of a director like Tarentino to try to portray it as such while he and his Hollywood coons benefit from our lingering suffering. As of this past week, this movie was said to have grossed over $64 million dollars and I'm willing to BET that neither Tarentino nor his Hollywood coons have giving one red cent to any anscestor of slavery in the black community. I am SICK of White America benefitting from the pain in Black America and I am even more SICK of Black America being too dick drunk to even give a shit and giving White America a hall pass and meal voucher at its benefit. Damn. Would it be "cool" for some black director to make a slave movie depicting an all black, elite cast having complete dominination over an all white cast of slaves and doing the things that have been done to blacks all along? I think not. What Black America does not need anymore of is another slave movie. We ARE the damn movie...and the credits...thank you very much. What Black America does need, however is healing in the form of some reparations that were given to the Chinese, the Indians, the Germans, the Isrealies and the Japanese to possibly (start) the process of making us whole. No race on the planet has been more wronged than the Black community and this is why we have such a disperity in crime, a lack of a sense of self or anything else in the Black community. We've been stripped and everyone benefits from us, except us. It's time for that to change. I'm SICK of others fattening their pockets off of our pain while our conditions and community remains the same. It is an insult and it is terribly sad that most of Black America is too fucked up to even care or know the difference between being mocked and being made whole. I don't need to see a damn movie to know what was done to my people. A movie made by a oblong chin motherfucker who can't even begin to understand what real slavery was, or is, like is an insult to me and it is an insult to what REALLY did go on back then. So many Blacks don't take issue with this closet racist freely using "Nigger" so much and so freely in the movie because most of Black America now wears it's pain on its sleaves like a badge of honor. Terantino can use the word so freely and has been given a pass by dick drunk Black America because he's probably ALWAYS used it that way behind the scenese with his boys. What this is unconsciously doing is setting the sound stage for an inevitable race war down the road, one that will include White America demanding that Black America bow down and be hog tied to their right to the use of the word because Black America has embraced the word amongst itself and it infringes upon White America (and other races) entitlement of freedom of speech. The revolution will not be televised.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Kerry's never shied away from

Kerry's never shied away from these types of controversy in roles..,including playin the side HO! Smhlol..
Like Really's picture

A disgraceful movie...If jews

A disgraceful movie...If jews don't tolerate being called racial slurs in entertainment-neither should blacks (IT never happens- and when Michael said the word kyke which is a jewish slur in his song they don't care about us it caused an outrage and he had to change it)
BEEMA's picture

There ur DUMBA$$ go again

There ur DUMBA$$ go again MAKIN UP SH!T, Have a ROW of seats!
tori's picture

Kerry girl, WHERE IS UR

Kerry girl, WHERE IS UR STYLIST? That KLAN SHEET with CUTOUTS is too damn big! There are TOO MANY designers in Europe for u to be dressed like this!
tori's picture

you try TOO DAMN HARD to try

you try TOO DAMN HARD to try to fit in and be black..I can tell you don't have any friends in real life. Only you would say "klan sheets"- who the fawk thinks like that from seeing a dress???? Your mind is really WARPED!
BEEMA's picture

You are a

You are a S-T-A-L-K-E-R...You're CLEARLY the one with NO FRIENDS LMAO..SILLY SIR!
tori's picture

Now this is ONE black woman

Now this is ONE black woman that you will not see date a black man. But she is one beautiful sister. I really appreciate her.
Lifeatbest's picture

WRONG!! Kerry dated Common

WRONG!! Kerry dated Common for a bit & even lived with him back in Chicago!
tori's picture


THE NOSIEST BOY ON THE WEB. Reads a few blogs and now thinks he knows everybody's business. Do you know Common's address? His telephone number? THen how do you know who was living with him and when?! YOU SOUND STUPID AS FAWK! Stay out of that lady's business! You can tell nobody loves you in your sh*tty ass existence called a life...smh #sad #toomuchtimeonyourhands
BEEMA's picture


(sigh) BASIC BUMB B!TCHES STAY HATIN! Why don't u try BRAGGING about celebs who are your idol money dumb BROKE ho! U mad cuz I can READ & PROCESS INFO & repeat it when yo DUMBASS STAY makin shit up? You are a DUMB AS FUCK STALKER, who can't comprehend what u read so therefore ur a TARD..what's ur IQ? about a -60...DUMBASS FAT MAN, LOOKIN LIKE THE KLUMPS...GO ON A DIET & GET A LIFE & QUIT STALKIN ME RETARDED FUCK!! BETTER YET JUMPOFF a CLIFF...U WON'T BE MISSED! I HOPE SUM1 PUSH UR STJPID A$$ IN FRONT a TRAIN! U are a WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT & THAT IS ALL U WILL EVER BE!!!! Hatin on me becuz I'm smart & UR DUMB AS FUCK LMAO...KILL YOURSELF ASAP!!
tori's picture

May God give you peace, poor

May God give you peace, poor troubled soul..smh.
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