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SURPRISE! Chris Brown Hits "106 & Park" To Surprise His New Artist Sevyn Streeter


Chris Brown made a surprise appearance on "106 & Park" yesterday.  And it was all for his new signee to his CBE label, Sevyn Streeter.  Check out the cute video of Breezy popping up on set with Bow Wow & Paigion inside...




Newbie Sevyn Streeter, who has written for Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, Brandy and more, is trying to break into the R&B scene as a solo artist after transitioning from the group Rich Girl.  Now, she's been signed by Chris brown himself, and is attempting a solo career.

Breezy made a rare appearance yesterday on the BET show as they taped live from the Conga Room in L.A.



Check out Breezy chopping it up with the Haines City, FL native and get to know his newest signee below:



And you can check out Sevyn's latest video, "I Like It", below:


Pics: BET.com




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The more I see this video the

The more I see this video the more I like her and her sound. I hope she comes correct after this.
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Chris seem so happy I'm glad

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It's so funny cause the

It's so funny cause the Beyonce stans are over it because Sevyn is so sickning, but if you did your research you would know that Sevyn and her girl group RichGirl opened for Beyonce so clearly Beyonce approves.
EarlThomas's picture

Hunny Beyonce's place in

Hunny Beyonce's place in music and entertainment is established and not going anywhere. I don't know why everytime a new female puts out music its some nut talking about Beyonce being bothered. Why would she be bothered? Have you seen her resume? If she never releases another song she has already worked with all the greats and carved a niche for herself.
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Been waiting for her to come

Been waiting for her to come out since I heard her on Breezy's All I Want Is You. The girl is FIRE.
PacificGirl's picture

Another great move they did

Another great move they did was let her do it alone, she didn't feature anyone it was all about her singing and her dancing.
kimaras31's picture

She looks a little like

She looks a little like Melanie Fiona. Not a horrible song.

Yes And with all that... I

Yes And with all that... I still found it quite Annoying! *bac to sippin wine
Like Really's picture

She sounds like Beyonce, but

She sounds like Beyonce, but better. She looks like Kelly Rowland, but better. She's FIRE, which is a very refreshing component on the music scene these days. Yes, I like it! Good pick, Chris! She has a slight Rhianna vibe going on too in reference to her style.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

She does not sound like B,

She does not sound like B, She has her on sound which is a good one and most most of all her voice is not better than B. She does not look like kelly, she looks more like Brooke Valentine and actually sounds like her as well. I wish her much success

But will never be Bey! Never

But will never be Bey! Never ever! Bye!She don't look better than Kelly! Rolls eyes and fart!
Rica123's picture

CBE Will Be As Successful

CBE Will Be As Successful As... -LBW (Lil Bowwow Gang) -S.O.D. Money Gang (Soulja Boys Label) -Slot-A-Lot Records (Chingys Label)
Estab.1990's picture

Bwahaahahhaaa DTFL!!

Bwahaahahhaaa DTFL!!
tori's picture

I actually thought the song

I actually thought the song and vid was nice ..I caught wind of some Beyonce in there, but none-the-less she gets a strong B+ :)
TrueThinker's picture

Smart move Chris! she's

Smart move Chris! she's pretty, can dance, can actually sing, and her dress game is on point!!! I like the video and song!!! that-is-all flips hair.
sexybrownpyt's picture


GeorgiaAnnaDaughter's picture

Cute girl, nice voice, ZERO

Cute girl, nice voice, ZERO SHIMMER! Kind of remind me of Brooke Valentine! WHO??? EXACTLY!! (@BEEMAN STOP STALKING ME)!
tori's picture

Agreed ...she doesn't seem to

Agreed ...she doesn't seem to have that X factor..nice voice, can dance, pretty..but I didnt find the song catchy and it was too much.
VumiLia Elba's picture

Sevyn is such a dope singer,

Sevyn is such a dope singer, I hope she gets the right level of advertising, marketing and management. She's such a humble person which is refreshing. All the best!
Yas's picture

I agree with you, its the

I agree with you, its the marketing and label team that will make or break her. She has what it takes but that's not enough in this industry.
kimaras31's picture

Fist Brown....

Fist Brown....
BEEMA's picture

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